Jake Paul DOMINATES Ben Askren | Full Recap | CBS Sports HQ

Jake Paul DOMINATES Ben Askren | Full Recap | CBS Sports HQ

Luke Thomas joins CBS Sports HQ to break down the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren boxing match.


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37 Responses

  1. Bruce Wayne says:

    Never thought four years ago, all sports outlets would be covering Jake Paul.

  2. Asdfg Hjkl says:

    I watched this illegally, and i still want a refund.

    • Slumps says:

      Why do people say that on every fight they watch ?

    • Glitch says:

      @Asdfg Hjkl let’s be honest everyone wanted Ben to win but Ben didn’t really take this that seriously he’s a 36 year old dad who went in the fight with a dad bod and was never a boxer wasn’t really impressive from jake he can’t be taken completely serious until he fights an actual boxer

    • krabbypattyy says:


  3. Bxrry says:

    bro now that i think of it I havent heard of nate ever since the last fight? he alive?

  4. JOHN ROGERS says:

    Ben Askren build like a milk bag is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time

  5. Don Don says:

    Ben Bank Account:📈
    Jakes Ego:📈
    People who paid for the fight:📉

    • no exceptions says:

      @Peaceful mind lol troll

    • Will Reese says:

      @Bhuvi Thakran It’s very unlikely, Ben’s a pro fighter. You simply don’t get to that lvl unless you’re hyper competitive with a strong drive to win. Besides the fact it’s highly illegal I doubt his pride would let him take a dive. If anyone may have been paid off it could’ve been the Ref but even if that’s the case it’s still Ben’s fault for putting himself in a position where it’s up to the Ref.

    • Grapefruit Simmons says:

      Why would you pay when you could stream that circus for free? 😂

    • no exceptions says:

      @Grapefruit Simmons i watched it on twitch ngl

  6. Dave says:

    I appreciate the guy on the right for keeping it real

  7. Glen says:

    Whether he’s good at boxing or not, he’s a hell of a lot better at it than he ever was at “acting” and “comedy” and “being a mommas boy who treats women right”

    • Dr Diabetes says:

      @Sauce Johnson *an out of shape wrestler who from the beginning couldn’t give a shit less.

    • Breezy says:

      @Sauce JohnsonJake didn’t even wanna fight Ben, Ben called him out begging for relevancy lol.

    • M3CA Hakiri says:

      @Sauce Johnson you mean Logan Paul against a youtuber

    • Kiko says:

      @Sauce Johnson guess what? Hes also a youtuber whose been training for only 3 years. Pro boxers his age have an extensive amateur record and have been training since 8 yrs old and they also fight tomato cans for their first 15-20 fights

  8. purplehearts says:

    1:08 did that man just call Gibs a “pre diabetic gas station attendant”? lmfaooooo

  9. Lips 1878 says:

    Can he finally fight a boxer next?! you know for his 4th boxing fight.

    • Lips 1878 says:

      @RushMH I can almost Guarantee he will not fight a professional boxer next especially one with a winning record. & you keep saying well he’s said this and that if you believe anything he says you’re as gullible as the people who pay for the fight.

    • RushMH says:

      @Lips 1878 👍🏼

    • krabbypattyy says:

      Right he boxed everyone that wasn’t a boxer🙄

  10. The Halcyon Show says:

    Poor Luke. He is Einstein trying to explain his theories to Keith at the bar. “Is Jake Paul good?” is the kind of question that you can tell gives him an aneurysm.

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