Jason Momoa Has Kristen Bell a Bit Flustered

Jason Momoa Has Kristen Bell a Bit Flustered

James Corden welcomes his guests Kristen Bell and Jason Momoa and Kristen isn’t holding back about what being in Jason’s orbit does to her. And Kristen tells James about their family’s RV trip across America with a stowaway rodent passenger. After, the “See” star talks about taking his kids to a run of great shows in London this summer from Billie Eilish to The Rolling Stones.

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26 Responses

  1. Dannielle S says:

    I love that Kristen just embraces what could be mortifying for anyone else, and spins it to be relatable and hilarious. That girl has communication down pat lol. Great interview!

  2. Miss Mayette says:

    I love Jason Momoa. He seems a bit shy, like he’d prefer to just sit and listen to the others chatting rather than participate in the conversation. Though when I’ve seen him on Graham Norton he’s been a bit more animated but I think the alcohol helps!

  3. Isabel S says:

    Kristen is such a good story teller haha she should be on Graham Norton haha

  4. Peggy Gibbons says:

    The greatest line EVER!! “He can say anything he wants!” So. Yeah. He. Can. 😂

  5. Bonnie R says:

    Jason’s body language is great. He is engaged in the conversation. It’s nice to watch. Like he is sitting on your living room couch.

    • Jamie says:

      I thought his body language was a bit awkward at first. How fidgety he was. Like he was a bit nervous. Maybe he is an introvert too and/or use to be shy. Nothing wrong with it. I feel I have the same tendencies when conversations get pointed to me.

    • Luis Gomez says:

      Lol what? His body language is screaming that he wants Kristen. He keeps his arm right behind her almost around her, he turns his whole body towards her, he keeps pointing his knees towards her. He even thrusts his body towards her, and keeps scooting closer and closer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hooked up or were about to

    • ShrekNDunkey Beffeff says:

      Also,… Watch Jason getting closer to Kristen inch by inch by inch until he is able to touch her in physical friendship! I would say that Jason and Kristen are two of the most unaffected people in “the biz.”

    • Karmyn Stewart says:

      I legit am watching this right now saying the same thing. He’s so open. It’s nice.

  6. melroihag says:

    The best thing about this is that Dax would be the exact same if not fangirling even MORE than Kristen 🤣🤣🤣

  7. N says:

    I want Kristen and Jason to become a comic duo !!! Their energy is just right <3

  8. Kylee says:

    Lol the way Mamoa gets embarrassed and plays with his bracelet when Kristin says he has rhythm is so wholesome.

  9. Barb W. says:

    Jason is such a great guy. I didn’t used to “get it” with the Mamoa Madness but I now totally get it. He deserves it…he’s a very cool person in all ways.

  10. Charlotte Rose says:

    jason momoa is one of my favorite actors. every movie and series i’ve seen so far of his is awesome. he has an amazing presence and he’s a great actor too

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