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  1. Jayco & Val says:

    Thank you for all your sweet comments guys, the love we’re getting is overwhelming! Trust that your kind words are not going unnoticed 🥹🫶🏻❤️

    • HaidynCooper says:

      Congrats you two y’all really do make the cutest couple y’all look so happy couldn’t see another couple as happy as you two are right now

  2. Blesiv says:


  3. Kim🦋 says:

    this felt like a sequel to a movie🥺🤍🤍🤍 I had to go back & rewatch the last few minutes of the previous engagement video. This video made me genuinely cry of happiness for you two!!🥹🫶 I can’t believe you guys are engaged I watched you guys since you were first dating & she was like one of the boys at la casita this feels surreal. Even though I just know you both through your content I feel extremely happy about this AHHHHH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!💍 & I already watched sweeteas podcast & you guys wanting to get married beginning of next year I just know it’ll come quick🥹🥂

  4. Yatz Bakes 💗 says:

    I have never been happier for a couple to be engaged. Wishing you the best! May God bless your marriage, and the rest of your lives together. Love you guys. 💗✝️🙏

  5. Juliana Ahumada says:

    Screaming & crying. Dear Jacyo & Val You guys deserve the world since day one I knew how madly in love you guys were with each other even though I haven’t met you guys but watching the love you guys have for each other makes me so happy for you guys may God keep continue blessing you guys and congratulations to the most beautiful couple 🥺🤍👏🏼. You guys deserve this Plus more. I cried so hard in this video I felt like I was their.

  6. La Eva says:

    I promise I wouldn’t cry but how can you not? Is so pure and beautiful, how y’all have grown as a person individually and together. I havent stopped seeing y’all’s journey from the start and now this, los amo and bendiciones siempre ❤ CONGRATS TO THE SOULMATES AND NOW LETS PLAN THIS WEDDING

  7. Itzboujee says:

    I cried on the first one imagine how much I’ll cry with this one ahhh I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!🥺❤️ God is so amazing!❤️

  8. Perl Tee says:

    She’s so sweet , she even said “ thank you “ after she said yes 🥺❤️ thiss was so sweet, congrats you guys 🥳

  9. Yumi Morales says:

    I cried y’all , literally I’m sobbing. May God bring you two nothing but blessings. May your relationship continue to grow ❤️ much love!!

  10. Kim🦋 says:

    one thing I will say… the families came in at the perfect time!!! I think it was prefect the proposal happened just before they got there so it could be intimate, magical, emotional, & silent in the background. It seriously felt like a movie🥹🤍🤍🤍

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