Jamaica vs. Mexico: Extended Highlights | CONCACAF WCQ | CBS Sports Golazo

Jamaica vs. Mexico: Extended Highlights | CONCACAF WCQ | CBS Sports Golazo

Following two losses in the previous window, Mexico is chomping at the bit to reestablish themselves as the darlings of Concacaf as they travel to Jamaica.

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51 Responses

  1. Vicente Sandoval says:

    One of the most unconvincing wins by El Tri. Panama’s results definitely makes Mexico’s 3rd place much more secure, but 3rd place is far from impressive and almost a disappointment for Mexico. They have got to get the gears running much better if we want even the idea to get that quinto juego. Vamos Mexico!!!

  2. Aldo The Raider says:

    I’m bummed out that we didn’t get to see Julian Araujo make his WCQ debut

  3. Rush182Link says:

    Mexico was giving me anxiety. What a comeback!

  4. AdoboTravels says:

    Felicidades Mexico 🇲🇽 de usa 🇺🇸!!

  5. Jose Luna says:

    The substitutes seemed to work, Tata still figuring out his line up. Glad to see the young guns get playing time. we can only get better from here

    • Daniel Ontiveros says:

      Still figuring it out!? If he hasn’t figured it by now, he never will. He’s been Mexico’s DT since 2019… enough is enough. Tata needs to move on and Mexico needs to move on. It just didn’t work.

  6. Aki - 0211 says:

    Mexico needs to step up their game. It took way too long to make 1 goal at least at the end they started to get their shit together. Mexico also needs younger players as we have like 35 year old dinosaurs running around and getting tired. They need to start investing in younger players. I’m fine if some old players can still go but we do need more younger players. Anyways Good game Jamaica.

  7. Francisco Juarez says:

    Glad to see lainez and arteaga back in the selección

  8. ManuelBaut104 says:

    Mexico need a true manager with passion and good relationship with the players
    There’s a lot of options out there

    • Alex Montanez says:

      @Dri Birut Bro are you stupid 😭😂I literally said its rock bottom because we dont have that much depth. A couple of years ago we were good cuz we had a solid bench but our starters were young and some in their prime. Dawg your comment doesn’t make sense 💀Thats why i said rock bottom cuz we dont have much depth anymore

    • Italiano Zuzu says:

      Can’t even get a win against USA or Canada why Mexico should played big teams like Argentina or France ?

    • Peter Scotland says:

      @Alex Montanez You have not seen Mex. at rock bottom. I have. Actually they should be rejoicing that they at 3rd place, There is stiff competition from other teams. In 1973 tournament for the 74 WC in Germany. TT whipped Mex.(the Concacaf champs at that time) 4-0 which allowed Haiti to qualify. That time only one team from Concacaf was allowed. So rejoice that you are in 3rd place for now.

    • Peter Scotland says:

      @ManuelBaut Abundance of riches. Your team is winning. Mexico always qualifies. Well the the vast majority of the time, that is. Why do you want to change the manager. Tata is doing well. The reason why Mexico is 3rd is because they got good competition this time around.

    • Frederick Chilton says:

      @Alex Montanez 2013 when mexico nearly didn’t qualify is way worse than what it is right now. Tata has world cup experience as well with paraguay 🇵🇾 when he nearly beat spain in 2010. Yall Mexico fans also wanted Osorio out and he quite easily qualified to 2018 russia

  9. Rodrygo the master says:

    Hopefully Alexis Vega and Charly Rodriguez go to Europe they deserve but probably not due to the corruption in liga mx teams.

  10. Rafael Diaz says:

    En estos días Ningún equipo es fácil.

    Nowadays no team is easy.

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