Jake Paul trolling Floyd Mayweather during the Logan Paul fight! #shorts

Jake Paul trolling Floyd Mayweather during the Logan Paul fight! #shorts

I had all access at the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match and Jake Paul kept talking trash to Floyd Mayweather during the fight.

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32 Responses

  1. S00GYFISH T4CO says:

    That whole fight was just a money scheme floyd could of knocked out Logan in 2 rounds

    • AmbotSaKanding NgaNaayBangs says:

      @Renata Bielinska he does not need to hold logans whole body with his arms, he is trained, he knows how to exert strength, its easy for him to hold a weight with his body.

    • Renata Bielinska says:

      @AmbotSaKanding NgaNaayBangs why would he if held him up if he would of got paid more for knocking him out he even said its hard to land punches on him y would he miss the opportunity to knock him out by holding him up doesn’t make sense

    • Renata Bielinska says:

      @AmbotSaKanding NgaNaayBangs bruh ur so delusional it’s funny ik it’s hard to admit that logan Paul put up a good fight but cmon

    • AudioAgenda says:

      @Renata Bielinska it wast a REAL FIGHT tho so no. It was alll for money. That fight so rigged from.the begining. I’m telling you right now behind closed doors those two are probably really good friends Logan made an estimated 20 million dollars plus and Mayweather made a hell of a lot more. It was just a sparring session, an exhibition and it was pretty lame in my opinion. Now Mayweather versus McGregor was a good fight and I enjoyed that a lot. Funny though if Mayweather had to of stepped into the octagon, Connor would finish him in the first round!! LOL but yeah that was a good fight anyway.

    • 35 - Shaashvat Bhor says:

      Ohh you’re one of them. Smh

  2. That random loser says:

    Not hugging it’s clinching also. He did it because he was gassed you said it in the video also that’s a way to get punches off. No big deal just gassed for a big dude who hasn’t gone 8 rounds for floyd this was easy.

  3. Alex says:

    Aww Logan’s so kind, he kept giving Floyd hugs 😊

    • Rip Cartier says:

      @Lau Prayer That’s even worst🤦🏾‍♂️
      That would mean he stole his style and couldn’t beat him with it. Floyd may hold to smother punches but he doesn’t hold to survive. Floyd actually counters and throws punches. Logan just held the entire fight.

    • Rip Cartier says:

      @Lau Prayer I tell you what though he’s lucky he did that against someone 5’8 155lbs. Had it been a real light heavyweight or a heavyweight his size it wouldn’t of worked. He has no chance against a real boxer his size.

    • Juicy says:

      And he even gave him a load of money 🥰

    • Rip Cartier says:

      @Juicy Gave him a load of money and proved he can’t fight worth of fucc in the process. He got that money though and he should invest it in what he does best, YouTube videos.

    • Billy Crocker says:

      @Rip Cartier bruh clearly you didn’t witness the pac man floyd fight floyd literally hugged him over 60 times

  4. SkyIsGarbo says:

    The famous line “I had all access to the fight”

  5. Vino Guarin says:

    Floyd tasted his own hugging and running medicine

  6. Timothy Gaunichaux says:

    Floyd actually did knock him out………he just held him up till he came back to that’s all

    • Ge W says:

      @Dana White you say 200 pounds like it’s heavy, how small are you

    • MrSPIDEY21 says:

      @Dana White you honestly don’t think he could hold up a limp Logan Paul??? You’re stupid lol…

    • MrSPIDEY21 says:

      @Ge W that’s exactly what I’m saying lol

    • Christopher Lee says:

      @Renata Bielinska I lost my brain cells while reading this

    • Narakarr arr says:

      @Dana White bruh you think Floyd csnt hold up Logan? Are you okay? Like I don’t know anything about this incident I’m not commenting on whether it happened… But Floyd can hold up Logan. I could fucking hold him up if I had to you telling me FLOYD can’t?

  7. ifeellikeiz says:

    “all access” watches from the back of the stands

  8. Jacob O'Sullivan says:

    “I had all access to Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather fight”

    -feel sorry for you bro

  9. Mykil Allen says:

    I still think Logan sucks. There’s a 50 pound difference and he still couldn’t make anything happen

  10. Abdul Hasad says:

    I feel like Jake payed so there wasn’t any judges. He wanted to be the judge

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