James Corden: NFL Field Goal Kicker

James Corden: NFL Field Goal Kicker

James heads to Oakland for a field goal kicking lesson and tailgates with the Raider Nation before taking the field and attempting a field goal.

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20 Responses

  1. kevin wyatt says:

    Was that a reverse worm????

  2. Chris White says:


  3. Ed Black says:

    Serrano Ham from Italy? What!? I don’t think so James…

  4. Navtastic says:

    Lol at the Bengals players in the background wondering wtf this is

  5. Maly Phommaly says:

    I can’t stop staring at his boobs lol

  6. Victoria says:

    Why is there dirt

  7. thundy08 says:

    Just add Jack, Jamie & Fred and you have a “A League of Their Own” segment!
    Love this!!!

  8. Marco Romoli says:

    dude, serrano ham is from spain!

  9. videobuoy buoy says:

    Love the cross arms, Hammers salute…. James is a West Ham United Football
    (soccer) fan!!

  10. Juan Gomez says:


  11. Diego Ibáñez Gómez says:

    jajajaja un jamón en el coche

  12. nyyankee488 says:

    lol that was from the 20 yard line.. 3:51 your first one was from the 15.
    all you did was move it back 5 more yards. 4:58

  13. bigpoppaswank says:

    he cripped walked?

  14. Harry Parker says:

    im so glad james corden has made a success in the us hes worked hard for it

  15. magnumdog says:

    Raiders have let me down so many times that I just gave up on football.

  16. CarsonKeegen says:

    so glad all his videos go on youtube its on way to late for me to watch
    normally hahahah

  17. Courtney Grunwald says:

    It’s okay james, the Raiders always let themselves down ?