Jalen shuts down Will saying Kevin Durant will surpass LeBron James this season | First Take | ESPN

Jalen shuts down Will saying Kevin Durant will surpass LeBron James this season | First Take | ESPN

Jalen Rose shuts down Will Cain saying Kevin Durant will surpass LeBron James this season.

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72 Responses

  1. Mic Flo says:

    KD is a pwuassy boi for his “if you can’t beat em join em” move, in my opinion he will never deserve MVP of anything.

    • Blackstar Arch says:

      Like Lebron never left to “join them” stfu you fucking pussy

    • lordxsteeltech says:

      GAMER MSB lebron James never jumped ship with the heat and the cavs before he went to the heat and that oh he formed a super team excuse is stupid Lebron has won a championship with the use of stacked teams with 3 all stars minimum kd took his blueprint and one upped him anddd the he joined the team he lost to shit is just stupid n ironic kd left because he was tired of Westbrook ball hogging and reckless play styles also he had the influence of draymond green before hand. People just love to try and shame anybody and anyone who does shit that is meant to counter the “king”.

    • YeazyNation says:

      Mic Flo yea yea yea who cares people been joining other good teams since forever and I’m HeatNation my whole life back to Hardaway Alonzo days but besides Wade in 06 🔥🔥with Shaq not showing up in nba finals we came back and we were not loaded with all stars all around and that’s facts we don’t get no respect for that but who cares Lebron needed all stars in there primes to win point blank period

    • YeazyNation says:

      GAMER MSB bandwagon alert 🚨 cough cough

    • Jeremy Hayes says:

      Mic Flo Y’all still salty bout that. Lol

  2. YoungHomie says:

    Facts Jalen

  3. Omar Aime says:

    He joined a 73-9 team, tht lebron beat so that he can beat lebron, lol why is this even a debate.

  4. Chris Pineda says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the warriors blew a 3-1 lead

    • StupidBarsHomie says:

      Chris Pineda lol Brody what’s with this weak joke still? Let’s use your logic don’t let this distract u the fact that warriors came back and 4-1 cavs 16-1 everybody and fucked Lebron legacy even more with 3-7 🤔…..now what’s the point of this?

      At the end of the day KD is coming for the crown Lebron is still reigning as the king for now but If KD keeps doing him like he been doing (EXPOSING HIM) people opinions gone start to change….👀

    • Blackstar Arch says:

      so did OKC stfu… stay on topic fuckboy

    • Anthony says:

      I’m not a warriors fan but it’s been time to let this shit go

  5. steelers says:

    Weakest move in NBA history. KD joined a team who made it to the finals 2 years before he came. Lebron joined the heat who didn’t make the finals since Shaq left, and took them to the finals 4 years straight then went to a a team that couldnt make the playoffs. Lebron is a game changer, KD is a scorer. KD will never be on Lebrons level, KD will never be in the conversation for top 5 of all time, KD will never been in the conversation for GOAT. He’ll be another forgotten superstar remembered as the guy who couldn’t win a ring on his own. Its sad it took all that fire power to take down the king, who still averaged a triple double in the finals. No other player in recent history went to the finals as much as him, try and defend KD but im just speaking facts. 🔥

    • Orlando Quezada says:

      steelers 💯💯💯

    • 22Goodrich says:

      UR talking about teams!!! Not the player

    • Salman Kazmi says:

      Did you forget that Lebron went to Miami with ONE OTHER SUPERSTAR from his team named Chris Bosh? Lebron didn’t join the heat by himself. Also, the Heat were a playoff team the year before Lebron joined them and Dwayne Wade was the leading scorer of the league the year before Lebron joined. So, get your facts straight.

    • SuperiorSam 21 says:

      steelers you seem to have forgotten that LBJ first LEFT THE CAVS to JOIN THE MIAMI HEAT with BOSH and WADE because HE COULD NOT DEFEAT THE CELTICS and COULD NOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. LBJ was the original snake. Also stating facts.

    • Everyday we Lit says:

      SuperiorSam 21 Snake and lebron doesn’t even go in the same sentence. Do u not remember lebron carried a whole team full off scrubs the finals. Cavs front office didnt want to spend money to bring some what of good players to the cavs. So lebron left. Who wants to play wit a bunch of sorry ass players.

  6. GunR says:

    Kd literally went to Warriors cuz he knew that was the only way to win a championship aka beat Lebron….so how tf is he better than lebron

  7. Dre Crouch says:

    Molly looking like a whole snack

  8. GeMs da GhOsT says:

    Molly defending her boyfriend 😂

  9. Pascal David says:

    Will Cain is laaaaaame!!! He talks so much shit, he’s the Tomi Lehran of espn

  10. C.J. Love says:

    I forget that Jalen and Molly go together, no wonder she’s smiling so hard today.

  11. Kevin DurGOAT says:

    How this steroid bum can be better than me ? he is only better in 3 thing

  12. Yellow Flash004 says:

    Molly is loving having her personal credit card Jalen Rose at the table

  13. David Ashley says:

    Jalen Rose showing off for wifey lol

  14. jays0909 says:

    Lebron shooting from 3 better than Steph . More point than KD, more assist and rebounds than draymond. Any questions ?

    • Edward A says:

      YeazyNation Ur dumb

    • YeazyNation says:

      Edward A no I’m a guy who has played basketball in school and knows the game Lebron not best player anymore and it’s been like that people just bandwagon what others say learn to think for yourself

    • Edward A says:

      YeazyNation Im not supporting lebron

    • Jake Tucker says:

      Ran Holic how many rings westbrook got? Lol

    • Anibal Salaris says:

      jays0909 its irrelevant. The user rate lebron has gives him a lot of stats and we not saying he is a bad player (he is great) we saying when it matters durant is beating him on the defencive and offencive. Lebron will get his numbers dont worry but those numbers are irrelevant if at the end of the game not only your team lose but your primary rival (durant) is beating you.

  15. Lavar Ball says:

    Remember when the warriors blew a 3-1 lead

  16. TheNewKG says:

    He will never surpass him. Better shooter not a better player

    • julian bryant says:

      Better shooter yeah.. also better scorer, better rebounder, better defender and rim protector. He’s more than just a good shooter.

    • Team Grinders says:

      julian bryant definitely not a better scorer if LeBron averaged more points. Averaged more rebounds and assist as well. Even this year LeBron is more efficient offensively so kd is not better

  17. John50 Beach says:

    I’d take KD over lebron any day. You can just put KD in. You’d have to build a team around lebron

  18. tony tonyt says:

    Why did Kevin Durant leave to GSW ? He wanted to beat LeBron James

    • Nate Naste says:

      tony tonyt Also because kd couldn’t beat the warriors

    • Blackstar Arch says:

      why did Lebron go to Miami? to make a Super team stfu pussy

    • Nate Naste says:

      Blackstar Arch A superteam with mario chalmers at starting pg and joel anthony at starting center 😂

    • tony tonyt says:

      Bruh he was up 3-1 . he should of avg 35ppg that series. Be serious

    • tony tonyt says:

      Blackstar Arch A super team ? He won 2 mvps. Almost DPOY. He just had help. Finally. LeBron was 1st seed and went to the 4th seed to win. His squad lost 27 or 26 straight. Didn’t make no playoffs. 2011-2014. His so call super team if LeBron James was out ? There not making playoffs. Wade knees ? Shot. Bosh missed like 8 or 9 playoff games.

  19. Devon Mitchell says:

    Molly is glowing, she loves having her man on set

  20. Marcus Briggs says:

    LeBron is the best player in the nba point blank period next topic please.

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