Jake Gyllenhaal Responds To Amy Schumer’s Cake Thievery

Jake Gyllenhaal Responds To Amy Schumer’s Cake Thievery

Stephen gives Jake Gyllenhaal a chance to even the score with Amy Schumer.

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20 Responses

  1. mmmodafoca says:

    My favorite gyllenhaal movie is October Sky.. oh and i guess if you want to
    count danny darko is pretty cool as well.

  2. Alvin Roque-Otento says:


  3. Michelle O says:

    JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE <3 my heart is happy when he comes on talk
    shows!! <33

  4. killingjokeonmeth says:

    did colbert say “Let’s watch this Jim” ??

  5. propitium says:

    New York Life commercial is getting old

  6. Jon Snow says:

    Please get rid of the piano guy, he’s annoying as fuck.

  7. Mido says:

    “Let’s watch this Jim”

  8. Nate M. says:

    I love how you could just tell Jake realized how awkward it sounded when he
    said “Bite where I bit!”

  9. Bob Evans says:

    At 1:09 he called Jake Jim!

    • Brandon Marshal says:

      +Bob Evans I love your mashed potatoes.

    • ilovechTV says:

      +Bob Evans Whenever Colbert wants to play a video, he asks someone named
      Jim. The way Colbert said it I understand the misunderstanding.

    • Hank Scorpio says:

      +Bob Evans That wasn’t directed at Jake, it’s meant for Jim Hoskinson the
      director of the show. He’s been saying it since The Colbert Report whenever
      they play a clip or put something up on the screen. He’s even said it a
      couple times on previous Late Show episodes.

  10. John Smith says:

    Oreos *and* cake, Stephen? Did you just take this job so you could eat
    delicious cake every night? I know I would.

  11. chapinero017 says:

    Jake is a closet homosexual and probably one of the best actors of our

  12. SillySally1331 says:

    As Amy would say JAKE G! … it’s going to stick.
    Jake seems so cool and down to Earth he almost doesn’t seem real.

  13. Albert Thomas says:

    Hi Stephen!

  14. Desquiciada Malparida says:

    I would be afraid of catching something if I were Stephen. I don’t think
    Jake has had all his shots.

  15. Bella C says:

    They cut part of her video out for Jake’s interview. On Amy’s interview
    with Stephen they showed the whole video and the cake was actually for his
    girlfriend at the time since she says ‘it was your birthday and you’re a
    supermodel and you’re dating Jake Gyllenhaal. But I’m eating it”.

  16. crookedtimber34 says:

    “let them eat cake”.

  17. Ata Khan says:

    Didn’t know Jake G has a studio apartment in the Valley.