Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz: Face 2 Face

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz: Face 2 Face

Ready 4 War always.. August 5th it’s kill or be killed.

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40 Responses

  1. Jim Bob Shambles says:

    The coolest thing about Nate for me is how real he is. There’s no phony shit cause of the cameras, what you see is what you get. Let’s go Nate!👊

  2. Scott Tillman says:

    I don’t think anyone who watches the Diaz brothers think they’re the “bad guy”. Nate and Nick are always professional and no one is nicer to their fans. I’ve met Nick and Nate and it’s amazing how patient and humble they both are.

    • ColeBeen says:

      Yes! I had the pleasure to meet nick in our little small town bar and he was the nicest person ever!

    • Peter says:

      I don’t think they’re saints or anything… but for the most part as long as you don’t F with them they seem cool.

    • Jesus Rodriguez says:

      I met Nate Diaz in 2008 at immae he was EXTREMELY nice to everyone they actually have great manners with folks outside of MMA.

    • Isaiah H says:

      I think this sport create some humble people and some erratic people

  3. headtrip says:

    What I love about the Diaz Brothers: everything! They are fighters, no showmen. They are just real.
    Nick will always be my personal hero, he started all that, and Nate will finish it.
    Nate Diaz Army! 💪

  4. Isac Escarcega says:

    Did anybody else laugh at Nate’s reaction to him saying “I’m looking at my prey” lmao

  5. Larry89 says:

    Nate walking out like that was the ultimate disrespect to Jake lol

  6. Freddy Long says:

    Jake has been trying to get in Nates head this whole time and as it turns out its the exact opposite 😂😂 Nate walking out is straight disrespecting Jake and its eating him up in front of the world/social media. Nates so gangsta

  7. Ben Anthony says:

    😂😂😂 Nate saying he wants to fight 2 rounds. “I’m tired just thinking about it.” Lol this guy is classic.

  8. James Barriere says:

    Nate is legit. “I don’t wanna fight but you know what it is. I’m looking to fight the guy knocking everybody out”

  9. Truth Hurts says:

    When Nate said if i lose its on forever was a straight threat and Jake understood. Then arial reworded it and Nate let it slide but he was basically saying if you beat me it’s on site anywhere any time. Jakes face was priceless

  10. Jeremy Booth says:

    Jake doesnt realize that he cant leg kick to slow Nate’s hands down. He’ll gas from pressure by the 4th. Nate by check hook and finger point.

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