James Comey Testifies, Says Trump Lied: A Closer Look

James Comey Testifies, Says Trump Lied: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony that President Trump lied about his reasons for firing him and the Republicans’ defense of POTUS’ actions.
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James Comey Testifies, Says Trump Lied: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    James Comey in a nutshell: “Yo, Trump. This is what karma looks like.”

  2. Syberous says:

    Seriously though, what was up with John McCain?

  3. Rex Ablett says:

    Seth Meyers is the best. Love me some ‘A Closer Look’!

  4. Bria Penn says:

    Trump lied. What else is new?

  5. Sebastian Artola says:

    Maybe just maybe Obama was chilling in bed with Michelle, watching all this and smirking.

  6. Ziontrainism says:

    If a mobster says “I hope you have my money by Friday”, you better get that fucking money by Friday!

  7. jason bourne says:

    Trump Tards screaming out this is fake news, Comey is lying, it’s Obama/Hilary’s fault, we won, biggest inauguration crowd ever

  8. unbiased says:


  9. Maryanna Ascher says:

    Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing? IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE.

  10. psycold says:

    These videos are the only thing I will miss after the impeachment.

  11. Raj Kapadia says:

    Trump’s response to this is hilarious. Does he actually think anyone would trust him, a proven liar, over Comey?

  12. Best AI 01 says:

    It’s not the doctor’s fault he killed the patient during surgery, he’s never done thins before.” It’s not the painter’s fault he painted your house bright green and orange, he’s never done this before. It’s not the students fault he threatened a teacher with a knife, he’s never been in school before.

  13. Liam Parsekian says:

    Does anyone else feel a strong urge to challenge Trump to a schoolyard fist fight?

  14. Brainstormer623 says:

    I love how throughout the campaign everyone was saying Trump was the best choice for the presidency because he’s not a politician and now everyone is saying to get off his case whenever he does something wrong because he’s not a politician

  15. WeirdoTZero says:

    You know, a president that doesn’t know what he’s doing might have been a bad idea.

  16. Toby Morgana says:

    “Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing” is now a defense for corruption. Just so everyone knows the fucking awful state USA is in.

  17. Jon Dough says:

    Ignorance is not an acceptable answer for a POTUS. If he doesn’t know basic diplomacy, resign.

  18. Rose Johnson-Tsosie says:

    The presidency isn’t an entry level job. To say Trump didn’t know what he was doing is just stupid. This man who travels the world doesn’t know how to talk to people?? I don’t know who is worse, Trump or the lame excuses.

  19. Abigail T says:

    The problem with the “he is so naive & didn’t know” argument is Trump ordered the room to be cleared of witnesses before attempting it.

  20. killbotone says:

    Comey- He fired me over the Russia investigation
    Trump-I fired him because of the Russia investigation
    Democrats-He fired him because the Russia investigation

    Republicans- Its incredibly hard to determine what happened…he’s new to the job!

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