Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley MVP Face 2 Face Interview with Ariel Helwani | Round 2 | SHOWTIME PPV

Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley MVP Face 2 Face Interview with Ariel Helwani | Round 2 | SHOWTIME PPV

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley II means another round of face-to-face with Ariel Helwani as the two stars let it all out unfiltered ahead of their SHOWTIME PPV rematch.

#PaulWoodley is Saturday at 9pm ET/6pm PT

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34 Responses

  1. Randy Booker says:

    The mutual respect here despite competition against each other is awesome 💯

    • cj says:

      It’s good for entertainment not saying boxing isn’t entertaining just another spectrum of fight entertainment 🤷💯

    • BruhMcChaddeus says:

      Lol love how u little casuals get manipulated so easilyy, If paul said something bad Y’all would be crying about him being youtuber 😂😂 Combat sport 90% fan base are just casuals with weak man syndrome that get intimidated by someone acting tough so they cry behind phone screen lol

    • TJP Real says:

      Jake will give him 500k extra bonus plus he gave him a Rolex watch,and tyron is still mad and disrespectful. Feels he’s beeing treated poorly because he’s black.

    • ObiJuanKenobi says:

      It feels like they’re friends now…..something is fishy

  2. Quadmft says:

    the first 3 minutes of this they all are trying so hard not to laugh i love it lol, the whole thing feels like they’re gonna all be friends after lol

  3. DominicGutierrez313 says:

    These two are like polar opposites and are hilarious with each other I know it’s unlikely asf to happen but a podcast with these 2 would be hilarious! Their so blunt and honest in a comedic way with each other. Win lose draw I wanna see these 2 interact more after both their personalities are so different together and it makes it funny.

  4. J Mac says:

    14:58 is the funniest sequence in the whole interview 😂

  5. ChroNx TV says:

    Tyron know he love Jake😭 He couldn’t help but smile when he seen that rollie🤣 This interview was top tier though, gotta respect both fighters💯

  6. Scenic Fights says:

    Tyron was hyped after that Rolex, I would be too lmao.

  7. Tanvir says:

    When Tyron was talking about him being heated because Jake can say he won and then randomly said “ why is the moon out?” I died 😂😂😭

  8. Bale Watson says:

    How could you not crack a smile when Jake gave tyron a Rolex and tyron couldn’t actually believe it 😂

  9. KAYLA BOND T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE says:

    It’s cool to see these guys be themselves, makes you want to support them more.

  10. Alex Costa says:

    This is actually an incredibly insightful interview. They each have their reasons to win and I’m hyped for the fight 🥊

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