Jay Pharoah Reveals Why He Was Fired From SNL & Remembers Charlie Murphy

Jay Pharoah Reveals Why He Was Fired From SNL & Remembers Charlie Murphy

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20 Responses

  1. SomoanKing XD says:

    he was the funniest one damn, Rip Charlie Murphy

  2. ProjectDystopia says:

    lol….he wouldn’t put on a dress. (the Dave Chappelle warning)

  3. Tommy Aiir says:

    Bitches be saying my nose bigger than my dick. That shit be hurting my feelings lowkey…

  4. Ken Sniffey JR says:

    maybe it’s because the only thing he’s good at is impressions??? just saying

  5. finallynb says:

    kanye tried to warn you my g.

    “fuck SNL and they whole cast”

  6. ja891000 says:

    SNL can never utilize minorities well its a dominate white show.. Every time African Americans are on the show it comes a across as the token black guy or woman.. I rather get fired like Jay pharaoh then become Keenan Thompson he has become the token black guy and has no future outside SNL ..

  7. nwoka says:

    First of all, Snl sucks balls,but He only knows how to do impressions, so it makes sense if he was put in a box.

  8. Symrun says:

    Shit was better without Ebro lol

  9. Tiffany Hall says:

    SNL is good garbage now. They have 1,000 young white males on that show, and NONE of them are as funny as Jay, so fuck Lorne Michaels, and fuck SNL.

  10. Gascans9736 says:

    Laura’s laughing is on Fallon levels

  11. P Diddy says:

    Eddie Murphy wrote the playbook on what to do and avoid on SNL in the 80’s. Black actors and actresses just need to study so they can run the right plays then bounce with the W.

  12. Anti Matter says:

    SNL is still a thing? In Living Color and MadTv were way funnier

  13. F And says:

    *still no Asians on snl*

  14. El John says:

    sometimes leaving a safe gig is a blessing

  15. Michael Plummer says:

    I like Jay but it seemed like all he did were impressions and most of the time it wasn’t that funny…that might be SNL’ s fault for that

  16. Tech N9ne says:

    Finally someone with BALLS to tell the Industry like it is! Thank you Jay Pharaoh for NOT selling out and being a real dude. Respect to you my brutha!

  17. bobby cole says:

    i got chills literally when he did the charlie murphy impression

  18. MR. 808 says:

    SNL drop the ball in 90’s maybe earlier 2000’s…but In Living Color, MadTV, Chappelle Show… way better content and funny material from writers and material…these other shows, showed real everyday sh#t ppl of every race go through… ppl can understand and related to… SNL… R.I.P.

  19. Tre Tucker says:

    white people!! always want a nigga to get in a dress!

    “look here buddy! we’ve got a hilarious idea”

  20. B-Rai87 says:

    Jay Pharoah is too good for SNL.. honestly he needs his own show on Netflix…

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