Jake Paul comes away with a victory over MMA legend Nate Diaz in a 10-round cruiserweight bout via unanimous decision.

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37 Responses

  1. Andrew Leong says:

    Nate doesn’t care if he wins or loses, he wanted that pay cheque.

  2. Austin Wiley says:

    We all know exactly how a “real fight” would have went. Hats off to Mr. Diaz

  3. miraiGS says:

    Nate Diaz is a warrior and its insane how he never fails to increase the pace in later rounds. well done to both men

  4. Genesis Cruz says:

    Nate went 10 hard rounds in his first professional boxing fight past his prime and he was walking down the bigger, younger, stronger, more athletic boxer Jake Paul in the late rounds. Nate is the definition of a warrior.

  5. shENG MB says:

    The fact that Nate was giving him a hard time despite his age, he’s definitely an OG!

  6. Angelov says:

    One thing I got to say he was never wobbly from being hit. Dude just looks wobbly from bad foot work and awkward movements. Nate is a beast

  7. BioNerd says:

    Nate’s ability to just tank shots and still come back with healthy hands has always impressed me.

    • Blvck Out says:

      That green hair dude vs o’malley was the same. They’re both still bums though

    • The blockchain doesn’t lie says:

      I’m a mma fan. Not a fan of Jake Paul.

      When are we going to be real?

      Nate was gassed in round 2 and wasn’t throwing anything that could hurt Jake

      He made Nate look like a beginner

    • Tristan Barron says:

      He threw pillow punches the whole fight

    • Emeka O says:

      Got that dawg in him.

    • Old Rango says:

      @The blockchain doesn’t lieyou ain’t much of an MMA fan if you don’t know how Nate works. He purposefully plays possum in several ways. Nate’s gas tank was still 3/4 full at the end. It just exposes MMA fighters hands. Boxing is a different sport. MMA cannot use hands the same way. Boxers can’t win in MMA unless it’s freak knock outs. I’m a fan of both but facts is they aren’t the same. All you have is your hands in boxing so you refine them, in MMA, you can’t spend that amount of time on just hands or you’ll get trashed in every other area MMA covers.

  8. Felix Saucedo says:

    Nate un guerrero de la vida ,no se da por vencido ni aun vencido mis respeto

  9. Jordi El Nino Polla says:

    Well done Jake 👏 Man, I look forward to someone making a movie on the Diaz Boys. They both deserve a massive pay day for all they having given to us and the sport. Loveable Rouges as my Late Mother used to say. They are true gangsters who would fight anybody. They have Hearts like lions 🙏👏👏👏

    • Ian Brown says:

      But lose a fight to a youtuber who’s been fighting for only 5 years

    • Christopher Walker says:

      ​@Ian Brownbut the fact is that it was a decision. That to me doesn’t seem like he ‘lost.’ Had Jake knocked him out then I would agree with your comment. I mean with the fact that he’s had 5 years of boxing experience and training, AND how young he is, he SHOULD have won by a knockout. Also look how badly Nate bleeds in mma fights that he WINS. The fact that he had no bleeding is partially due to the bigger softer gloves, but also to the fact that JP didn’t really get that many clean shots to his face. Most of those Nate brushed off.

  10. warlegendttv says:

    Last time I seen a dive this hard people were jumping out of planes😂 Diaz playing 😂

    • The Magical Boy says:

      Y’all are coping. Hard.

      Provide some actual evidence of a dive. Literally anything. Because this looks like any old regular fight.

    • DragonTamer31K says:

      ​@The Magical Boybro if you watch the post fight reaction you can definitely tell Nate didn’t care. Plus if Nate isn’t profusely bleeding and/or half blind then did we really get a signature Nate fight?

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