Jay-Z refers to Trump as ‘superbug’

Jay-Z refers to Trump as ‘superbug’

Jay-Z talks about President Trump’s “shithole countries” remarks with CNN’s Van Jones.

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38 Responses

  1. Lil Stash says:

    Mr Sellout himself

  2. John Doe says:

    Lots of wisdom and poetic parables, not many can compare. Thanks for coming and showing substance with the world. He that hath an ear let him hear.

  3. Rose Daya says:

    Nobody gives a flying FUCK what Jay Z thinks nor do we care about any of these celebrity SATAN worshiping rapist pedophiles that he hangs out with.


    Thought he was going to call him a racist, I’m shocked because that tends to be every Hillary supporters first response. Lol, Hillary had Jay-Z and Beyonce host a “free concert” for her campaign and the venue was less then half packed 😂 He hurt His looks campaigning for the most crooked person to ever be in politics.

  5. JaySweetZ says:

    Had a great interview and the tag line that sticks is Jay-Z calls Trump a super bug… Could at least add that he said he’s also human

  6. Avery Santiago says:

    Jay-Z is just mad because trump has done more in a year then obama did in 8 years.

  7. TYRONE says:

    I love CNN in general but Van Jones is ridiculous bringing out rappers for political discussions

  8. Matt Renfro says:

    Why do we care what celebrities think?

  9. Selma Grace says:

    If trump is a superbug, then your deadly bug!

  10. JME says:

    Charli XCX > Jay Z

  11. The Stegman says:

    Well…if Hov said it…

  12. NOTHING BURGER says:

    *This is a Blacklash!!!*

  13. Avery Santiago says:

    How is this on trending???

  14. Erica Ranger says:

    We wuz bugz and sheeeit

  15. nyckid10 says:

    interesting how they can be so ingenious in their rap but so bland and boring in their speech.

    • Trevor 2313 says:

      nyckid10 Who are you referring to as “they” lol. JayZ has never been a great public speaker per se, but he’s just one man.

  16. Richard Christian says:

    This JayZ is about as boring as jazz music.

  17. Dishon Johnson says:

    His laugh will never be matched 😭✊

  18. Wayne ドウェイン says:

    1k dislikes? Salty Trump supporters confirmed

  19. Ron Cameleon says:

    JayZ Illuminati and NWO puppet globalist like our Prime minister Turdeau vs Trump and America first ….from A Canadian

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