Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: Paul wins via split decision [HIGHLIGHTS & Reaction] | CBS Sports HQ

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: Paul wins via split decision [HIGHLIGHTS & Reaction] | CBS Sports HQ

Full highlights and reaction from the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight.

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54 Responses

  1. sliqsi says:

    Waiting for the “I didn’t even pay for the fight and still want a refund” comments

  2. CBS Sports HQ says:

    We have some questions for ya’ll ⬇

    1) Who do you want to see Jake Paul fight next?

    2) Should Tyron Woodley get the tattoo?

    • Jesse Cooley says:

      @jeramy sullivan Because it’s about MONEY (dollars) in the game of entertainment !!!!

      Your attention = ENERGY which is extracted in the form of EYE BALLS

    • Eric Strozier says:

      @jeramy sullivan u need a pack of ice?? Cause you’re butt hurt 🤕😂 get well soon good Sir

    • Kazu Senshi says:

      @Sneko Williams how can you respect their hustle…? They stage fights… Woodly knocked out kosheck in 5 mins… Their is no way in hell jake should have lasted this long…. Woodly has beaten better fighters in SHORTER time.. -_-

      Its all about money…

    • Kazu Senshi says:

      @Dirt Bag you are 100% right. Woodly has knocked out better fighters in shorter time. -_-

    • travaughn johnson says:


  3. Ninjie says:

    It’s like a real life “soft celebrity death match and not clay action figures lol

  4. Only King says:

    Woodley timid. He didn’t let his hands go. That’s exactly how he look in his ufc fights. Can’t believe it went to the judges.

    • Brixaa Brixaa says:

      @C he was tired & not a boxer, he doesn’t have any combination

    • Domonique Bromwell says:

      @Swordface67 same n naw just was was baking up the entire time tyron was just weaving n be cautious jake was actually being scared to get hit all I seen him land was one hard right n the rest were baby hits diddnt do anything n naw I’m a reall as nigga if jake one I would say he did he tyron a joke but it’s clear tyron walked him down m hurt him if he actually went in n wanted the smoke it would’ve have went 8 rounds

    • Swordface67 says:

      @Domonique Bromwell tyron would have won if he kept pressure but that alone shows his fear. I grew up with tyron. I watched almost every fight he’s been in. The first round knockouts and the last 4 he got knocked out in. Hes a great fighter but not great enough. I see a lot of people saying he’s old he’s old and thats like saying GSP is a year older so now jake csn beat him? Jake paul fought like Floyd mayweather . Strafing non stop and trying to turn away from the punches. Its what got a man considered the GOAT of boxing but your telling me it won’t get jake paul one legit win?

    • Domonique Bromwell says:

      @Swordface67 I diddnt see anything close to Floyd I seen one shoulder roll that’s it tyron yea he was scared of letting his hands go idk why prolly cuz he knew jake has a right hand i just don’t get how jake won after I watched it if wasent that’s interesting it it ain’t seem like jake landed a lot of punches but tyron hit jabs and power punches.n if they run it back tyron I feel like is gonna let it loose cuz he know how jake fight now jake has no hands Ik dudes in high school that could whoop his ass

    • Swordface67 says:

      @Domonique Bromwell jake had the counters set up and tyron knew it. Hake was much faster than him in this fight. And I’m talking about how mobile jake was he did all the things Floyd mayweather does in the ring. When he was hit he didn’t approach instead he either allowed the hit or side strafed and got out of the situation. He showed he could take hits from a great in the sport and people saying its a matter of age is just unfair. Jake paul can’t beat Uriah Faber. He can’t beat GSP but everyone making excuses and it makes aged fighters look like high school kids once they “reach a certain age”

  5. lil smoothie says:

    Never would I think I’d see the day where a Viner is taunting the ex UFC welterweight champion in a boxing ring.

  6. Next Door Darts says:

    Nate Robinson counts as a win smh…Paul has like a foot in size and reach on the guy lol…

  7. rowen says:

    damn 4-0, impressive—maybe for his 5th fight he could try fighting a professional boxer

    • 83wasagoodyear says:

      @jeremy j clean your chin bra

    • Jardez Doee says:

      @jeremy j he didn’t even knock out Woodley—what are you talking about dude? He’s out here having debatables / decisions with 40yr old non-boxer retired MMA fighters. Props to him but he should fight an actual boxer

    • Edward Redacted says:

      Everyone in the comments continuing to shift the goalposts lmao.

      1) “Fight gib, you’re ducking him! He’ll beat you up!”
      2) “Ok, well then, now you’re fighting an athlete! You can’t win!”
      3) “Ok well he didn’t have any combat experience, now you’re going to fight someone who was actually a fighter! You can’t win!”
      4) “Well ok, he was a terrible striker, now you’re going to fight a guy who has serious striking power and experience! No way you win! The majority think you’ll get ko’d!”
      5) [present] “Well ok, he wasn’t an actual boxer, just a power puncher in mma who was smaller than you anyway! You can’t win against an actual boxer!”

      Don’t get me wrong, I dislike jake as a person, and I doubt he beats an actual boxer. But everyone constantly doubting him before every fight and then making excuses and shifting the goalposts of what makes him legitimate after he wins the fight almost make me want to root for him lol. Just say, RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING, that he has to fight and beat a real boxer to be counted as legit in your eyes. Just say it right from the beginning, and recognize why he might beat his (now past) opponents: nate didn’t have boxing experience, askren was a trash striker, and woodley was only a bomb thrower in mma who was smaller than jake.

      I recognized these as possibilities for why jake had a chance to win BEFORE every fight he’s had so far. Everyone else ignored them before the fight and shit on him and were certain he would lose, then only brought them up as excuses when he won. There’s plenty to shit on jake for WITHOUT moving the goalposts before and after his fights.

    • Jaime P says:

      @Garrett Fawer fixed as in Woodley was in on it.

    • Knock_Knock says:

      Daaaaamn. Next fight J. Paul vs L. Paul!

  8. OcelotDAD says:

    Tyron humilliated himself with that post fight interview, my God.

  9. sadisticwinter says:

    Nah, no amount of money could make me humiliate myself like this. Holy shit, this had to have been a deal.

  10. Wigmar Gonzalez says:

    Let’s give a round of applause to the great judges that did a fenomenal job scoring this fight: Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Andrea Bocelli.

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