Jaws (1975) KILL COUNT

Jaws (1975) KILL COUNT

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“Slow Shock” by Silent Partner

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33 Responses

  1. T Pepe says:

    You should do sinister, that beginning scene haunted me for months.

  2. The Gaming Squadron says:

    When you realize Dead Meat hasnt done a Jaws killcount

  3. Acejal 6625 says:

    Tsk tsk tsk You missed the dog pippen on the beach my guy YOU HAVE FAILED ME

  4. Daku Kalieos says:

    Me: *sees James upload*
    Me: I’ll watch it in a minute
    *three hours later*
    Me: Oh fuckx

  5. Jorduuh - says:

    “Like a shark motherfuckaaa” Love it 😀
    Thx for another amazing video James 🙂

  6. No Body says:

    Wow you look good with a beard and without one too. Rare for most men. Anyways, love the videos as always

  7. The Sensitive Libra/Stevie says:

    Yo yall listen to Rocking the Boat by Ice Nine Kills it’s SO GOOD and based off of Jaws

  8. RageBot says:

    James looks like a newborn child without a beard ??

  9. xBlerg _ says:

    I think Iam the only one who noticed that you have nice new hair I thought this episode was 2 years old

  10. Jack O' Neill says:

    Release date: 26 December 1975 (United Kingdom)
    Director: Steven Spielberg

    Music composed by: John Williams

    Story by: Peter Benchley

  11. Irma Cuevas says:

    James: Them sequel sharks aren’t getting sh*t. YOU HEAR ME?!?!
    Me: I hear you ????

  12. James Rosano says:

    “Your suppose to float bruhhh” ?‍♀️ ? ? James A Janesse

  13. Da OG boi JG says:

    I watched how to kill Bruce/Jaws on NowThisNerd, and the kill count for Jaws?

    Hell yeah.

  14. UN masked Games says:

    Hwy James love the video thank you for doing jaws it’s my favorite movie. Also where did you get that shirt

  15. Tj Litwicki says:

    Gosh! Why is James such a cutie? Its ridiculous how adorable he is when he gets on camera ?

  16. adam white says:

    Thanks for the this kill on Friday I love the first and second jaws movie but the others suck, also thanks for this early birthday gift thanks James

  17. Andrew Powell says:

    After finishing the Jaws” reviews, do the first movie’s inmmediate rip off- Orca.

  18. Mr. Pasghetti says:

    *looks at where beard used to be*

    *BALD!, BAAALLLLD!!!, MY EYES!!!!!*

  19. Trol ler says:

    Can we do a kill count on “Piranha”, cuz THAT would be a large amount of oofs

  20. mindifIdoaJ 39 says:

    YES James, you’ll get your name in the National Geographic for this one

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