Jawbreaker Nails (I drilled my nail)

Jawbreaker Nails (I drilled my nail)

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56 Responses

  1. Tessa Furlow says:

    “Polish Mountain 3- The Demolition”

  2. Tawney Kellogg says:

    Cristine: “I will never use a drill on my nails”

    Still Cristine: *drills nails*

  3. HeyImBella says:

    Jawbreakers: * exists *

    Cristine: *ah yes NAILS*

  4. thegraytergood says:

    Not Cristine “accidentally” sneaking all the new upcoming Holo Taco cremes 👀✨👏🏻😅

  5. Ariane Chouinard says:

    Cristine: “should’ve worn a mask”
    Me: no!! Should’ve used the machine you got from Amazon for a video!! It would’ve been a perfect demonstration of that otherwise useless product 😂

  6. Nana Milano says:

    also Cristine: drills her nails*

  7. -ʀɪɴ_ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴅʏ- says:

    Cristine: “I drilled my nails”

    Me: oh I wanna see this.

  8. Gigi Dodson says:

    Talk about existential crisis.
    When she hit nail, my heart hurt.

  9. Sara G says:


    Every time something happens to Cristine’s nails: *existential crisis*

  10. kimieatsu says:

    1st mistake: wrong drill bit
    2nd mistake: speed too slow
    3rd mistake: DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE

    • kimieatsu says:

      @lestrange very true. It hurt me to watch this

    • Ina Dada says:

      4th mistake: showing us all the new cremes that she hasn’t released yet

    • kimieatsu says:

      @Ina Dada that green thooooo

    • STELLAR! says:

      * not inserting the drill bit all the way in, TWICE (if you pay careful attention there is a later part when the drill seems to be coming out, after she was wondering if you need to put it all the way in🤦‍♀️)
      * using a drill to begin with, without any prior experience
      * using a smooth glass file meant to be used on natural nails instead of a rougher one to remove the polish layers

      and the list goes on..

    • kimieatsu says:

      @STELLAR! oh man I didn’t catch that

  11. ragood alshebani says:

    Cristine: “Im not gonna use a drill”
    Also cristine: Jawbreaker nails (I drilled my nails)

    Me:👁👄👁 so the plot will thicken *cool*

  12. Kirsty l says:

    Who else nearly cried for cristine when she hit her natural nail with the drill. 😫😫

  13. NyarChan says:

    Cristine drilling into her natural nail has the same energy as people cutting their bangs at home and realizing they dont like it the instant they’ve cut it 😀

  14. My Simple Little Pleasures says:

    OMG WHEN YOU HIIT THE NATURAL NAIL I think I might have screamed out loud, I hope your nail is OK Cristine. I’ma just stick with water marbling & keep my ass away from a drill because that & worse would probably happen LOL.

  15. STILL says:

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

  16. Aldrick Adorno says:

    Theat yellow créeme should be called “Benana Jell-O”

  17. Ishita Roy says:

    at this point after so many years, I feel personally invested in your nails (in the non-creepiest way possible). I thought you must be looking at your paper to know when to stop. Watching you break through till your nail with the drill made me physically cringe, and thank god it wasnt over your nail bed jgjkehjkdfnkangkbnigbiabgiioghoihngronh

  18. Stacy Swanton says:

    Christine after 3 days of 1 manicure “still not as hard as water marble” 😂😂😂

  19. Velho765 says:

    You can do this also without drill: Just take a Q-tip or similar, pointy stick that can absorb and dip it it polish remover. As you rub the nailpolish carefully, it will show exactly the same results but with smooth edges, since it’s “melting” the polish rather than drilling it.
    I actually love doing these with just 2 colors, 4 layers all the time haha that being said I never thought of putting glitter-toppers inside, so i gotta try that!

    • Bexx says:

      Legit how i learned years ago!! Im sure i watched a tutorial on here how to do it with acetone so im very confused how she didnt find anything on how to do it😂😂

  20. Kaylee says:

    most people’s worst nightmares: clowns, serial killers, etc.
    christine’s: her nail breaking
    hope you ok though ily❤️

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