Jake Paul Vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. (FULL SPARRING FOOTAGE)

Jake Paul Vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. (FULL SPARRING FOOTAGE)

Our full 5 rounds of sparring from 2 and 1/2 years ago so that y’all can see me beat his ass lol. People love to make clip outs to make themselves feel better but I always give you all the truth!

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Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.

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29 Responses

  1. Gen Dit Commando says:

    Jake must be high if he thinks Hasim Was putting in any effort for this! Seems like he was actually trying to help Jake and allow him to improve.

  2. Wild Cat says:

    Rahman Jr was right, he didn’t turn southpaw once the entire sparring session… He was handicapped the entire time… He fights in southspaw … Jake Paul is a liar 😭

  3. ツRay says:

    All this proves to me is that Jake treats spars like real matches and hasim only tried to make Jake better. Hasim didn’t let his hands go he complemented Jake’s shots and Jake continuously talked trash even though hasim was complementing every shot that he landed on him, told him that he was going for the body and told Jake to keep going. Hasim was out of shape treated the sparring match like a joke and was there for the money

  4. Moseph Vlogs says:

    I mean this only proves JR wasn’t even trying. He is usually southpaw when he fights and he’s only using his lead hand for 80% of the rounds and he’s letting you touch him to give you “work” but he wasn’t hurt fazed or compromised in single second of any round. Looks more like he’s trying to give his little brother some rounds to break a sweat

  5. Jay says:

    Jake by you releasing this clip it just proved Hasim right he was talking to you as a teacher he was throwing a couple words at you to mentally train you to be in the ring and you were to weak to take it so you started getting mad and putting a sting to your punches meaning his mind games worked

    • KJ17 says:

      He proved he was right about beating him in sparring hassim said he was beating jake paul the whole time, in this video we saw hassim getting called a biitch and punched in his mouth and do nothing but talk

    • msftvsn says:

      Actually the opposite

  6. Ross Wheatley says:

    Jake taking a sparring match like it’s a fight instead of working with the partner is all you need to know. Rahman could have turned up at anytime but kept his composure.

  7. John Doe says:

    Why do you think he’s walking forward with his guard down, mostly with no lead jab or follow-up? He rarely proceeds to counter, and even that is done tentatively for Jake’s safety and to avoid quenching his confidence moving forward, no back-and-forth action like in actual boxing spars occurring even at amateur training camps. This wasn’t even the level of a real spar, its a spar with 4 training wheels on for Jake, and its the height of JP’s folly and shame to release this on his part. Hasim was literally having to encourage Jake to throw, casually fending off Jake’s pitter-patter shots with minimal effort, and barely even registering his shots most of the time (even if he did, its embarrassing, because he is voluntarily open with his guard down and Jake couldn’t significantly hurt him).

  8. Cjkat says:

    Jake was entirely going 2000% compared to Hasim being barely only at 25% of his power obviously holding back likely to strictly play by the actual rules of sparring unlike Jacob again who was pulling a Charlie Zelenoff the entire spar.

    • Trevor Poole says:

      Was gunna make a comment like this but forgot Charlie’s last name lmfao but big Charlie vibes hahahhaahahha

  9. SF says:

    Seems like Jake was capping his ass off in that conference 🤣 he just didn’t want Rahman to rock his jaw in front of a crowd😬

  10. Boxing Central says:

    Anybody with a brain knows that Rahman wasn’t trying. I’ll admit though, Jake had some good moments.

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