Jake Paul KNOCKS OUT Tyron Woodley in Rematch [Highlights + Recap] | CBS Sports HQ

Jake Paul KNOCKS OUT Tyron Woodley in Rematch [Highlights + Recap] | CBS Sports HQ

Brian Campbell joins CBS Sports HQ to break down Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2!

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44 Responses

  1. CBS Sports HQ says:

    MORE instant reaction & expert analysis over on Morning Kombat! https://youtu.be/VGNoJwf6LDM

  2. Omar Nieto says:

    Opening didn’t come to Jake, he created that opening.

  3. Anonymous Buffalo says:

    Props to jake for a great fight and showing respect to his opponent and team, but it’s still frustrating that he’s calling out ufc fighters who are declining rapidly instead of a fresh boxer closer to his own age…

  4. Don Capoeira says:

    Good fight, but Woodley is 15 years older, was primarily a grappler when he did fight and giving up massive height and reach. Still he was once a serious professional so its its something.

  5. S P V C E B V R says:

    Tyron looking like he’s about to go into a Really Dark place mentally

    • Chance von Freund says:

      No way he laughing to the bank. He is saying thanks, Tommy! Tyron is tough. Its a sport like anything else you win you lose. But the money goes a long way.

    • Rob Higbee says:


    • Chief Hindsight Analyst says:

      That’s racist 😜

    • Josh Lin says:

      @Coach Fezz LMAO whites will never be the top 5 all time in boxing lmao. Even though yall created the league and had decades of headstart. Your average white boy cant fight. Just admit it. Yall normal Brads and Codys get slumped daily but your average Desean and isaiah

    • Coach Fezz says:

      @Josh Lin Yes I admit to the flaw in your thinking with Fury and before that the Klitschkos that dont count in your world . Cant see past race I guess and the white boy BS , Just what Nate Robinson thought too.

  6. sid viscus says:

    Jake may have won, but they’re both gonna have marks for life from it. Tyron’s gonna have a tattoo saying “I love Jake” and Jake’s gonna have a scar on his forehead. A rivalry to remember.

    • omar khaled says:

      most injury’s are only permanent because the cost to hide or repair wouldn’t be worth it, for example a scar, but when you are a multi millionaire you can make your face look like whatever you want.

    • Daily Sam says:

      The Tattoo wasn’t perm bro you clearly didn’t even follow the fight

    • marr izzy says:

      @omar khaled if your a fighter even with surgery your opponent knows where you have been cut and they will try to hit and reopen the same spot so it a waste of money

    • Bigsquatch 4x4 says:

      @Mo Flow well there was a knock out clause in the contract for extra 500k maybe the extra 500k was for Tyrone if he faked the knockout 🤔

    • PCE Bento says:

      @Coach Fezz who have you seen take a fall?

  7. Pinky says:

    Imagine a time and place, where you could be considered a professional boxer, without ever fighting an actual boxer.

    • Anthony Taylor says:

      @YaOpps it’s just an opinion but the game is changed ain’t nobody stopping those legit fighters from self promotion doing it strategically why workout and get ur head pounded in for peanuts? Muhammad Ali wasn’t even the top contender before he fought Sonny Liston the rest is history with him.say what u say about Conor McGregor but he’s still box office for mma and self promoted himself into being one of the highest paid athletes in all of sports . like him or hate him the Paul brothers they are strategically self promoting themselves into pay per view? C’mon all that stuff ur saying is irrelevant this is entertainment get with it

    • YaOpps says:

      @Anthony Taylor No person who knows are cares about boxing says shit like this is all I’m saying if you weren’t a fan before the Paul that’s fine but it’s obvious he is not in it for love of the sport just the money dude in no way wants to be a professional boxer.

    • mossman891 says:

      kind of like our current president🤔 thats deep

    • Glenn Spjut says:

      You should look up the definition of professional. Expand your vocabulary and mind. But it doesn’t have to be a wbo/wbc etc. sanctioned event to make it a pro bout. It does however add to legitimacy

    • Good But Better says:

      @John ah yes the ole “hes way more successful than you ever will be, you cant hate” sorry but thats not how the real worl works. And i will admit hes not a bad fighter. But to say he is good would be an overstatement. Hes not bad, but not good.

  8. holywaterandgreentea says:

    I still got respect for Tyrone Woodley fighting on such a short notice

  9. Amateur meme guy says:

    Man this fight was a mess. That is what happens when you prepare for another opponent and they don’t show up 😔

  10. dieselphiend says:

    This sort of cleared up any questions I had in my head about any preconceived secret agreements between fighters to throw a fight. There’s no way anyone would willingly get knocked out like that, and there was nothing fake about it. Tyrone faceplanted the canvas. That canvas turned into, The Shroud Of Tyrone.

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