Jake Tapper On Interviewing Kellyanne Conway – CONAN on TBS

Jake Tapper On Interviewing Kellyanne Conway – CONAN on TBS

Jake challenged Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s empirical lies and eventually got her to concede — kind of.

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20 Responses

  1. Necro says:

    I killed this 1 guy sure , but what about the 7 billion people i didn’t murder huh ?

  2. Lovi Poekimo says:

    Not only is Conway’s statement that we should ignore the President’s lies and just focus on his true statements just maddening, but it is such a hypocritical statement from the same party who painted Hillary, Obama, and Democrats in general as dishonest and “crooked”.

    And the more maddening thing is, the current administration here in the Philippines is doing the same thing. “Yeah, we’re killing a lot of people without trial because of the war on drugs, but *insert random rationalization*”.

  3. flipgurujn says:

    Jake Tapper should be the only person to interview Skellatoryanne CONway. He’s the only one capable of putting that witch under fire.

  4. arogthegriot says:

    they called obama arrogant, and an elitist, trump is all those things on steroids, so why do right wingers not say the same things about trump, what is the difference between the two? if obama would have said any of the vile things trump did they would have lost it, now those same flaws are the reason they like trump

  5. Peter Brown says:

    Kellyanne Conway is a master of propaganda and should not be underestimated

  6. Damian Reloaded says:

    What -confederates- Trump supporters don’t remember is all the lap dances obama paid weekly for every american, including women. Why isn’t kellyann talking about it, why is she hiding that alternative fact??? Mhhh? Maybe she’s a lizard people.

  7. Tong Zou says:

    But Trump supporters don’t think that way in their twisted world. In their world, anything that involves facts must be “left leaning” “liberal biased” “fake news”

  8. Mike R. says:

    Has Kellyanne Conway ever answered a single question without either lying outright or completely changing the subject?

  9. LadyHashZ says:

    Finest journalist around.

  10. John King says:

    Donald Trump has been in office for just 27 days as I type this. 27 days, it feels like 27 years. There has to be a point where this stops. That Trump’s presidency starts to settle. However I do not see that happening. FOUR years the US and the world will have this, I hope things will settle for the US presidency.

  11. R Yokoe says:

    Unfortunately Tapper is wrong. Truth has a well known liberal bias.

  12. Milton Perez says:

    Lol Conway, what an amateur. Goebbels laughs in his grave.

  13. Tal Moore says:

    John Wilkes Booth did not kill 44 other presidents, and I think we should give the man some credit for that.

  14. seinna Uielle says:

    jake impresses me everyday

  15. Peter Mogensen says:

    So – you want republicans to agree to what is true and what is not true ???

    Tell me… have you watched their behaviour the last 8 years wrt. climate change?

  16. DrNickRiveria says:

    sure i gave one girl Herpes, but what about all the other girls i didnt give it to?

  17. R3drift says:

    Con. In conway. That’s all you need to know

  18. Kelly Lund says:

    Isn’t it astounding that Jake Tapper has become a national hero, merely for sticking to facts and not excusing lies.

  19. DONJON says:

    America is the laughing stock of the world because of Trump

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