Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva HIGHLIGHTS

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva HIGHLIGHTS

See the highlights from Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva HIGHLIGHTS video from the Phoenix, Arizona.

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video footage provided by SHOWTIME
analysis provided by Jake Hattan

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44 Responses

  1. MMAWeekly.com says:

    Who do you think Jake Paul should FIGHT NEXT- Diaz, Canelo or other???

  2. TrevvyT says:

    Man that’s how you take a loss..nothing but class and respect from a legend no crying, bitching, excuses really refreshing to see

  3. ken says:

    Only seen the highlights but big respect for Silva and his (man up) attitude, he will always be one of the greatest fighters on the planet.

    • James Knowles says:

      Sure look what there both gonna try do for ufc fighters pay etc now and I used to hate jp calling out canelo is dumb but tommy fury I’d say that cout be an easy night for jp ending with the knockout Tommy’s no fighter he’s only a model

  4. AIsingularityAI says:

    Jake smells weakness in that elderweight division.

    • Kassplaylist says:

      ​@Neel Halli Tyson is a boxer. Tyson is old, but would decimate Paul.

    • Chip McBride says:

      @KingCluskey if you train, which he obviously does, and is skilled, which he obviously is, at what point is he a boxer and should be fighting equal opponents …he is a boxer that has a social media dynasty and a promotor….but he is a boxer now…not just a “YouTuber” anymore

    • KingCluskey says:

      But elderweight is funny af regardless haha but he’s a youtuber. Not a pro boxer that was born into boxing with 20 fights lol give the man his respect or don’t. But yall can’t say shit about what he’s done or yall just sound like a bad hater.

    • Stephen Carton says:

      @Skiddlez3D How far do you honestly think he will go?

    • Chip McBride says:

      Well, after all the elderly are defeated, may as well re-identify and dominate the women’s side too

  5. ShareWorthy says:

    Silva.. what a humble legend

  6. William Merrell says:

    Silva is a genius professional fighter huge respect for the age he’s competing at! 🥊

  7. paulo nyra says:

    Canelo? You’ll be eaten alive dude. He’s just not on your level. 😂 But if it does happen, there’s no way it would end in a decision.

  8. TheInditribe says:

    Of course Nate is next, he’s on a losing streak , and well beyond his prime.

    • Hu Mann says:

      Plus Nate had good MMA boxing but his style doesn’t work as well in boxing. Throwing lots of shots that don’t much while standing in a defensive grappling stance will not work that well in boxing.

      And that was when Nate was in his prime.

    • Lee says:

      @God Beating a 47 year old non boxer isn’t an achievement at all, regardless how good he was in MMA

    • God says:

      @Jai Idk, he seems to be quite good, he just needs to work on his accuracy. His punches seem fast and hard, he is just to wild. Anderson Silva is a literal legend, it’s still quite a feat compared to jakes last fights.

    • Jai says:

      @Rush 777 25 vs 47. Silva not a boxer. And definitely not in his prime lol. Jake is smart, it’s all about money and easy wins. Jake can box but can’t box a pro boxer though.

    • Collin McRae says:

      He’s also not a boxer. So it’s perfect.

  9. Hart Legacy Wrestling Inc says:

    Great video Jake Hatten!
    As for the match and the parts I saw I’d have to say I was a little disappointed with how it went. Didn’t seem much like boxing to me comparison to other boxing matches I’ve watched, but congratulations to Jake Paul for winning it.

  10. Jean-Paul Moreau says:

    I was in my 40s and in good shape when I started training in MMA in a 2 hr class with all 18-25 yr olds. We would do hand strike and kick strike repetitions full speed and while my force would fade, my 23 yr old, 95 kg partner would not. He could flip me repeatedly while I lasted 10 flips. After 2 hrs, I needed a cab to take me home and he just walked off into the night like nothing happened. The age difference between these 2 is very significant no matter how good Silva still is.

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