James Franco Supports ‘Time’s Up,’ Addresses Recent Accusations

James Franco Supports ‘Time’s Up,’ Addresses Recent Accusations

Stephen asks James Franco about the current conversation surrounding the ‘Time’s Up’ movement and recent criticism directed toward him.

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94 Responses

  1. Ashmita Nandy says:

    Um what exactly happened?!

  2. Joe Jovellano says:

    Even from the start, I don’t find it wise to judge the truthfulness of a claim based on a statement in Twitter. Courts exist to evaluate those claims. You can make a claim effortlessly in Twitter but the effortlessness is almost gone in court.

  3. Hockey Patriot says:

    Damn, this was awkward!

    • Gracieli Ambrósio says:

      He got nervous

    • Maurício Rodrigues says:

      He was unconfortable, as he should be, since sexual harassment comments linked to the Hollywood industry are coming out every second and have the power to potentially kills one’s career.

    • samuraigundam0079 says:

      Of course it was awkward. A person just accused you of doing something bad, without giving context or remotely mentioning what, and now you have to defend yourself in front of millions based on a damn mystery. Im glad he flat out denied it.

    • Herr Schmidt says:

      I am worried how they go after the juicy names but are entirely uninterested in changing the culture behind it. The abuse starts at the casting of local stages, right along the flow of power. It is not even about men and women. Trying to find a few scape goats at the top based on their fame will lead nowhere, except the whole thing stalling as sooner or later one of the women will be revealed to be a gold digger, rendering all rightful accusations meaningless.

    • Sarah Bearheart says:

      Sometimes the awkward interviews are the most interesting to watch.

  4. dem0ninthemist says:

    Yay witch hunts. Whose next? Conan?

    • DrumWild says:

      +Annie Brown There is no irony in calling this a witch hunt.

      In the Salem Witch Trials, people [mostly women, and some men] were killed based on accusations that had nothing in the way of proof behind them.

      Our system requires evidence of a crime, a review of the evidence, a trial, a judgment, and then a sentence if there is a conviction. After serving your time, your debt is paid to society, and you can then re-enter society for another chance.

      Now, all it takes is an accusation, and you get put through the court of public opinion, before having your life ruined. Your “debt to society” is then NEVER PAID OFF. Never.

      No proof. No evidence. No hearing.

      It’s just:
      1. I heard he did something.
      2. Burn the witch!

      Salem Witch Trials 2.0, now in progress.

    • Vee K. says:

      No Franco has been known in this way awhile. Never heard anything against Conan

    • B. Jr. says:


    • Sir Ghost Poop says:

      lin Bryans oh cwap

    • Mega MovieZ says:

      So Ni If their not guilty though it is a witch hunt

  5. Julius Jud says:

    Pull a Takei and blame the Russians.

  6. Ike Moore says:

    To his credit, he came to the show and talked about it as opposed to Louis CK who canceled everything when his story broke

  7. Crushenator500 says:

    Whether he did anything or not, this was so uncomfortable to watch.

  8. Luke Pennings says:

    That was brutal

  9. Jedidiah Elias says:

    What a story, James.

  10. bemyguest says:

    that was uncomfortable but necessary thank you stephen

    • Herr Schmidt says:

      But I also like that he gives Franco the room for an answer and that he has a way to end that segement, unlike John Oliver grilling Dustin Hoffman which just lead to an uncomfortable stalemate…

    • Niamh _ says:

      +Herr Schmidt Yeah, I think John Oliver meant well, but his execution was poor. He did show balls by confronting him directly, though.

    • RanchoFundo says:

      bemyguest Yeah and Franco was kinda lucky that these allegations came now and not one month ago. People are willing to listen to the abuser side now before destroying them. Al Franken got caught in that storm, Franco could have gone too. Lucky timing

    • Mega MovieZ says:

      Niamh _ Remember though there was evidence later proving Affleck to be innocent. Same could happen here.

    • The Burger King says:

      bemyguest they discuss the interviews beforehand, it was probably James who wanted to bring this topic up

  11. Shadow Heart says:

    Didn’t he sex-text an minor a while back?
    And his response sounds shady here:
    He didn’t read the tweets. Then he read them. Then he was ok with the first mentioned woman. But he doesn’t know what the others are saying (because he didn’t read the tweets, but then he said he did).
    Anyway, I don’t care for the guy anyway so however this blows is fine by me. I know there are better people looking into this kind of stuff.

    • Vincent Vendetta says:

      Actually the average age of consent is 16.

    • Phil John says:

      He did try to hit on a girl after a play in NYC or something…but the age in NY is 17 apparently, so…that is not illegal. They never even met, and he apologized a few days later and owned up to it. That was years ago. Then Ally Sheedy makes some crazy post probably refering to the same incident, and then deleted it. So…he probably did nothing to her, and the other girl was in a sexual relationship with him at the time, so, it was like his girlfriend and again..NOTHING actually happened. and the 3rd girl…was some actress was appeared naked in his short films and somehow thinks thats abuse when she even signed a contract and appeared in 2 of them. Its laughable. He did nothing illegal and maybe is guilty of trying to hit on 1 girl he was not in a relationship with and then having some nonsense tweets about that and some disgruntled actress lol

    • Worst Commenter On Youtube says:

      He did text a Scottish girl who was like 16-17 she said she didn’t want do anything until she was 18. But yes James is a creepy guy, I love him so much I hope he changes.

    • Roux O says:

      17 is of legal age of consent and she was also a few days away from 18.

    • Roux O says:

      In some states. Most states it is 17.

  12. alex seioo says:

    Accusations without proof. Yeah, that will end great for the industry.

    • alex seioo says:

      @Oh Yeah. Agree. Collect evidence, even circumstantial and then come forward. Officially, demand an internal investigation, file a police report if it was assault. It seems to me that to many people their career is more important than their dignity.

    • EviePontecorvo says:

      alex seioo I mean there is the proof that he was hitting on an underage girl and tried to get her to meet him even after he knew she was under age.

    • alex seioo says:

      If he has done something illegal, why is he not being investigated by the police? Is here a victim? So this girl flirted with him and then wanted to shame him publicly, but did not file a police report? Or is there nothing illegal at all and this whole outcry is just some sort of hatred/payback against a successful man?

    • santiagovare says:

      That’s why this is such a complicated issue. It’s extremely hard to prove sexual harassment but that doesn’t mean accusers should be ignored outright. On the other hand, it does open the door to potential baseless accusations.

    • rewer says:

      If there’s only 1 victim it’s hard to prove. But many times there are many victims who dunno each other coming forward and witness. Then the public will know how credible is that. I think all the people in power to fire these sexual harassers are very careful when they make their decision. You don’t just listen to one person stories, you have to interview many to get the picture.

  13. Daryl Davis says:

    So let me get this straight we come after all the men in Hollywood (which is good) but the president gets a pass oh okay

    • serial gamer says:

      Trump “got away with it” because there was no proof to the claims and i believe 1 was completely disproven as the accuser was not where she claimed to be assaulted. You are a shining example of why innocent people are imprisoned.

    • DrumWild says:

      +tedwolfmanryan If being white is the reason, then why is DeFranco getting grilled. Why was Weinstein even hassled. They’re white.

      This goes to show your ignorance. The TRUE color of privilege is NOT white. It’s green.

      Put it this way: Every Palomino is a horse, but not every horse is a Palomino.

    • DrumWild says:

      +Konark Shukla Everyone talks about what Bill Clinton did. To be clear, it wasn’t his banging of Monica Lewinsky that was considered the bad thing. It was that HE LIED ABOUT IT. He fucking lied, even pretending to not know what the word “is” means.

      Nobody talks about how Lewinski threw herself at a powerful man, probably telling him that she would “do anything” to get a piece of the power pie.

      Women are predators, too. They just don’t get punished, because the men in power who get what they want are happy that they were able to get what they wanted.

      And who is going to take a man seriously when he says that a woman gave him an indecent proposal, and that he wanted her to go away.

      Women hold all of the cards. All of them. To the male feminists out there, understand that YOU ARE NEXT, even if you cut off your Johnson. Because someone is going to say that YOU touched HER inappropriately, or you LOOKED at her 30 years ago.

      The accusation is all that it takes.

      Salem Witch Trials 2.0

    • Brother Indy says:

      Konark Shukla Big difference with Bill Clinton’s case is that Monica wanted it.

    • Radiocage says:

      Believe me, if there was any way to get that lump of shit out of office, we’d have done it 300 days ago.

  14. La Volpe says:

    I will focus on the most serious allegation about him “trying to force someone down on him” in his car. The girl admitted in later tweets that they had a consentual relationship. So the question for me begs, if it comes down to a grey area? Was he used to her going down on him, in his car? For me, its plausible to think they had a fight about something & went to talk about it, but he was used to her doing the thing, perhaps he thought “ok, now we are good”. He obviously stopped the motion after she pulled away/slapped the arm/said no, but that means he knew he couldn’t continue, wich is also another point. I do believe the female, but i think the circumstance is way more harder to describe, than just him being a perpetrator with bad intentions.

    This is not me defending him, its more about thinking logical based by the facts.

  15. P Aimar says:

    Lol he’s not saying they are lying rather calling them inaccurate. Franco is a weird/eccentric guy I can see how he could’ve come across the wrong way BUT he’s not a predator.
    Also this texting 17 year old girls: totally legal.

    • JazGalaxy says:

      The problem with the “creepy” accusations, and what goes along with it, is that now people are starting a war not on abuse, but on male sexuality.

    • PoppyCorn144 says:

      P Aimar James Franco to my knowledge has done nothing illegal, skeevy yes, way sketchy, yes. Illegal no. The tweets he sent to the girl in the uk were to a 17 year old, age of consent here is 16. He was 18 years older than her, but that’s nothing in a Hollywood relationship.

    • Kürşad Salsar says:

      yeah lets simply start name calling and attacking someone personally instead of talking about his counter arguments, you are a real champ buddy. I’am the Turkish atheist dude who lives in the Netherlands which by the way is way better at the whole freedom thing that Murica thinks it has going on. Yeah I got a gray wolf as my profile picture since I still feel some kind of pride at being A turk in Turkey with actual roots in Central-Asia, so…… don’t really see your point there. All I was saying is that Franco was hitting on a legal age chick in NYC and got turned down and moved on. < do you see anything that would point to sexual misconduct here?

    • LorenzoVonMatterhorn says:

      Plus they are probably fake.

  16. Stefan Ourthe says:

    This didn’t change my perception on Franco, but it made me love even more that good old Stephen Colbert who doesn’t give a f*ck about making the interviewy uncomfortable in order to talk about real issues. Damn

    • Rayen Sanchez says:

      Stefan Ourthe Agree, I appreciate this interview and his questions

    • Fubar Snafu says:

      He only brought it up because Franco agreed to it before hand (and again right before Steven brought it up). It would make no sense to insult the guest star that is there voluntarily and will obviously never return again.

      So yeah, Steven absolute gives a fuck about how comfortable guests are during an interview. Otherwise he wouldn’t have any guests.

    • Stefan Ourthe says:

      Fubar Snafu he did the same thing with Affleck, who was clearly destabilized ( he even said ” this is a comedy show, correct?” ). He’s the only Tv host I know who’s confronting directly celebities about the accusations they’re facing. So if he was legit giving a fu*k about how comfortable his guests are, he wouldn’t even bother talking about the issue just like all the other tv hosts. Let’s not forget that it’s supposed to be a “light” entertaining show so Colbert obviously can’t go as deep as he probably would like to.

    • Sarah Bearheart says:

      Stephen is becoming a better interviewer all the time. Hes so good at what he does, no one can beat him when he’s on form.

    • Water Flow says:

      Stefan Ourthe Good for you, way to judge someone one one thing someone claimed… you hit me in the third grade bully! Now everyone go hate him.. exactly outrageous.

  17. charley15z says:

    I know for such a long time, victims weren’t being heard, but the pendelum has swung so hard to the other side that everyone should be worried how these unsubstantiated accusations could ruin anyone’s life. Everyone, specifically social media like Twttier, needs to just chill out for a second, and look at things in an objective way, and weigh out the actual evidence instead of just jumping to conclusions because it’s the hot thing to do.

    • Point Dexter says:

      Exactly. Women making these accusations should be heard but not necessarily believed. Right now anybody with a dying or never existed career is jumping on the bandwagon to get their 15 minutes of fame. Much of it is being used as unwarranted political attacks. There is no doubt about it Al Franken was railroaded. He never got a chance to defend himself.

    • B. Jr. says:

      Also: Ally Sheedy is a lunatic

    • Juicy Hops says:

      Yeah… Jimmy didn’t respond like he’s squeaky clean. To be continued…

    • LorenzoVonMatterhorn says:

      You’re sadly true. Every case is different and shouldn’t all be lumped into one group.

    • Ralalaize says:

      I understand it’s a hard line to walk, because sometimes people throw out accusations that are just completely untrue. But in this case there was actual evidence.

  18. lin Bryans says:

    I think its great that you can ruin someones life and career with a tweet now….saves legal expenses and going through the proper legal channels. Guilty ubtil proven innocent.

    • ButterfleeEllie says:

      some of the stuff about Franco came out in 2014 and he never denied it. He said it happened and he was embarrassed. Its only reemerging now, only this time with other women and other claims

  19. Zarkow says:

    There was complaints against him for hitting on some 17 year old’s, via text-messages etc. So now a young guy (as this happened some years ago) is a ‘sexual deviant’ or performing ‘sexual misconduct’ if he hits on a 17 year old? Nothing happened in the mentioned cases, one of them was that he invited the person to his place and the person declined. Say what? This is equal to be part of a campaign against rape/sexual assault and overt sexual misconduct?

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