Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley SQUASH BEEF after Rematch Fight

Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley SQUASH BEEF after Rematch Fight

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46 Responses

  1. Ripnlip Tightlines says:

    He lost with class. Respect to both fighters. Glad to see jake be respectful after the fact.

    • Josue says:

      @Liam Gross classic🤣

    • thahammer55 says:

      Shit look on Instagram and tell me he’s being respectful

    • Bill Clark says:

      Let’s see Jake vs Broner, Anderson Silva, Granados, Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor, Ivan Rednack, and Usaman next.

    • PurpZ says:

      @Daniel Strother Idk if you know who The W.A.D.E Concept is, but he was saying that it’s illegal period because Showtime would lose all boxing privileges.

    • PurpZ says:

      @phill downes A slap? That punch could have sent Tyson Fury down. A slap would not have made that sound. Especially with the camera being that far away with a crowd in the background. Y’all need to get over yourselves and just accept that Jake is a decent boxer.

  2. Stratosphere says:

    Woodley is a true definition of a professional fighter. What a class act.

    • tornado tom2 says:

      Money money money = respect these days

    • Mane Screen. says:

      @Living Life true he has face of someone that had no shame. All that trash talk and 2 loses embarrassing especially for a ufc fighter

    • Bill Clark says:

      @The Franchize Let’s see Jake vs Broner, Anderson Silva, Granados, Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor, Ivan Rednack, and Usaman next.

    • Bill Clark says:

      @Josh Stixx Fata He’s a YouTuber. If Canelo even fought Jake several boxing fans, pundits, and boxers would berate him for it. Heck I would berate him for it. Jake is barely even a prospect with no ameteur career. Why would Canelo fight Jake when he hasn’t fought Benavidez, BETERBIEv, Bivol, Jermall Charlo, or Adrande? That doesn’t make any sense

    • John Bloom says:

      @tornado tom2 Take away a mans money and then you see what he truly has.

  3. Jack Shite says:

    To be knocked out that bad and hold your head high like that, respect.

  4. Fred Average Minville says:

    Much respect to Tyron for his attitude that’s very inspiring and a great role model for the next generation

  5. JD Lei says:

    Jake gained a lot of respect from that win, he actually knocked him out with a clean punch

    • Sam Duke G2G says:

      Tyron not a true fighter. Gotta move ya head

    • Sam Duke G2G says:

      @C L18 👍👍👍👍

    • Anonymous8317 8317 says:

      I want to see him fight real boxers under real boxing rules. Full testing year round, etc, etc. That plus being on the record will cut any nonsense out.

      Floyd will let someone win for the $$ but not of it goes against his record, for example.

      Jake did have teen year lookin acne and gained quite a bit of size rather quickly. Go back and look at pics.

    • MATT PLYMALE says:

      Clean punch ? Dudes eyes were completely closed on that clean swing lol,.. little luck went in there too .. Much respect for both though getting in that square ring

    • Wesker JHG says:

      @C L18 if Only Tommy Fury didn’t pull out

  6. HENRY THE RC CAR says:

    There was no beef between them, there was just a big fight for a big paycheck.

  7. Sazil8PF says:

    My respect for Jake went by 40%
    He bought him a Rolex and knocked him out respectfully

  8. Will Yu says:

    He got knocked out cold and he’s doing all the media interview right after, and have humility. He a warrior, class act

  9. Milton A says:

    So much respect for Tyron he seems like a great guy.

  10. Benjamin Fairley says:

    I respect tyron so much more now than ever before, his handling of the loss. Pure class. Hat off bro 😎

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