Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. My Boss Meilyne

Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. My Boss Meilyne

Use my code CDAWG15 at https://partner.bokksu.com/CDawgVA to get $15 off your first Bokksu Japanese snack box!

Today in the $1000 Japan Crane Game challenge I face off against my Boss, hopefully I can reign my crown and win at the Japanese crane games UFO machines.

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25 Responses

  1. Bankgarmo says:

    Lucario is the best one but judging from step by step Meilyne has better gameplay than Connor she won many things with fewer tries.

  2. The Cantina says:

    Meilyne not recognizing a slime from Genshin Impact while holding Paimon lmao

  3. A Rd says:

    Connor: “You know her as the one who’s saying weird things in the background”
    Meyline: “No I’m not”
    Immediately talks about animal poop their babies in the first few minutes

  4. More Bad Ideas says:

    Somewhere out there, employees at these kinds of places cleaning up circle marks from the GoPro suction marks lol

  5. Harmonial says:

    Connor: *explains why a specific crane machine is designed to steal more money than other machines*
    Also Connor: *continues to play the same machine*

  6. Gray Scaling says:

    Connor genuinely has the best guests. Absolutely love every person he has on. I’ll be hitting up Japan later this year- hoping I can grab some drinks with y’all while I’m there!! 🍻

  7. I am Taki says:

    Meilyne: Mudan clips the weird things.
    Also Meilyne: Proceeds to say weird things for 40 minutes straight.

  8. Erik Leyte says:

    The fact that Chris said “bring it to me so I can burn it” made the whole video for me

  9. Harold II Jamiro says:

    The disbelief on Connor’s face when Meilyne got Albedo in 6 tries 😂

  10. Daedalus says:

    “Don’t say anything weird so you won’t get cancelled.” -Connor, 2022

    Meilyne says the most cursed things ever been said on this channel

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