James Harden isn’t a top-5 player in the NBA – Max Kellerman | First Take

James Harden isn’t a top-5 player in the NBA – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman defends his position that James Harden is the seventh-best player in the NBA.

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92 Responses

  1. JB 1121433 says:

    dunno why these guys keep making the fact that harden lost game 7 against the warriors or even shot 2-13 on 3s that game lol, they already having a hard time with Paul against that warriors team and him going down lol.. you put 2 guys on harden and that’s twice hard to score against and twice the pressure lol and he can’t even throw or let Paul facilitate cuz he’s out.. let’s face it warriors is a very strong squad and you at least need 2 stars to at least challenge them.. It’s not like warriors are a bad team and stupid in which they already know Paul is out yet still don’t offer twice the defence and pressure on their lone star scorer lol.. Given 10 games of game 7 imo without Paul 8/10 or even warriors 9/10 warriors win it you’ll probably beat warriors on a game 7 playoff game if they shooting bricks all day and I mean KD,klay and steph all shoot bricks which rarely happens lol…

    • Harry GoldbergTV says:

      I’m pretty sure out of all the playoff series the warriors played in 2018 (maybe even in the KD era altogether, i don’t remember for sure), no one but the Rockets won a single game. The Rockets won 3. Think about that, the supposed 2nd best team in the NBA (because they went to the finals even though they didn’t win) DID NOT WIN A SINGLE GAME, but “choker” Harden let a team to one game away from winning.

    • mlking213 says:

      That’s not the playoff series he underperformed in it’s the previous years.

  2. Mort Goldman says:

    So he counts Hardens system against him but ignores it with Steph??!? Talks about playoff success and then mentions Giannis and AD ? Max has a middle school level understanding of basketball .. I will bet my life that if you asked Max to explain Dantoni’s system that he keeps mentioning ,he wont know it . Espn is to professional sports analysis what beer leagues are to the nba

    • kevin sykes says:

      Curry is the system that’s the difference

    • Joseph Delledonne says:

      I hate this system talk. He’s putting up numbers, I’m not saying he’s Lebron, but putting up those numbers is awesome in this league! Shut up about the system garbage! Westbrook averaged triple doubles the last 3 seasons, and had one season better than Harden’s with over 30 ppg averaging a triple double. If Harden’s in a system that helps him, than so is Russ! Lebron, Steph, KD are for sure better. Kawhi, probably because he won a title. I’m not going to sit here and say for sure AD is better. What has he done in the playoffs? Harden has done more than he did. So I agree shut up about this system garbage, that is an opinion, I deal in facts, the fact is his numbers are awesome!

    • Joseph Delledonne says:

      +Ace Exactly, they need to shut up with that system talk!

    • Nba live mobile Nigga says:

      Joseph Delledonne u smoking dick if u in any way think harden is better than Ad ..harden just has a better team

    • Elias Boss says:

      +Tater Tot SAME number lol.How when its harden its he play in a system that made him look better even tho its false but when its Curry its he is a system. Gsw just got a better system than every team in this league and yeah it wouldn’t be the best system without Curry but he is still verry lucky gsw built very well around him and know how to use him to is full potential. A lot of player like Kemba Lillard Westbrook are not being used to their full potential those players doesn’t have the luxury to play under a great system they cant just play off ball like curry and be efficient like him cause their team dont have the ball movement gsw had or someone else to control the offense for them their team depend on them to that every possession so they had to have the ball in offense everytime but y’all call them ball hog say that their lack of iq is why they will never get to Curry level when in reality the only thing that separe those players of Curry are how they being used.

  3. Jesus Is lord says:

    Lol ? did Ryan Hollins just say Lebron doesn’t create offence for others this dude must be on drugs or something pup

  4. grndvL says:

    “he’s efficient” when he goes 15-35 for 41 pts

  5. Andrew Castelli says:

    Anybody can get 40 points if they shoot 35 times

  6. Fabão V says:

    1. Lebron
    2. Lebron injured
    3. Leron’s beard
    4. Lebron with the flue
    5. KD

  7. David lencha says:

    My guy Max Kellerman is saying giannis antentokoumpo is better than wardell stephen curry….. Ok.

  8. Just Awesomee says:

    This is what I’ve been saying. Harden will never win another mvp. His entire game is based on cheap calls and taking advantage of the refs. People are starting to realize that and he’s losing respect around the nba. He’ll never be taken seriously again

    • 100 subs with no videos says:

      If Harden can climb their way back up to that #1 seed with CP3 out for most of the season then he deserves a second MVP

    • Bryan Holub says:

      100 subs with no videos Haha, the amount this man has to do to get respect is mind boggling.

    • Jared Thomas says:

      And LeHELP’s game is based off running into people and lowering his shoulder for offensive fouls in the WEAK EAST… He’s no MJ

    • JarBox says:

      Who cares wtf?Many HOF and players give him respect,because they know how much he carries.he learned from the past years on his freethrows,I’m 100% sure he leads in and-ones.Its part of THE GAME.

    • fahhhley says:

      +Sensei Damageyourmulz By that logic Derrick Rose has just as good of a chance at MVP as James Harden.

  9. WizManBallin says:

    Top 5 right now? In no specific order: Lebron, KD, Giannis, Steph, AD. Harden’s name being mentioned is simply the ramblings of a mad man because Kawhi is a very close 6th in my books. Harden is closer to the bottom 10.

  10. Hec's Vids says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Max

  11. Tyrell Lopez says:

    James Harden most overrated player in the league

  12. E-Football Nation - eWorldCup Video Highlights says:

    I’ve heard James Harden is single because he gets foul calls during sex.

    • Heesoo Yang says:

      People keep saying Harden is a good offensive player, but he’s not good enough to be MVP purely based on offense over guys like AD, Kawhi, etc. He just baits hella foul calls, while guys like LeBron don’t get so many calls they should have. Give LeBron 2 extra foul calls per night that he actually deserves, than he’ll have the same damned PPG as Harden, so now LeBron will be literally superior to Harden in almost everything, from efficiency to even perhaps 3pt-FG%

    • Dee Loc says:

      No it’s because he’s not a fucking idiot. He’s rich young and piping dimes while LeBron misses out on life by wifing a damn highschool sweetheart

    • Cornbread says:

      Dee Loc Bro You Really Believe Lebron Out Of All People Has Been With The Same Woman Since Highschool?Dont Be Naive Lol

  13. Cornell Cannon says:

    Max is 100% correct. Harden is not a top 5 player. He’s the best offensive “con man” in the NBA during the regular season. Unfortunately, the league office has instructed refs to “reward” his con game in the regular season. Hell, the league has even gone so far as to reward his con game with a MVP award. But when the playoffs start, and the league cuts off it’s James Harden stimulus package, the real Harden shows up….which is a perennial playoff under-performer.

    • steven whiters says:

      Lol the points he scored is not cause of dantoni at all that’s idiotic to say I give dantoni some credit for the assists tho…. and analytics have handicapped him playing to that no midrange bullshit and coaching encourages him to shoot dum ass threes and try to complain for calls …

    • Dimytri says:

      James Harden stimulus package lmao you right though.

    • Ferdinand Herrmann says:

      Cornell Cannon so ad just won his First Playoffs series and so did giannis or did he i am not sure. While harden was in the finals Took the Rockets from a mediocore Team to being twice to the wcf

    • Ferdinand Herrmann says:

      Mike Posner ????????????

    • King John says:

      Haha niggas hating, even if he never got a single foul call he’d be an elite scorer.

  14. Dee2Aliass says:

    Since harden should win mvp because he is carrying his team shouldnt lebron have won it last year?

  15. jackson james says:

    Espn executives saw Max becoming too likeable among fans so they said, “What bullshit can we make him say to become the next Skip? Oh oh oh how about KD and Harden aren’t top 5 players.”

  16. DisNotSeriouS says:

    if Harden is top 3
    then Hoodie Melo is top 5 iso god

  17. HailKingCeezer says:

    I love how Harden with zero all star teammates get’s trashed for losing to the Warriors with 4 future HOF’ers in their primes, but LeBron “needs more help” while getting swept with all star kevin love and getting beat in 5 with all stars kevin love and kyrie the year before. Max “you only need one(lebron).” To what? Get swept?

    Harden is a “system player” yet was a runner up MVP and top 5 before that and putting up crazy numbers before D’Antoni ever got there.

    AD and Giannis have never led their teams to any kind of playoff success. Like LeBron, Harden is the system for his teams and with much less overall talent than LeBron’s teams have had.

    I get the 2 way discussion. You absolutely have to consider defense, but why does LeBron continue to get a pass? He’s been worse than Harden on defense for over 2 seasons now.

    • SixtyOne Boys says:

      Shahzaib Ahmed say it again for the ppl in the back lol ?

    • mhead1 1 says:

      No way draymonds a hofer

    • Kaipo Gonzalez says:

      Kyrie and Love both got injured during 2015. It was lebron by himself, and the series ended 4-1. None of your facts are correct.

    • Kaipo Gonzalez says:

      Also Lebrons defense is not worse than harden’s, especially in the playoffs. Harden is an overrated shot chucker. His team isn’t even scheduled to make the playoffs stop comparing him to Lebron

    • DwadeFL4SHMV3 says:

      You think harden gets trashed more than Lebron for losing in the playoffs lmao don’t kid yourself. Lebron had one of the best individual playoff runs of all time last year and all people do is trash him for getting sweeped in the finals

  18. Retro Robbie says:

    Gota be the best SG in the league right now.

  19. Flexinn says:

    He’s right…
    In no order.

    • Sensei Damageyourmulz says:

      Flexinn he ain’t right. While Harden walked up to receive his MVP award, these guys were sitting front row clapping. The stats don’t lie cuz.

    • rns926 says:

      chris millan your “what if” argument is invalid. As for the playoffs, he played at a higher level than the regular season. At least he actually won a game against the Warriors. AD gets a lot of credit because of his efficiency on both ends of the floor.

    • B Willis says:

      ArchonPriest lol not even close bro. Anthony davis is pound for pound another lebron. Check the stats. Harden is nowheres near as good of a defender and anthony davis nearly triples harden in rebounds lol

    • B Willis says:

      chris millan name one decent player on nola besides AD.. holiday? Lmao and cousins for like 1 season then he sold out. AD’s current roster is worse than any that Lebrons ever played on

    • Vincent 2099 says:

      +ArchonPriest Harden has CP3, Capella and some other solid players. Anthony Davis doesn’t have that much help, doesn’t need the ball like Harden and most importantly… doesn’t choke at an alarming rate like Harden.

  20. Toby Creation says:

    *Max Kellerman is not a top-5 sports analyst*

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