Jake Paul, KSI & The Sidemen – STOP THE DISS TRACKS! | Caspar Lee ft. Conor Maynard

Jake Paul, KSI & The Sidemen – STOP THE DISS TRACKS! | Caspar Lee ft. Conor Maynard

This is not a diss track, unless what we are saying is NOT true?
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People I complimented (didn’t diss): Jake Paul, KSI, RiceGum, Sidement & Deji

By GAMusic Studios: https://www.instagram.com/gamusicstudios

Song written by Conor Maynard, Anth Melo & Caspar Lee.
Produced by: Conor Maynard & Aaron
Beat by: Nico on the Beat

Their links:

Music video Directed by: Byron Langley
Produced by: Grant Hinds, Conor Maynard & Caspar Lee
Edited by: Byron Langley, Grand Hinds & Caspar lee
Location by: Ali Jacko

Their links:

Thanks to the following people for being in the video:

Thank you to everyone else who helped me make not a diss track. You know who you are! Also Mom, please reply to my messages.

Also thanks to Influencer for being the best company on earth:

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20 Responses

  1. CB Prodigy says:

    The people that are hating on this and don’t understand the point of it, are such intellectual and good people. *Compliment*

  2. Lily Elm says:

    When you used to be obsessed with Conor Maynard, and then you go to the Dolan Twins. The Dolan Twins are my life and more now.

  3. taco bell says:

    He’s saying good things about people instead of bad things and positive shit but people are disliking like wtf I’m so confused all these 7 year old thirsty for drama have ruined YouTube go back to watching nickelodeon like wtf πŸ€”

  4. LB Magesticalthingy says:

    Never listened to a song so many times!

  5. Metoo LOCKED says:

    The most innocent youtuber just made a diss-track?!?

    What has YouTube come too. And it’s all because of the Paul brothers

  6. Khulood Saleh says:

    Can I just say….. way too many white people on my screen rn..

  7. JhGaming says:

    How is this #1 on trending?

  8. Alina Tran says:

    #1 trending videoπŸ˜‚β€οΈ

  9. Jaelyn Lockhart says:

    I feel like this shit is sarcastic

  10. Sophie Bofie says:

    Lmao second verse coming soon *cough cough Logan paul*

  11. Purge Deadshot says:


  12. Mong Boiz says:

    British people sound retarded

  13. Anusha Madhusudanan says:

    Conor can make anything sound good it’s literally magic

  14. Andrej Gvozdenovic says:

    Conor’s part was perfectttt❀️❀️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯!!!

  15. MobileGamer Su says:

    Youtube creators need to stop about the music, and disstrack cause they all suck… most uses auto tune lmao

  16. Andrew Tully says:

    im dead why in the fuck is casper getting involved with drama and fakebeef

  17. Maher Garzuzi says:

    Thank me later

  18. Simple Joe says:

    This is crazy

  19. Mason .s.l says:

    So this is where pewds has been

  20. Skurb King says:

    Fuck Vegans

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