Jaron Ennis Knocks Out Villa In Impressive Fashion | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Jaron Ennis Knocks Out Villa In Impressive Fashion | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Welterweight phenom Jaron Ennis scores an insane 10th round knockout of Roiman Villa to move to 31-0. Ennis called out the winner of #SpenceCrawford afterwards.

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51 Responses

  1. Anthony Ciggliano says:

    Boots is a respectable man. He could’ve dogged out Villa but showed class after the fight. He’s a champ in my eyes!

    • Vintage says:

      It’s a fight ain’t no class in it this ain’t golf

    • EPIC says:

      P Ennis dogged yall out fighting another easy amateur fighter see villa landed 12% of his punches vs Ellis who had 42% now you think you know what you’re talking about? No it’s idolatry

    • AlliDoIsWin9891 says:

      ​​@Vintage ain’t gotta like your opponent but everybody stepping in a ring deserves respect. Ppl like you think they gotta be a dhead to get ahead

  2. Mally Mal says:

    Villa was being beat on for like 4 rounds straight. Im glad the ref didnt give a count. Villa was too tough for his own good

  3. Don Ron says:

    Villa will never be the same after that beating. WAY too much punishment. Ennis had some good defense in this fight, even though he clearly only wanted the knockout!

    • Mopar Keys says:

      He should be able to come back it’s not like he was unconscious or some shit 😂

    • tom11zz884 says:

      @Mopar Keys
      You don’t seem to get it.
      Those type of shots to the head have cumulative effects.

    • CFSportsClub says:

      @Mopar Keys He took a fuckin beating for all 10 rounds. The doctor threatened to stop the fight after round 7

    • Inspectah says:

      @Mopar Keysit was demoralizing for a guy who is used to walking down and stopping guys. He won’t be the same again.

    • Mopar Keys says:

      @Inspectah you don’t know how he feels inside bra 😂😂 Shit happens fighter’s lose I don’t know what would make you say something so silly

  4. AcmeCuete says:

    i don’t understand why people hating on ennis, i was going for villa but may the best man win ennis was the way better fighter and you cant take that away from him, real boxing fans would understand that even if it hurts smh

  5. Mr Grandi says:

    Respect to both warriors! Ennis is a problem, i don’t think anyone can really deny that!!
    I heard Villa had to be taken to the hospital ,hopefully he has no long-term effects. He took alot of punishment

    • Tim Aldenetti says:

      Oh no!!!!! I’m in England so watched scraps since 5am..Terrible News…Damn…Prayers out.

    • Dr. Plans says:

      @Tim Aldenetti going to the hospital is prettyy standard for boxers lol, tf you queens freaking out about? boxers who win sometimes go to the hospital. almost every guy who loseo via TKO or KO has to get hospitalized as a precaution to make sure they don’t have any serious head trauma

    • roxjaw says:

      ​@Dr. Plansur right precautionary measures is always good

    • Ig says:

      Only one warrior.

    • EPIC says:

      ​@IgOne Warrior? 😂 define Warrior?

  6. Phillip Riles says:

    Ennis is in a tough spot in his career. He’s easily one of the most gifted fighters in the sport and would be a problem to any top fighter in and around his division, but he’s not a big enough name (yet) to where the top names are even willing to risk fighting him. Hopefully someone steps up to the plate and gives this kid a chance, because his ascend to greatness is almost inevitable at this point.

    • The Monster Under the Bed says:

      With Bud and Spence moving up soon It’s a shame that his natural rival Ortiz is going through medical issues. That would have been a great match up that I have always favoured Boots in.

    • fr says:

      ​@The Monster Under the BedOrtiz moving up too

    • Carlos Mills says:

      A lot of fighters go through this. Spence and Crawford went through it. He’s still young so his title shots will come sooner or later. With his excitung style of boxing and KO power he will likely become a big draw and in the next couple of years he will move up the weight classes because he is a big welter. Spence will be around for the next couple of years so that is a fight that could happen at 154.

    • EPIC says:

      Peep game fan goy PBC has guy’s ranked in the top ten in his division Ellis, Jamal James, Butaev, Ugas, Barrios and Thurman but could get him a fight with Cody Crowley who’s 20 wins but no KOs making him a weak puncher with a hyped up record but is undefeated they put him up there for a reason I’m sure but you see how limited you are to know what you’re talking about?

    • EPIC says:

      ​@Carlos Millsyeah he’s a weight bully P Ennis is the size of Plant and Benavides but no matter how many lil tops suck him up he will never go after some killer’s huh?

  7. Larry Coleman says:

    Those punches were brutal he didnt look to good after that. I hope hes alright. Those last 3 punches looked like career enders.

  8. Otter Karman says:

    The angles of those punches would Knock most pro boxers. Big mistake of Villa was thinking he could match Ennis, This is a man who is rated. Very impressive speed and power by Ennis, his flying high.

  9. Malonte Davis says:

    Phenomenal Performance 🎭 Boots 🐺 👏🏾

  10. Cs Epc says:

    Wow!! Boots dominated him!!!! Superior skill and talent!!!!

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