Jan. 6 hearing with testimony from ex-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson on June 28, 2022 (Part 1)

Jan. 6 hearing with testimony from ex-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson on June 28, 2022 (Part 1)

Cassidy Hutchinson, a key aide in Donald Trump’s White House, told the House committee investigating the violent Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection on Tuesday that Trump was informed that the supporters he addressed that morning had weapons but he told officials to “let my people in” and march to the Capitol.

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  1. Terrance Hollins says:


  2. Sunshine says:

    When Trump states he doesn’t know someone. In reverse he means the opposite and is lying. 💯

  3. Iquey says:

    Cassidy Hutchinson: one of the real Adults in the room, we thank you for your testimony.

    • football5964 says:

      @Ken Kal it’s something I would say while testifying under oath about a conversation I had 18 months prior. That’s proper especially when human memory can be finicky. It’s also very common in court, especially when recalling conversations that happened in the distant past. Your so desperately trying to discredit her before any others in the story have yet to testify. I would wait for full judgement if I was you but what do you think the President was doing that day and how do you think his staff was reacting?

    • football5964 says:

      @Daniel Angel everything I’m reading on it doesn’t show that he “debunked” anything but would like to clarify what happened by testifying which since the secret service is cooperating, he may be able to do. She simply is repeating what the deputy chief of staff told her that he heard from that agent. For that particular story, it is all hearsay and the agent should testify. Some other stories she has she is telling what she saw first hand.

    • football5964 says:

      @Pow lol please reread what I was saying. I am not on Trump’s side. Also wtf does Biden have to do with any of this?

    • Ken Kal says:

      @football5964 Every statement by her was prefaced by “said something to the effect of” what the hell does that mean? It means it’s NOT an exact quote! It’s a way out! She never said he said or she said instead they said “something to the effect of”!!! Come on your smarter than that!

    • nikki Minaj says:

      @Charles Cass well she get it for her ex boss

  4. Angela Howard says:

    I always knew someone would have the courage to do the right thing. I truly believe that if you see something, say something and then write it down. Take notes with date and time and if possible take a picture or record it. I never allow people to call me a lie, when I know I can prove it. I always say, “I can show you, better than I can tell you.”

  5. Ines Rodriguez says:

    What a awful conditions for those profesional aids to be working under! This was the leader of the most powerful country in the world 🌎. No self control, no kindness, no consideration, no wisdom. So sad.

    • Ines Rodriguez says:

      @J. Church I idealized or glorified no human. But I do hold accountable and in high standards our leaders. Character must be a must, you may have inadequate policy for a complicate system and complicated people but courtesy, compassion (specially for those “under” you) should be expected. You can always know the quality of a human being by the way they treat those they must protect. That should be our common ground without any inflection.

    • Rita Jones says:


  6. Alice Waggle says:

    Thank you Ms .Hutchinson for your truest loyalty to our America 🇺🇸 Thank you for holding your Oath 🇺🇸true and secure in your heart and your morals ! Thank you for your bravery your courage to speak honestly 🇺🇸. I know plenty of people took the 5th , refused to speak out of fear and some because they haven’t any honesty. Your leadership and bravery touches the heart of womyn across America and the world. Thank you 🇺🇸

  7. Rick Tucker says:

    With all that’s going on with our country…they still focus on January 6. This is a waste of money and time. If this is what we should do with our time then by all means punish the Dems that pushed for the riots. Why is that not a subject?

  8. Frank Cantone says:

    I was only able to watch part of the hearings, but I can’t help but think, why is anyone shocked by much of this?
    I would have been shocked if these events DIDN’T happen

    • Electro Sabotage says:

      @Screeching Wind secret service said Trump never attacked them

    • Screeching Wind says:

      She may be One of Many Millinials with the sad realization of the Great Depravity of Politicians Ruining America. I pray She Recovers to become a strong advocate for Honor, Integrity, and Courage in our Politicians. Build Back Better.

    • Electro Sabotage says:

      And if you say charge him with insurrection. They can’t, they acquitted him. it would be double Jeopardy.

  9. vir says:

    Hutchinson should go to jail and the rest of the staff members and the cabinet they knew about the danger and they never call the police, 911, or FBI about what is going to happen at the insurrection. People were armed. She had a phone and never called. Give me a break!

  10. Renee Biggs-Parker says:

    Please, please keep this brave young lady safe from the wolves that lurk in the darkness and the light. Thank you Mrs. Hutchinson for being such a true American and coming forth with the TRUTH! Bless you

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