Jake Paul After Beating Anderson Silva: “I Want Nate Diaz…You Too Canelo.” | SHOWTIME PPV

Jake Paul After Beating Anderson Silva: “I Want Nate Diaz…You Too Canelo.” | SHOWTIME PPV

After beating Anderson Silva on SHOWTIME PPV, Jake Paul called out former UFC star Nate Diaz and boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez.

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40 Responses

  1. El Rusito says:

    You can say anything but this was a great fight full of action.

    • BlackPanther_Era says:

      @Prashant Jung shah He’s making a big check every time

    • Vernam ™ says:

      @Prashant Jung shah assumptions ? all I see you doing is complaining about Jake Paul winning lol.. you want to see him fail. too bad 🤣😂

    • Prashant Jung shah says:

      @Vernam ™ see your self made assumptions ain’t taking you no where. Come back when he fights his level and WINS.

    • Vernam ™ says:

      @Truth not my fault yall wanna see Jake lose this badly 🤣🤣 he has yall crying on the floor while he keeps winning. you’ll have to see him lose when he loses 😂

    • Vernam ™ says:

      @Prashant Jung shah he even confirms my statement in this video https://youtu.be/znqm_YXYRPI lol. he went down twice against Uriah. you have no other argument other than he’s old, and age in fighting doesn’t even mean much. it matters about skill lmao

  2. Gary Whelan says:

    The fact that this is even happening is proof the world has lost its damn mind. Couldn’t definitively beat a near 50 year old non boxer and get on my talking like he’s won the heavyweight championship of the world. It’s just insanity.

    • Abdn 83 says:

      I hate Paul but Silva is a martial artist, a legit fighter had his pro boxing debut in 1998 24 years ago

    • Drew Stoica says:

      @Jay D Facts bro I don’t care for Paul but you can see a lot of non boxing fans talk trash. Mike Tyson first 5 opponents were grocery store workers who had a combined record of 5-47. Everyone starts off fighting nobodies

    • Baronarx V says:

      Gary Whelan: Bernard Hopkins held two titles at 49. Should Kovalev not have fought him? Waiting for your response.

    • Los Blanco says:

      @Jay D  He absolutely is not calling out everyone and anyone competent he does call out is to keep the train going. Pull your head out, you’re embarrassing yourself.

    • Los Blanco says:

      @Jay D  And Hopkins was fighting proper professional fighters in his LATER years whereas Jake in his younger years is fighting old retired fighters.
      Are you criticising him or complimenting him here because your post makes his accomplishment look all the more less impressive.

  3. Walter Castillo says:

    “Anyone, anytime , anyplace ” – except for a current pro boxer in their prime 😆

    • BrunO says:

      @Agar ŦRIKΣR LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL bruh ill let you live your dream, no need to be upset. ill let you think that these are actually real fights , that mike tyson has no chance against paul, and that paul is ready to take canelo and the others . i just dont understand why paul doesnt go professional and prove his dream right LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    • BrunO says:

      @Agar ŦRIKΣR lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll who am i ? im surely not a professional fighter , but please do what paul told you guys and follow your dreams!!!! just dont forget the clauses lmfaooooo

    • mmmodafoca says:

      a boxer in their prime smokes this dude.. i don’t think he can beat an up and coming prospect.. let alone a gate keeper.. I keep thinking a really solid fight for Paul would be Andrew Tabiti.. from mayweather promotion.. cause i know he aint fighting Dorticos.

    • Raul Diaz says:

      😅😅🤣😅🤣 👍

    • bruce sanchez says:

      Thats what they all do until they making a belt run

  4. TheTribal Kid says:

    Its actually a shame that we’ve come this far in boxing. Jake Paul should fight Gabriel Rosado or other amateurs/professionals. He talks about “chase your dreams” but this is just an insult to the guys who had to fight for that spot through years of hard working and training.

  5. Noor Mz says:

    I wish Canelo would be like: okay I’ll fight you, I’m sure then we won’t be hearing much from Jake

    • O P says:

      not right away of course. if ever. But nate diaz? np.

    • Baronarx V says:

      Noor Mz: That’s the one thing that pisses me off about Jake Paul….calling out Canelo, who would murder him. Such childish BS.

    • Ricky says:

      think about how much money and recognition that gets him……he would gladly fight canelo. It’s not that hard (for him) to take a beating and make millions of dollars. It doesn’t hurt him financially if he loses, as everyone knows it will happen, and he’ll get more publicity making him more profit just by the sheer number of people that decide to see who he is.

      who he won’t fight is a nobody professional boxer who could probably beat him but wouldn’t make him any money because no one has heard of him

      erh not so much the money but he’ll be beat by a nobody and that will end his career. If Jake goes through the ranks, we will know exactly where his skill lies (wherever that may be). Fighting these guys makes it a mystery, which makes us keep watching and getting surprised. For me I was surprised, and it does make me interested in each fight.

    • Inaluogh says:

      Canelo is an elite who does not need recognition nor money from a pointless exhibition match. Mayweather who LOVES money so much that he has it on his name, who had his daddy pay judges just to bloat his record many times and disrespected a legend like Ali would of course be down for a clowning match for money. Canelo? No way in hell. If you want to fight Canelo, you make it to Canelo. Not the other way around.

  6. Arcade says:

    I mean.. you gotta respect Jake. He keeps ramping up the competition and Silva is actually a good boxer too.

  7. Ariel M says:

    I’m not saying he’s scared, I’m not saying he can’t fight. I just want him to see him fight a boxer who is currently fighting.

    • Amina Amina says:

      @Peter Seymour No it shouldn’t lol. His career as a novelty boxer fighting MMA guys has so far has been more exciting and watchable than 90% of the boxing world champion’s right now. If Jake was fighting Nate Diaz the same night as Fury was fighting Usyk or Canelo was fighting Bivol i would be watching the Jake/Diaz fight.

    • Eduardio Reedzki III says:

      I mean he tried to fight Tommy Fury and Rahman, but it kept getting cancelled. Any other boxer is probably worried about the huge reputation hit if they lost to a “Youtuber”

    • Amina Amina says:

      @Austin Richardson I think you have missed the point entirely Austin, although I’m glad you can find humor in your own inability to understand english. “haha”

    • JSauer21 says:

      He’s been ready, you have to convince the “real” boxers to grow a pair and step in the ring with him

    • Peter Seymour says:

      @Amina Amina shouldn’t his boxing career be about rising up the rankings and not fighting non boxer’s

  8. Ben Perks says:

    Logan in the back still in character love to see it😂🙌

  9. Hoop Realm says:

    “I met this kid….. talking about a 47 year old man “

  10. DiiGiiTAL says:

    I’d genuinely pay to watch him fight Canelo.

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