Jay Leno Speaks Out For First Time Since Major Burn Accident

Jay Leno Speaks Out For First Time Since Major Burn Accident

Comedy icon Jay Leno reveals new details about the garage fire that left him with serious burns to TODAY’s Hoda Kotb. He talks about the moments immediately after the accident, as well as his recovery and plans for the future.

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34 Responses

  1. Michael Notigan says:

    For any car nut, Jay is a beloved, national treasure. Kudos to Dave for instantly reacting to the fire, saving Jay from a more serious outcome. The pictures of the burns that Jay suffered are far worse than what the car community first believed, especially considering his relatively short stay in the burn treatment center. A credit to the doctors and nurses who worked on Jay & the burn healing technology we have today.

  2. Dave Stewart says:

    My respect level for Jay has gone even higher.

    • J P says:

      celebrity worship in a nutshell

    • bill says:

      @DivaGirl Love that was a great thing for you and your DAD sorry for your lost.

    • DivaGirl Love says:

      I adore Jay. I met him once by random chance and he was lovely to me and esp to my father. I told Jay my dad watched him every night and it was dad’s birthday, Jay replied, “then let’s call him!” so I phoned dad and he and Jay chatted for quite a while, Jay was howling w laughter while my dad was talking w him it was so great! Dad died few yrs ago and that memory lives forever in my heart.

    • bill says:

      why because he got burned, boo hoo

  3. First Last says:

    Jay Leno’s comedic delivery is both figuratively and literally on fire.

  4. Lisa Akinlabi says:

    He is so very lucky he doesn’t look worse than he could have. He virtually looks perfectly fine. Burns have to be one of the most horrific things to overcome.

  5. the sludgehammer801 says:

    Back in October I stopped to help someone who looked like they might need help and it turned out to be Jay Leno and his friend!! It turned out that he didn’t need help but he was such a nice guy and he even shook my hand and talked with me for a minute. Such a great person and I’ll never forget that day. To be completely honest, it made me tear up afterwards because he’s one of my idols.🥺😊
    I’m glad to see him doing well.

  6. AZ Gman says:

    So glad to see Jay doing well. The man is a national treasure.

  7. BeowWulf says:

    Jay’s recovery is rather phenomenal!
    So glad he’s doing so well!

  8. Charles Amborn says:

    I was burnt head to toe. Being on fire does not hurt. The healing part does, Jay and I both were given the same treatment rich or poor. I thank our medical innovators for this. I am lucky. Always have someone close. My dad alerted me to the fire at our home. I was taking time off to be his caretaker in his final days. I failed. Ask for more. love cars, my dad and Jay. good luck.

  9. ZERO says:

    He was under his vehicle, doing his own mechanical work when this occurred. He’s now laughing and continuing to be self deprecating in an effort to make all the rest of us laugh. Kinda says it all. A true national treasure. Tens of millions are incredibly relieved and happy that Jay came through this okay. GOD BLESS JAY LENO and EVERYONE in his orbit!!!

  10. M.A. Fion says:

    Jay has proved that laughter is the best medicine.

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