Jake Paul is Disappointed in Loss to Tommy Fury, Wants to Run it Back | POST-FIGHT INTERVIEW

Jake Paul is Disappointed in Loss to Tommy Fury, Wants to Run it Back | POST-FIGHT INTERVIEW

Credit: Most Valuable Promotions

Watch the #postfightinterview from the main event of #paulfury featuring #jakepaul . Fury upset Paul by Split Decision.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, The fighting pride of California’s Central Valley and one of boxing’s pound-for-pound queens are joining forces for a special Fresno Fight Night.

Former unified 140-pound world champion Jose Ramirez will meet former lightweight world champion Richard “RC” Commey in the 12-round junior welterweight main event Saturday, March 25, at Save Mart Center in Fresno, California.

The co-feature will be a world title unification clash, as WBA minimumweight world champion Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada collides with WBC world champion Tina Rupprecht.

Ramirez-Commey and Estrada-Rupprecht will be broadcast live on ESPN, ESPN Deportes and ESPN+ at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

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45 Responses

  1. F says:

    That wasn’t just a win for Tommy. It was a win for boxing

    • no name says:

      @C PD  Don’t get upset, bud. Tommy is nowhere near a level of competing for belts, but to say there’s no difference between him and a guy who has fought a retired basketball player, a YouTube and a retired mma fighter (whose skills were in amateur wrestling) is just plain ignorant.

    • IcedoutsuTv says:

      Ong because he’s not ah real boxer his form is not even there like that

    • Rk Bangladesh says:


    • Why Bother says:

      @Phillip Alesana not Tommy is a decent ish boxer Jake is a joke his form was shocking

    • HE’S coming soon says:

      Hey 👋. The Illuminati know – God exists.
      I am writing this to enable people to know that the Devil actually exists. But there is hope. Our Saviour Jesus Christ died so that we will live.
      Jesus said, “I’m the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. John 14:6.

  2. Robert Smith says:

    It’s a good thing he said he wasn’t making excuses, I almost thought his excuses were excuses 👌

  3. ProdKamoReef says:

    Jake: “I’ve been sick twice during camp and I injured my arm – *but I’m not making any excuses”*

    • David Dillard Johnson says:

      @Venox So you’re saying it’s not true or what? How can you know that. It is possible he just didn’t mention it before to be fair.

    • Colin Burman says:

      @Venox So he should have told Tommy that before the fight? There will always be excuses for a lost and there’s nothing wrong with mentioning it

    • Chris Caviness says:

      And hes not. Telling nothing but the truth. Good guy

    • Pbonecapone7 says:

      ​@David Dillard Johnson i think it is because ust moments before the fight he literally said in an interview that he was 100% and had no injuries

    • Venox says:

      @David Dillard Johnson Because he said it after the fight. Got sick and injured my arm blablabla. Have some balls and eat that loss and don’t even mention that shit. He also said he’s 100% fit before the fight.

  4. Matt Shepherd says:

    “I’ve won in every single way” except in a fight against a boxer, the only win that mattered to him

  5. Ellis Guy says:

    I love how he made excuses straight away😂😂

  6. Tovo says:

    This wasn’t just a win for Tommy. It was a win for humanity.

  7. Adam Timson says:

    There wasn’t two knock downs, there was one and Tommy slipped 😂

  8. Chris Caviness says:

    Hell of a match for both of these guys. Nothing but respect. Love to see the rematch. Diffently much needed!!!

  9. Floyd Vukeya says:

    He doesn’t agree with the judges but that bump on his face does.😂😂😂

    • ross shaw says:

      @Baldcmoviefan18 and your not getting my point, my point is saying Tommy still won with when he looked worse, damage on how you look doesn’t matter. I was just reacting the first guys ridiculous comment

    • Fyz2853 says:

      @Baldcmoviefan18 nah bro he don’t same damage to Tommy, every punch Tommy seemed more dazed

    • Baldcmoviefan18 says:

      @ross shaw Because Tommy did more damage to him overall. More clean punches to the body. It’s not all face.

    • ross shaw says:

      Doesn’t matter what he looks like lad, Tommy looked worse with that cut… someone could have a face full of blood and still win🥴

  10. Hannes Waara says:

    Tommy didnt even look tired at the end,true fighter spirit

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