Jake Paul Holds Back Tears On Show After Loss – BS Post-Fight Special

Jake Paul Holds Back Tears On Show After Loss – BS Post-Fight Special

Tune into the post-fight special as Jake Paul recaps the #paulfury fight, gets deep and emotional, Logan Paul shares his thoughts, and shares what’s next for Jake Paul…

0:00 – INTRO
1:15 – Logan was GUTTED by Jake’s loss
2:20 – Jake’s post-fight journaling
7:20 – Turning a LOSS into a WIN
13:55 – Logan’s mid-fight trash talk
14:35 – Was Jake impressed by Tommy?
17:25 – What’s next for Jake? (PPV numbers revealed)
18:15 – Logan vs. Tommy?!
18:45 – OUTRO

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21 Responses

  1. Blakekirkland says:

    Do whatever your heart tells you brother , your a great dude that accomplished so much 🤙🏼

  2. Blink Space Studio says:

    Losing is not a bad thing, how you react to that loss has more meaning then the loss itself. I thought the fight went really well to be honest there was so much toughness from both guys. I think Jake knows the truth now and I will be curious to see what he does with it. Most run away but I have the feeling Jake will hang around and defy haters even more.

  3. Tommy G says:

    I love the vulnerability and self reflection. Keep making moves dawg!

  4. Jainee says:

    That journal entry was beautifully written. Makes you feel like there’s a decent human being underneath all that bravado. Hopefully this kick starts Jakes redemption arc, not just with the boxing stuff but in everything Jake does moving forward.

    • Me🌴 says:

      @Hokage69 it’s not hate if it’s a fact. Where do you come up with this. I have no emotion about this. What’s cringe is being wealthy and coming up with schemes to defraud people out of their hard earned money. I’m not into it if you disagree great if not great. Doesn’t change the fact that’s it’s true lol

    • Ethan Cee says:

      The Paul Brothers have proved themselves to be nothing but egomaniacs and especially his brother being a scammer. They blame everyone else but themselves for their mistakes or failures.

    • Hokage69 says:

      @Me🌴 what Jake and Logan do outside of boxing is one thing. But you made a hate comment that had nothing to do with the video lmfao cringe

    • Hokage69 says:

      @hattchetman_  That’s not even remotely the same situation. In that case, the person would be completely unaware of what’s going on. How delusional and stupid can people get lmfao 🤣 😂

    • hattchetman_ says:

      ​@Alex O’Toole thats like saying hey man I put the drgs in her drink but I didn’t make her drink it so her being graped is on her not me

  5. DRE says:

    SMART MOVE HAVING JUST YOU LOGAN AND ONE CO-HOST. This was one of the best episodes that you had because you kept it real and you were yourself. Keep up the hard work you’re gonna bounce back and go get us all the W in your next match. We are still rocking with you and will be here when they raise your hand again.

  6. MMA GigaFan says:

    Nothing to be ashamed of! You’ve taken this farther than we all thought was possible

  7. Apekhan47 says:

    Wise words bro and one love. The only thing I’d say is you don’t have to let an “L” kill your mental fortitude because really it’s a loss on your boxing record but a huge win in life. You fought on a stage in front of the world and fought you’re heart out if you didn’t mentally emotionally and or physically & spiritually feel there that night it doesn’t mean you don’t have the here and now to say thankyou for the blessings hidden and open to the blessings to come. May peace be with you all. The first hermetic principle in ancient Egypt speaks on everything being mental. You always were and always are stronger than anything you may face. You are stronger than anything you may face. Best to relax into this knowing.

  8. Michael Bevan says:

    Huge respect. Anyone walking into the ring deserves respect and you showed real heart in there!

  9. RobertGucciTv says:

    honestly it did hurt me see you get the L because I truly believed in your hard work ethic but now we see that aint enough idk what happened maybe tomys experience but keep your head up brother now you got a long way to beat canelo

  10. DStansb says:

    Great to hear your journalling expose, it’s good to know you are spiritually connected and not just a money grabbing clout demon. Your work ethic inspires me, as a guy from the UK I can comfortably say I was in the minority hoping for you to pull out the win. But the world has it’s course and there’s no point dwelling on the unchangeable (please don’t make any more excuses for losing), stay in the present and change the future. Goat

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