Jay Z takes on Spotify, YouTube, deaths of Freddie Gray, Mike Brown & Trayvon in Freestyle

Jay Z takes on Spotify, YouTube, deaths of Freddie Gray, Mike Brown & Trayvon in Freestyle

Jay Z takes on Spotify, YouTube, deaths of Freddie Gray, Mike Brown & Trayvon in #TIDALXJAYZ freestyle Tidal Concert

Back in the day, Jay Z went after other emcees in verse. Now that he’s a mogul, he goes after multi-billion dollar corporations.

During his TIDAL ‘B-Side” concert tonight, HOV defended his fledgling streaming service by going in on YouTube and Spotify.

“YouTube is the biggest culprit,” he said in a freestyle, much to the crowd’s delight. “You know niggas die for equal pay, right. You know when I work I ain’t your slave, right?”

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19 Responses

  1. itsonlyhalftime666X says:

    +bonwright78 70% of Hip Hop buying consumers are white. Blacks hardly
    support shit from other blacks. Blacks have $1 Trillion dollars in buying
    power, and for a 13% population that’s a lot.. and the majority of all that
    money goes into the very same corporations jay z is speaking against for
    exploiting musicians..Which is why jay never signed to a major label, and
    went independent. Blacks will spend hundreds of dollars on iphones,
    expensive ass headphones, Asian hair products for their weaves, ..and Not
    once question any of these people they buy from or slander these people
    they buy from, or say shit like “they’re rich enough, why buy to make them
    richer”, etc etc..the list goes on

    But blacks will be quick to slander jay z for pursing a new business
    venture?… I saw this from people when it was just a “rumor” that jay may
    be competing against spotify with a new service, and blacks were already
    trashing him, months ago before it even launched… he doesn’t want blacks
    to be indebted to him, if that’s all you got from this then you miss the
    message…This is about blacks slandering successful blacks on almost
    everything they do. He’s not wining, he’s making a clear statement -Stop
    the black on black hate, you don’t have to buy his product/service, fine,
    but why must blacks always slander and talk negative about their own
    people? All you Black Americans are being bamboozled by the Media, and
    don’t even know it,

  2. CobFail says:

    +itsonlyhalftime666X Fire.

  3. Ash Cash says:

    @uploader06 Tidal for you idgaf what u gotta say ur not seeing my point
    either. Go spend ur $ 20-29 a month dont forget to pay ur rent,light bill
    phone bill electricity oh and those damn metro prices if u gotta ride
    subway. Lol keep ot pushing 

  4. Ash Cash says:

    @uploader06 while YOUR PAYCHECK STAYS THE SAME who fighting for us FOH!!!

  5. dereckvon says:

    Go Jay.

  6. metalslugxBTB says:

    Jay Z starts a business that charges people money what they can already get
    for free. Everyone with a brain laughs at Tidal. Uh oh, got to do something
    Jay Z… Um… Say youtube is racist and Mike Brown dindu nuffin! Now
    retards are like, “yO HOB b keeepin it realz on dis 1!”


  7. Brand Mav'rick says:

    This is my take on this, consumers are just that consumers… You have to
    pay in one way or the other for everything you decide to consume. I.e.
    food, water, clothes, gas and yes… MUSIC! Music is literally the
    soundtrack to your life, you listen to it getting ready 4 work, going 2
    work, at work, coming home, when you get home, when you go out, when you
    have sex everything… So these artists, no matter if it’s me “Mav’rick”
    the most slept on underground artist of all time or Jay Z the GOAT spends a
    lot of money just to produce and release music for YOU to enjoy. Producers,
    engineers, managers, lawyers and a host of other people must be paid in
    order for YOU to listen to music. That you can just click on YouTube and
    literally get for free. Now you don’t think you should have to pay for it,
    because there is a platform that delivers it for free to you now.
    Regardless of the fact that it hurts the very artists you claim to love and
    adore so much. That’s wrong, selfish, ignorant and frankly as an artist I
    wouldn’t care about your opinion because you’re not helping me further my
    agenda so I can continue to create music YOU like!!! That’s BS….

    It’s kind of like buying Jordans… You wouldn’t buy a fake pair of Jordans
    just cause they look the same would you!?!? Why not? Because it’s fake, you
    need and want the real deal. Same thing with music, why are you buying the
    bootleg version or basically stealing the music. Why not purchase the real
    fuckin deal.

    This Tidal thing wasn’t to hurt the fanbases of the world, it was just to
    make shit more fair for the same artists you’re riding too everyday. You
    can’t spend 20/month on Music, but you’ll spend $20 with the weed man or at
    the bar in a heart beat. Remi Hair cost $300 dollars, sign me up! Iphone 6
    $600 I’m on it. FOH!!! Whether ppl like it or not a new day is coming and
    music won’t continues being free forever so get used to it.

  8. Ash Cash says:

    @ channel_ROMAN fool did you hear me say that in my statement FOh!! I know
    nothing is free reread what I told everyone else that applies to you as
    well. Fool!

  9. vapormercury says:

    hahahaha, and yeah the sad thing is that we watch this video on youtube not
    on tidal lol

  10. Victor Turner says:

    Hey everybody please click on this account to check out my freestyle over
    the truffle butter nicki minaj beat. Thank you please comment 

  11. NuroMusic says:

    youtube are the biggest crooks in the game…no doubt.. jay does it again

  12. Jonathan Cozart says:

    He is right though, blacks folks go and wait in line to pay at least $250
    for and Jordan don’t even support blacks but y’all complain about jay

  13. Shawn Fox says:

    don’t let this fool you. All he’s doing is bringing up social issues to
    connect him to Blackness when he is so far removed from the black
    community. What has he done to support us? What has he done with his
    influence and platform? What is he good for? Absolutely nothing except
    making money off of the Black community and not supporting us in any
    endeavors and is only Black when its convenient for him.

  14. Ziios_Valen says:

    I’m a fan of Jay Z, but he shouldn’t go mocking Spotify when the only
    reason people even know of Tidal is because of the people behind it,
    Spotify and Youtube are greater than anything Tidal will ever be

  15. Cameren Settles says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  16. Sean Curtis says:

    HOV is a great business man. Love how he actually convinced the people he
    cares when all he wants to do is make more doe. He doing politics as usual.
    Cator to people’s emotions and you will become rich, that’s what politics
    I’d all about:) genius. Respect the manipulating hustler. He don’t care
    bout u. He using his color as a competitive advantage. Once tidal worth
    that billion he gone sell it off to the same Jews who run the game lol 

  17. Joseph “Osya” Aranov says:


  18. CobFail says:

    Youtube is the biggest culprit but this video is on here.. I am confused

  19. CobFail says:

    HOV keepin it real on this one…