JAKE PAUL TAKES DOWN NATE DIAZ 🔥 | Paul vs Diaz Winner Announcement

JAKE PAUL TAKES DOWN NATE DIAZ 🔥 | Paul vs Diaz Winner Announcement

Jake Paul gets his hand raised with a 10-round, unanimous decision victory over MMA legend Nate Diaz. #PaulDiaz

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51 Responses

  1. Jason Williams55 says:

    If jake goes up in age class anymore we will see him boxing Biden..

  2. John Mccarter says:

    I cannot believe that guy awaken beerus prediccted the exact outcome of the matches tonight, he is from the future!

  3. Garlico shallots says:

    Imagine if Mike Tyson was an mma fighter instead of a boxer, he would got a call out by jake just about now

  4. Akmal says:

    The way how they were celebrating like he beat prime Mike Tyson got me 😂,

  5. Chris G says:

    Didnt realise it was possible to fight Diaz and not make him bleed 😂

  6. Persistent Jordan says:

    Jake honestly had only one way to impress in this fight and that was to knock Diaz out. I think Nate put on a better show and it was more impressive to see him go all 10 rounds with a much bigger, younger and stronger opponent in his own sport. What a legend.

  7. gacabrera91 says:

    Imagine growing up in a two parent home and calling yourself the “The Problem Child” lol

  8. Thê Ghētto Øråclë says:

    The fact that Jake couldn’t knock out an old, retired MMA fighter with little to no boxing power and got dragged to 10 rounds is more than telling.. Jake may have won the fight, but Nate definitely exposed him.

  9. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    For fighting a guy in a higher weightclass, younger, heavier, in a new sport at the age of 38 is amazing, Diaz the true winner in all this! 💪👊🤑

  10. Sufix says:

    Nate was making me laugh the whole time and he’s just the funniest dude ever😂😂

    • fernando contreras says:

      Jake was holding on for dear life in the last 3 rounds..all gassed out and heavy handed. Jake bearly survived…we know what would of happened if it had no rounds limits. Nate would of turned him into a carcass

    • I]evi[l says:

      Yup. It’s hard to believe that Nate did not bleed once.

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