Jamie Dornan on His Dad’s Incredible Life

Jamie Dornan on His Dad’s Incredible Life

Jamie talks about his dad who has delivered over 6,000 babies, creating a sport, and his new life of leisure.

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Jamie Dornan on His Dad’s Incredible Life

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43 Responses

  1. Rerum Trading says:


  2. Dream Scott says:


  3. Kimberly Nesmith says:

    Why does Jamie have to be so handsome ❤️😫

    • ExiledEve says:

      retron phil5, the guy used to model. He is not “seen as handsome”, *he is handsome.*

    • SpectralMind says:

      Kimberly Nesmith cause people are superficial

    • Mike Greg says:

      people aren’t superficial, biology is biology. people are drawn to genetically healthy people for survival of the fittest

    • retron phil5 says:

      Mike Greg I’ve seen many women comment about how he is funny and witty and charming and they wouldn’t mind dating him when he is interviewed.

    • SpectralMind says:

      Mike Greg When people go for others , cause either how they look or what role they got in some fantasy, it is being superficial. When you don’t know the person and go for something like that. You can call it whatever you want, but it sure aint cause it’s a “survival thing”.

  4. Niall T says:

    Great IRISH actor. 🇮🇪

  5. anusha kumar says:

    His Irish accent 😌❤

    • Hey You says:

      Dylan Mckenna I live in Tyrone. It is northern Irish but saying Irish is just as accurate- there is no universal Irish accent.

    • Hey You says:

      Dylan Mckenna Hibernio English

    • maria fanning says:

      Northern Ireland is part of Britain so no it’s not Ireland

    • Dylan Mckenna says:

      Hey You true true. But for someone who lives here i would usually say northern Irish. I understand that most people who don’t live in Ireland would call it Irish

    • Hey You says:

      maria fanning Putting politics aside, you can’t change geography meaning you can’t change accents just because you suddenly live in a different country. If there was a United Ireland tomorrow, I’d still speak northern Irish.

  6. Debbie Cooper says:

    Oh I cant wait to see FREED.. But I will sad there over with

  7. Honest Abe says:


  8. Mohd Amerul Aidil says:

    I’m glad this is the last fifty shades of grey movie. His talent should be use for other movie

  9. Grace Ka says:

    lol jimmy understanding “go home” why is this funny to me

  10. Galih trias Farobi says:

    Tbh, I hope Jamie dornan play Bruce Wayne for new batman movie. I prefer Jamie instead of jake gyllenhaal. I think he is definition of Bruce Wayne and Batman

  11. Sasith Dilshan says:

    Evil Wizard you say? huh.

    and Matt Damon will never click that button.

  12. Stony P says:

    Jamie is a fine specimen of a man

    • retron phil5 says:

      Stony P if any guy said that about a woman it would be considered sexist, disgusting, and oppressive. Gotta love double standards.

    • Mike Greg says:

      retron phil, not necessarily.. the majority of hot chicks enjoy positive comments..

    • Daniel Peter says:

      He’s ugly, he’s an average looking man man caked with pounds of makeup. Only fugly, obese warthogs like you find these type of men attractive.

    • ExiledEve says:

      retron phil5 that kind of comments are made everyday and no one bats an eye, get a life. The only double standard is guys like you whining whenever the opposite situation takes place.

    • retron phil5 says:

      ExiledEve not true. Men get beyond shamed for saying things like “omg look at her ass.” Watch 13 reasons why, the guys are portrayed as evil for just SAYING things like that.

      The Harvard men’s soccer team had their season canceled because they had a list privately amongst themselves rating the freshman girl recruits and saying what they found attractive by them. They didn’t even make those comments publicly!

      Bill O’Reilly was fired for telling a female employee “hey girl, lookin’ good.” (This came directly from the mouth of the woman who it happened to. Look up her interview on “The View.” You can see it for yourself.)

      Women scream and hoot and holler for attractive male celebrities and had huge night outs where they screamed and lost their minds over the Magic Mike movies. Yet a guy tells a woman “hey girl, lookin’ good” and he is fired and thought of as a disgusting sexist oppressive evil creature.

      There is a different stigma to men and women saying the same things, as I have just shown you. Your claim of “men say these things all the time and nobody bats an eyelash” is proveably false. Men get fired for saying things nowhere close to what women say about attractive celebrity men.

  13. Arcel Ace Panganiban says:

    He is a talented man.

  14. Nadia Ong says:

    Crazy for macho man Jamie Dornan…seems like ppl notice he has beautiful hands..he has beautiful and healthy skin too..he is a Perfect human being..cant wait to watch 50 S.Freed

  15. Federica Schena says:

    He is really a good actor (watch the tv show The Fall) and he is also very funny and nice…i hate that a lot of people know him only for fifty shades movies, he deserve better.

  16. Matthew Evans says:

    I was expecting something to do with the Ra, disappointed 😛

  17. 5H@laurinah says:

    Someone want to tell me why there was weird wooing and women wetting themselves after he said how many babies his dad delivered?????? Like seriouslyyy. Him and those women are an embarrassment to the world.

  18. Sedela Kortje says:

    Ugghh Jamie .. 😍

  19. Kangkhi Das says:

    He’s adorable😂😍😘

  20. Jakeyc03 says:

    Yeoo I’m one of those 6,000 babies

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