Jarrett Hurd vs Julian Williams full fight | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

Jarrett Hurd vs Julian Williams full fight | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

Jarrett Hurd and Julian Williams fight in the main event for the Super Welterweight belt in Virginia.

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Jarrett Hurd vs Julian Williams full fight | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX


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58 Responses

  1. PBC ON FOX says:

    What did you think of Julian Williams’ victory?

  2. Angel Garcia says:

    This is boxing ladies and gentlemen you win some and you lose some congrats to Williams

  3. romey70able says:

    Somebody got exposed! Keep your left hand up and remember eating punches eventually going to take it’s toll. Good plan put together J-Rock Williams boxer beat a slugger any day.

    • Chuck K says:

      romey70able it was a good fight! Someone had to lose. Salute both fighters and keep it moving.

    • Frankie g says:

      I cant say he got exposed he just got hurt early , injury. no one ever thought hurd had master class skills . if anything hes even tougher than we all thought already. I do not think Williams can win a second fight with hurd

  4. The Fight Fan LC says:

    A PPV level fight on broadcast TV. Thank you PBC and Fox.

  5. purepugilist Noble fan says:

    Up all night watching the main card…Topped off with a fight of the year main event.!!! Talk about putting all on the line…JROC Wow. It’s a long time since I seen in the pocket boxing as good as this…
    Congrats to both Men??

    • Zen Flow says:

      thats the main thing i noticed. they were just in the pocket exchanging the whole time. no hugging or anything. although i didnt watch whole fight just these highlights. very impressive. top fight

    • Jdawg says:

      Zen Flow they were in the pocket majority of the fight, it’s a really good fight

    • MrRichVidz says:

      Word. See that fight that started at 5? My man got laid out them went into a seizure. Joint was wild

    • Frankie g says:

      you never saw any of chocolatito fights? hes been fighting recent and has some best inside skills , skills so high many and many more than that wont even realize what they are seeing and how to separate it. if you like inside fighting you will love chocolatito his inside game is sweet

    • purepugilist Noble fan says:

      +Frankie g yes I have seen Chocolatito and exceptional fighter..for me JROC had everything against him in this fight and showed more heart and downright guts Man than I seen in a long while..to criticize Swift! He showed he’s short on ring craft.. he should have moved out and used space to let his hands go behind the jab..He had no leverage on the inside and therefor ineffective..But he lacked the skill set to apply this tactic…..

  6. Chosenxeno says:

    This Quality Fight was brought to you by Al Haymon. PHILLAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

  7. Marsel Cifliku says:

    That was a war and boxing fans won ❤️
    Congratulations Williams ??


    You know Williams was going to win when it said “homeless at 13” compared to Hurd which said “lives at home with parents” ?

  9. L Paterson says:

    Hurd vs J-Rock brought the house down and should easily be a foty runner up. Thank you uncle Al for that free classic.

  10. san eee says:

    J rock. Respect from UK. U got a bunch of new fans

  11. Hasan Ashrafi says:

    William’s was fasting for ramadan and still pulled out this fantastic performance!!

  12. Life talk says:

    Tough men cry too. Good fight and well deserved win

  13. Wilson Eusebio777 says:

    GOD Bless you Williams. You did it, were Great!!???✌✊

  14. Dion Isaiah says:

    The 154 division is stacked and everyone is fighting each other. No ducking, No dodging. The best fight this year,, no doubt! #pbc #aintgoingnowhere

  15. big cano says:

    Two classy champions. The boxing world needs more fights like this and respecful fighters like hurd,and williams. Great fight and God Bless

  16. eklipsta says:

    This made me have hope for the sport of boxing. Great fight

  17. Sammy7 dbest says:

    Julian williams MashAllah ramadan mubarek!!! you done it with your imaan no one can stop you now… SUBHANALLAH, Alhamdolillah all our love and prayers are with you!!! Go and get it bruv….?????…. Asalamo alaikum wa rahmatuAllah wa ba ra katahu…

  18. ali meggi says:

    Alhamdouilah ?? i am so happy this brother won! Ramadan mubarak for you and youre whole family

  19. Najib Rahman says:

    I’d rather see someone lose then come back than stay unbeaten while ducking tough fighters and fighting bums.

  20. Fila Nike says:

    Such a humble and respectful fighter JROC is

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