Jake Paul Devastated After Tommy Fury Loss, Embarrassed By KSI & Cristiano Ronaldo – IMPAULSIVE #368

Jake Paul Devastated After Tommy Fury Loss, Embarrassed By KSI & Cristiano Ronaldo – IMPAULSIVE #368

World’s most-hated boxer, Jake Paul, joins the boys to discuss why he lost to Tommy Fury (rematch?), KSI clowning on him, struggle with self-love, wet dreams destroying his career, losing faith in manifesting, Logan Paul VS Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, George shares new song LIVE, Logan apologizes to Jake for family issues & more…

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0:00 Welcome Jake Paul!
0:37 Jake Is A Hobo (Song) 😂
3:59 ‘Loss’ To Tommy Fury
9:57 Rematch VS Tommy Fury? 🥊
15:47 Honor His Bet? 💰
18:15 Tommy Fury’s Greatest Strength?
20:14 Wet Dream Caused Loss? 💦
25:29 Will You Stop Talking Sh*t?
28:12 Does Manifestation Work? 🧘‍♂️
39:25 Logan Apologizes To Jake For Family Issues 😥
43:43 “I Don’t Love Myself” 😔
49:40 How To Be Happy – Logan Paul 😀
56:42 KSI VS Jake Paul?
1:07:27 George’s New Song! 🎶
1:16:30 Logan VS Seth Rollins At WrestleMania! 😱
1:19:39 Dave Chappelle Gives Paul Brothers Something!
1:24:54 Freestyle! 🎤
1:27:18 Mike RAGES!!! 🤬

Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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25 Responses

  1. Evan Nagao says:

    The deep brotherly talk is so relatable. As an older brother, I remember the day I cried to my little bro and apologized for all the hurtful things I did when we were younger. That was such an important conversation, because even though he didn’t really carry much resentment, the guilt that was within me was immense and not healthy for our relationship. Nowadays, we have such an amazing relationship and I am so freaking grateful we can have conversations like that.

    • dieauferstehung says:

      ogan betrays Jake by having a Company with KSI

    • YOUNG 1- says:

      That’s funny. My brother has had that conversation with me before. I didn’t care about the bullying and accept it as a part of growing up. I called him a pussy and told him to stop being a girl about it….on the other hand I also feel bad about bullying my little cousin when I was young so I get it.

    • Sonny Sköld says:

      I feel u, I used to chase my bro around the apartment with a bottle mixed with coca cola and pee, and a spoon i poured it out on and threw it at him

    • MollyTheSausageDog says:

      Wtf did you do to him

    • Sinod_A says:

      W comment made me smile

  2. SoJammy says:

    Currently 43 minutes into the podcast; the Manifestation and Family Issues segment have been so incredibly fruitful. Some of my favourite segments on Impaulsive I feel like I can revisit and just learn from. Hearing Jake and Logan talk about their brotherly issues, I can relate to on my own scale, and it’s really interesting to hear.

  3. SUPERPOD Gaming says:

    Well done George. You deserve this.

  4. My Beauty Fix says:

    This was such an amazing episode!!! Love the realness from you all! ❤️

  5. CoolKid BraDude says:

    I never thought I would hear such deep words from Jake Paul. Props for the journey of growth he’s gone on, hope he keeps it up.

  6. Mookie says:

    17:20 gotta be the best moment of this podcast. George is back <3

  7. Matty28 says:

    George is brave AF to expose himself like that. Also respect for George for not being a Yes man too! He actually stands for something. That’s a proper friend there.

    • Pete Schultz says:

      No, he can’t just continue to suck on the podcast and stick around because he’s not a “yes man.”

    • isso tou dã bueno 04 says:

      It’s for the media … True friends do that in private

    • Samuel Cueva says:

      Yo screw you Logan for like deliberately trying to get people pissed at George. Why do you even want that? You thought it even if it was the word he was gunna say he chose not to even though it would or could be comically acceptable.

    • Pakistani Warrior says:

      He gets bullied. I know friends. If Logan Paul had to choose to save someone from Mike and George he would choose mike secondly he’s always getting shutdown in most of all the podcasts. You can literally see his face go red and the atmosphere becoming awkward.

  8. SUPERPOD Gaming says:

    jake showing us he has insecurities and speaking about how he doesnt love himself really made me respect him so much more. Not that he HAS weaknesses but that he is unafraid to display them from time to time. We all need to stop criticizing one another. Its a hard enough world.

  9. Caitlin Zellner says:

    Hearing Jake speak about his upbringing & his self realizations & the journey to love himself truly brought me to tears…it’s been amazing to see him grow into the man he is NOW & seeing a glimpse of the man he is BECOMING. His 2023 goals are absolutely amazing & very commendable…I feel blessed to be able to say I’ve always believed in him & will continue to & adore him & all he’s doing to grow within himself as well as helping others along the way.. xo

  10. Ross Powell says:

    gotta give it to george, takes some balls to play your song out loud to all your friends in one room then put it out to the world. definitely isn’t a hit but it’s a creative way of expressing himself and that’s powerful.

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