James Corden’s Message to Manchester

James Corden’s Message to Manchester

James Corden takes a moment to send his thoughts, love and hope to the people of Manchester after tonight’s horrific tragedy.

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20 Responses

  1. Miss Sparklez says:

    My heart goes out to those who are injured and those who have passed ❤

  2. Brianna Cotter says:

    Praying for all in Manchester ???

  3. Jenna Arcidiacono says:

    Well said, James. Thoughts to everyone in Manchester!

  4. elley gibbeson says:

    I broke down, I couldn’t control it xx #prayformanchester

  5. Liz like friz says:

    I hope those terrorists are caught and given the justice that these victims and those who passed so rightly deserve. My prayers go out to the families and friends of those injured and those who passed.

  6. Brisi Cavazos says:

    its so fucking sad this world is a shit

  7. brittney12ize says:

    The fact that 19 people are dead and people are more concerned over who commented first makes me sick

  8. NotREADY says:

    Some parents won’t be holding their little ones ever again???

  9. Iovis Cruz says:

    It is awful. The world is horrible. People are shit. It is totally horrible how they took away the dream of meeting their idol to those young people. It is UNPRECIABLE the way they took away THEIR LIFES. I know how the relatives of these kids are feeling. And I know how devastating this will be for Ariana. And I can FEEL how difficult it will be for the Arianators to see how their idol and the fandom is sad.
    But I am also Directioner and Mendes Army and I support you guys, fandoms are together, we won’t let u down?

  10. Nola 3 says:

    My daughters love Ariana Grande, they could have been there tonight. Prayers for peace all over the world.

  11. Nia Blue says:

    Ugh this is so disgusting. It’s becoming too common and while we’re sitting here trying not to offend a group of people, we’re not moving forward in any way to finding a solution. I hate people!

  12. Mila Kanev says:

    Thank you James Corden for your thoughts. #PrayForManchester

  13. Bladen Martin says:

    Pray for Paris. Pray for Nice. Pray for Colonge. Pray for Stockholm. Pray for London. Pray for Manchester. Pray Pray Pray Enough of this. We need to acknowledge the problem and solve it instead of pray pray pray

  14. osmur says:

    …but refugees welcome!

  15. TheMuserMurder says:

    Thank you I really needed this I live in Manchester and this really made me feel like people actually care about us

  16. molly quest says:

    Thank you James this really means a lot as I was there at the incident and I was alone with no adult just with my friend and we’re both only 14 so we didn’t know what to do because we was being squished and needed to find our friend and her mum to know there safe. It was the scariest night of my life just pray for all the innocent people that have been injured and especially the ones who lost the lives ???❤️

  17. Bethanie Bluedoll says:

    Whilst the sentiments are lovely, ‘praying’ isn’t what any of the victims need right now, no God is going to save them or us because there isn’t one. What they and we need is action to prevent this kind of act, because this kind of horror isn’t even shocking anymore it happens so often. If all we’re gonna do is just ‘pray’ every single time this happens, it’s only gonna happen more and we’ll simply never stop praying. Praying doesn’t do anything. These backward monsters need to be eradicated, simple as. But the world is full of pussies and we’ll simply let terrorism continue for as long as it naturally will… I fear the world of the future.

  18. Asha Nimo says:

    Lol at all of these ignorant, unintelligible, sick and sad idiots who STILL won’t get tired of blaming Muslims for this. There were even Muslim taxi drivers, Muslim doctors and Muslims in general who were helping all of the people that were in the concert and taking them home safely FOR FREE. So think twice before opening your stupid mouth. We need to get rid of people like this. #PrayForManchester

  19. Infinity4200 says:


  20. elia zarga says:

    as a Muslim im not sorry for what this scum bags terrorists do because thy dont represent my faith but I’m sorry for those who lost thier soul and for the families, really sad about them …
    and i hope usa and the west stop selling weapons to thier allies in middle east cos thy end up in terrorist’s hands … thats how we stop them
    sorry for my bad english and sorry again for the lost ones 🙁

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