Jamie Campbell Bower Reads Vecna Thirst Tweets

Jamie Campbell Bower Reads Vecna Thirst Tweets

Listen, he plays our favorite squelchy villain on “Stranger Things,” so to celebrate the new season we had Jamie Campbell Bower sit down and read some of the thirstiest tweets about himself and Vecna. Yes, it’s as hilarious and chaotic as it sounds. Check out the video now! #JamieCampbellBower #StrangerThings #ThirstTweets

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20 Responses

  1. Jenny Marie says:

    Who doesn’t love a multi- layered person. Jamie, what a great personality you have. Can’t wait to see and hear more from you!

  2. Endu says:

    “You have been watching the wrong show, Vecna is not having sex with anyone. I’m not choosing people to have sex with, I’m literally killing them”
    Dead😂🤣 bro is like, if you wanna get killed call me let’s talk😅

  3. Oni Kidman says:

    “I’m not a lollipop I’m a person” I laughed but also felt sorry for him lmao

  4. Norah says:

    Jamie : reads comment
    Jamie’s soul : try not to go away from his body because of these deadly comments
    Also jamie : reacting nicely and with all honesty

  5. Paula 28 says:

    Vecna: ,,I’ll kill you”

    People: ,,You’re so sexy”

    This was probably not the intention of Netflix producers😂

  6. Hanan Hazard says:

    Everyone is talking about the “I’m not a lollipop, I’m a person” and “Really? Not even your own father? I’m not your dad” which is rightfully deserved, but why is no one talking about how Jaime lowly mumbled “also get your knees off the ground, it’s dirty”. 😂 This was so elegantly done by Jaime haha. I’m surprised that there’s Vecna tweets in this- as in Venca as in his alien form- but also sort of not because hentai LMAO.

    Now I’m wonder if we will get a Joseph Quinn/Eddie one because I’m SO CURIOUS to what people think of Metalhead Munson 😂 that video for sure will also be a guaranteed good time. But that’s only if Joe is up for it since he seems more quite, reserved, and already overwhelmed with the new fan love.

  7. BTS Army girl 💜 says:

    “Not even your father ?”
    “Wait, you’ve been watching the wrong show”

    I can’t with Jamie he too funny 😂😂😂😂😂
    I’m dying

  8. Lucas Nogueira says:

    The “I’m not a lolly pop, I’m a person” has me laughing for a while

  9. jbowerz says:

    His performance was literally BREATHTAKING, this man is literally one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. The way his character gives out a scary vibe but at the same time misunderstood. Jamie Campbell bower WE LOVE YOU 💕

  10. ruby says:

    i love this man as much as the rest of these deranged people but why exactly is timothee chalamet playing willy wonka and not him i mean jamie is RIGHT THERE

    • Ally Jay says:

      TRUE! Chalamet is just the current it boy but i think we’re gonna be seeing a lot more from Jamie after this.

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