Java VS Bedrock Differences!

Java VS Bedrock Differences!

These java vs bedrock differences are insane!

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Character drawn by @MagnaGallina

Edited by Quentin Tran
Footage collected by Quentin Tran, Frankie Mundo, Abelardo Robles, and Jordan Cross
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download from @GeminiTayMC let’s play series.
Some of the maps used in this video are modified versions of the world downloads from BlueNerd Minecraft’s channel, which you can watch here: @BlueNerdMC
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download from @Antlerboy
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at @Mewmore
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms. All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2022, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.

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34 Responses

  1. Simon Schraga says:

    It should also be mentioned the bedrock wither has way more attacks, it’s capable of fully destroying biomes. One example is how it has an attack where it charges forward and destroys everything In it’s path

    • urmombutavillager says:

      @iceblade I tested it in creative first. That’s usually what I do with things that r dangerous but I want to try in survival

    • iceblade says:

      @urmombutavillager wish I would have known that before I tried lol lost almost everything but my extra totem

    • urmombutavillager says:

      U also can’t trap it under the end portal in bedrock

    • bossBOOM 2060 says:

      @C.A.W. Productions the wither isnt even that hard to beat its only the wither skeletons it summons when it converts to melee mode and the charge attacks breaking blocks ability where it makes them turn into items so it lags the crap out of ur game

    • C.A.W. Productions says:

      Yeah the withers dash attacks are traumatizing in bedrock

  2. AlanGreyson says:

    Number 52. In Bedrock, If you have a lead and a boat, you can actually lead the boat and drag it around like a mob but when you try to do it in Java, nothing will happen. This is sure is a game changer since you’ll not need to go back and forth trying to move your villagers from 1000 blocks away. I guess Bedrock got the win this time.

    • TH_ 3 says:

      @LoLickyPeePee23XDD better explanation, what you said in the first comment gave off a “I have a pc bedrock is for broke trash kids” mindset

    • -TheBanditPenguin- says:

      @LoLickyPeePee23XDD ye java on top

    • LoLickyPeePee23XDD says:

      @TH_ 3 one is better for personal use, other is better for simple multiplayer, only thing i actively dislike is the microtransactions, but since i prefer the more technical stuff myself and many others can never go to bedrock

    • urmombutavillager says:

      @LoLickyPeePee23XDD reason 1: better bridging reason 2: cross-platform reason 3: cube craft

    • TH_ 3 says:

      @LoLickyPeePee23XDD its sad that ur that pressed about a block game having an alt designed for console.

  3. Semaj says:

    I like that in bedrock you can instantly stop gliding by jumping again. It gives you way more control over it.

  4. sasukeveh says:

    You could definitely use bows as a fuel source in Bedrock

  5. Eliot Hochberg says:

    I don’t know which version of bedrock you’re referencing, but I definitely use bows as fuel in my skeleton farm. I’m on the most recent version of bedrock vanilla.

  6. Mason Allred says:

    Ladders, bows, and fishing rods have always been go-to fuels for me on Bedrock, even when the latter two are enchanted (or cursed). It’s a great way to get rid of cursed weapons after taking the rest of the enchantments off of them after a long fishing session.

    • Mason Allred says:

      @Clobz you shoulda been able to go up it no problem but I can see that being an issue

    • Clobz says:

      speaking of ladders, i played on a bedrock and java server, i think i was one of the few bedrock players there, and i got stuck on a ladder because there was a trapdoor one block above it and it was physically impossible for me to get up and the java players had no issue

  7. Super Z says:

    I have been trying to find the start of the stripe lands for a long time, finally finding it is very helpful! I play on both editions btw.

  8. Rebecca Saper says:

    Regarding the steak thing, there was a time WAAAAY back when (in the time of things like the Nether Reactor Core) where Bedrock’s cooked beef was actually called steak

  9. Akirhos Majoris says:

    In bedrock, we can put sand or gravel above us and have a “xray” if standing middle the two blocks (with and without the sand) then have a 90-180° view. Not much but helps.

  10. Waffle Wizard says:

    As a person who plays on a computer and a console, meaning I play both, I can see these differences a lot. Anyone else play like this?

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