James Harden is ‘the greatest scorer in the NBA’ – Stephen A. | First Take

James Harden is ‘the greatest scorer in the NBA’ – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take debate who is the best offensive player in the NBA. Stephen A. explains why he thinks Houston Rockets star and reigning MVP James Harden is the best scorer in the league today.
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87 Responses

  1. Isaiah says:

    Way better than Anthony Davis by far

    • ActavisNoTech says:

      Stevo Smooth Higgins put AD on the rockets they woulda got spanked last night

    • Don Fharis says:

      +Gucci Simkins AD shits on Harden? He has talented players around him and still can’t carry his team like Harden can year in and year out. Even before Chris Paul, and with an injured Dwight Howard & Patrick Beverley, Harden still lead the Rockets to 56 wins. Give me Harden over AD any day. I want a guy who can carry a team without having much. Look what he’s doing with Chris Paul & Eric Gordon. Something Davis could only dream of

    • Gucci Simkins says:

      Don Fharis lol who tf is on the pelicans?????? They are ass. Clint capela is an all star and clogs the paint so harden’s shitty ass D doesn’t get exposed. AD is by far more valuable and better all around than harden. Also Harden is a pussy in the playoffs

    • Rikku yako says:

      +Stevo Smooth Higgins Don’t argue with Non Basketball Fans different players AD is a Defensive anchor that Can Switch onto Wings and do Alot of things

    • Michael Ajiboye says:

      Isaiah your slow

  2. Moha says:

    My guy, Harden has averaged 27.3/6.8/5.5 a game in the playoffs since he’s in houston. Wtf is Max talking about when he says he fell off consistently in the playoffs

    • Kentucky Fried Chicken Nigga says:

      +Fabian Lopez Chris Paul declining and Capela is an average star.

    • Kentucky Fried Chicken Nigga says:

      +Kay Phenom but yet he lead his team to 7 games against 2 superstars and 2 average allstars with 1 star.

    • Fabian Lopez says:

      Kentucky Fried Chicken Nigga Chris Paul had great year last year and Clint capela as well.

      I believe cp3 is on the decline now and capela will just continue to improve.

    • yourfavoritepizzaboy says:

      2013 R1 G5 elimination game vs. Thunder w/o Westbrook – 26/6/7 on 7/22 shooting

      2015 WCF v. Warriors G5 elimination game – 14/6/5 on 2/11 shooting and record 12 turnovers

      2017 WCSF v. Spurs G6 elimination game – 10/3/7 on 2/11 shooting and 6 turnovers

      2018 WCF v. Warriors G7 elimination game – 32/6/6 on 12/29 shooting and 2/13 from 3.

      He’s gotta do better. Period.

    • yourfavoritepizzaboy says:

      Shooting splits between regular and postseason go down from 44.3/36.5/85.7 to 41.2/31.5/88.2 too. While the raw numbers are similar, his efficiency and ability to show up in the clutch have consistently declined in the playoffs.

  3. DA 07 says:

    Mvp race standings rn imo


    Honourable mention is Kemba Walker if there was a 6th spot he’d be there

  4. Deont6y Wild9r says:

    45 pts, 15 assists, 10 rebounds, a clutch shot for a win over the best team in the league with all its players, when you got no Chris Paul & no Eric Gordon, in a streak of ten 35+ PPG games, 40+ PPG in last 5 games, and 11 wins over 12 last games… Of course Harden is the 2019 MVP.

  5. Derrick Parker says:

    I was rooting for golden state that game, but the fact the refs didn’t call KD being out of bounds was complete BS. Glad for Harden and the Rockets

    • Ginagg7381 says:

      I’m a diehard Rockets fan, and I also love Steph and the Warriors, but I agree with you on that one. The refs need to do a better job calling fouls on both ends.

    • Mathew Sayre says:

      Refs were terrible in this game on both sides. How can they miss KD out of bounds. Weak calls on Houston for Green playing D on Draymond. Garbage foul calls when Harden would drive and he flops his head back like a champions league soccer player. That’s why Harden falls when he shoots 3’s. He’s constantly begging for calls. The NBA is getting harder and harder to watch. It makes me think there is a lot of Tim Donahey’s left in the NBA. Harden drilled those shots, but these refs injecting themselves in these games are garbage…..P.S. how in the flip did KD not get back on D in the end of regulation!!! Sloppy D by the Warriors all game long.

    • Mason Albert says:

      lord beef 23 Lord No Beef, just DRUMPF. LeBron is Trump’s Master.
      Suck it, Cadet Bone Spur punk.

    • RontheGoat says:

      Actually, everyone enjoyed the bulls dominance because they were way more entertaining and were selling box office tickets. Just look at supersonics series, the only reason it went 6 games was because of money.

  6. Super Asian;Sayian says:

    Everything with Molly is working ???

  7. Desmond Alohan says:

    Let’s not forget his *60-point triple double…*
    So in my opinion, he is the best offensive player in the NBA.

  8. Brian Cheng says:

    Max is so damn inconsistent. He says regular season doesn’t matter here, then he uses regular season stats and analytics to say that the Warriors won’t win the championship this year. So is the regular season relevant or not Max?

    • Mark Robinson says:

      Brian Cheng he is stupid I don’t listen to him at all

    • Johnny says:

      Don’t expect legit sports talk on this show…this show is only about” entertainment” with sas and his shounting antics leading the way

    • Abhinav bharadwaj says:

      I don’t think you understood his perspective. When he says “regular season doesn’t matter” he’s talking exclusively about the MVP award. Now, about his assessment on the warriors defense that makes sense because they are definitely a play off team and you can compare them in regular and post season. So, I think he means it doesn’t make sense to give the MVP award to a player from a non playoff team.

    • Brian Cheng says:

      +Abhinav bharadwaj regular season should matter. If you don’t take it seriously, you could miss the postseason. But if I’m going to make a counter argument. The Warriors, like LeBron when he was in the Eastern Conference should get the benefit of the doubt and not get judged until the postseason. Their experience in the postseason is a whole other variable.

    • Brian Cheng says:

      +Kay Phenom good point. I’m going to assume a lot of the stuff they say, they do t really agree with. It’s just for the sake of entertainment.

  9. Manas Sarkar says:

    That’s great. Wake me up when he wins a ring.

  10. SituationWinWin says:

    Molly is trying too hard to look cute.

  11. Kadeem Patrick says:

    Stephen “this brother is something special” A. Smith

  12. uma sashti says:

    I don’t think you idiots understand that the only reason Max makes these absurd statements is because he has to go against anything Stephen A. says. There wouldn’t be a show if Max just agreed with everything said.

  13. Dan 3 says:

    Harden’s ssn rn is better than Kobe’s 35 ppg ssn. They’re winning more. Harden’s much more efficient 55% efg to kobe’s 49%. And averaging more assists + rebounds. If Harden played 41 minutes every night like kobe did tht ssn he’d be averaging 37 ppg 10 apg 6 rpg and 2.3 spg.

    • Richard Mulharan says:

      I’m happy some real basketball fans came to help me. Thanks yall

    • jay leal says:

      +Richard Mulharan I would say James harden has been on some pretty good teams for the most part…..

    • jay leal says:

      +Richard Mulharan pfff the Lakers would have D’ed up the warriors so they wouldn’t have got good shots off and NO ONE would have been able to stop Shaq either. Lakers would have smashed them EASY bruh.

    • Richard Mulharan says:

      +jay leal we talking about the year kobe dropped 35 i think. Shaq is definitely the warriors weakness.

    • Richard Mulharan says:

      +jay leal of course with another super team, it would give some competition to another super team.

  14. Gabriel says:

    tj mcconell is the best scorer

  15. neckboneschannel says:

    Correction. James Harden is the best scorer in regular season. Playoff James Harden is invisible.

    • Pete the Pirate says:

      last season playoffs 28.6 ppg, 7 assists per game, 41% shooting, 2 steals per game. He was not invisible. He played pretty damn good but you have to have a complete team.

  16. Long Live X says:

    This man is almost 34 points a game that is just insane

    • Quohan says:

      Jake Reformina how can you be a basketball and not like mj ???‍♂️ appreciate greatness

    • Jake Reformina says:

      Quohan I am a huge fan of LeBron so it’s conflicting for me to support MJ. I have nothing against MJ, in my solemn opinion I believe Lebron is better. But let’s not get into that.

    • SeanDaNerd says:

      Why these people hating on Harden? 34 points a game is impressive no matter what. Give the man credit

    • Michael Ajiboye says:

      Long Live X cause he shoots the ball like 50 times

  17. George Horbury says:

    LeBron Steph kawhi KD AD , my top 5, I can see why you may have harden and giannis in there and they’re my 6 and 7. Personally I think top 4 a lock but 5,6,7 debatable

  18. joshua sadler says:

    I hate when these people say the rockets can’t compete with the warriors, they always say the Raptors or Celtics or the Nuggets or whatever team LeBron is on. it’s really pissing me off when they say that because the rockets played the warriors twice this season and beat them twice, one of them being a blowout

    • Kemuel Sanchez says:

      +YDTaeman cp3 speed hahaha please dude if you think iggy is old then you should also mention that paul’s legs are chopped livrr

    • Kemuel Sanchez says:

      Yeah then don’t go around crying about how unfair GSW is for thr league when your rockets fizzle in the playoffs COMPETE

    • YDTaeman says:

      Kemuel Sanchez he’s still quick with his handles tho and what happened when Iggy was on harden? And what makes you think it’s going to change?

    • I Like Chicken Soup says:

      Tzuyu *Blowout was without curry…

    • Tashain Locke says:

      +Tzuyu You mean when they took them to 7 games and arguably would have won the series had not Chris Paul gotten hurt. Good point

  19. Ilwu 13 says:

    Still chokes in the playoffs

    • Fabian Lopez says:

      Michael D I’ve watched harden play in the playoffs every year and he plays well until the pressure starts to hit.

    • Kentucky Fried Chicken Nigga says:

      +Fabian Lopez but yet it’s ok for westbrick fanboys to compare westbrick to other legends.

    • Fabian Lopez says:

      Subzero wtf does jr Smith have to do with anything?!

      “Jr Smith has a ring you dumbass” ?????‍♂️ gtfoh

    • Fabian Lopez says:

      Kentucky Fried Chicken Nigga but yet I never said nothing about Westbrook?‍♂️ tff

    • YoogiNation says:

      Michael D He also chocked vs Warriors in the playoffs when he had Dwight Howard with him. Game 7 he chocked. He jacked up 29 shots dats why he scored 32, but if u watched the game you’d know that was a quiet 32. He didn’t play well. I ain’t even gonna mention his disappearing act in the Finals.

  20. Skraight Up says:

    I know Molly is a freak

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