Jayme Closs found safe: Full press conference

Jayme Closs found safe: Full press conference

Jayme Closs, who went missing almost three months ago from her Wisconsin home, was located alive Thursday evening, according to the Barron County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies said a suspect is in custody.

Authorities in Wisconsin are expected to provide new details Friday morning about 13-year-old Jayme Closs, who was found alive Thursday after disappearing the day her parents were murdered in October. The Barron County Sheriff’s Department said it would be holding a press conference on the case at around 11 a.m. ET.

A suspect was taken into custody Thursday. Police haven’t released any details about the suspect.

For further details: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jayme-closs-update-police-wisconsin-missing-girl-found-today-2019-01-11-live-stream-updates/

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57 Responses

  1. Karen Mura says:

    They didn’t find her. She escaped??

    • Cap'n Carny says:

      The police are so incompetent that they need to spend more time praising themselves rather than mentioning the woman who actually escorted Jayme to safety. Always keep in mind that these nincompoops didn’t bring Jayme home, Jayme did all that work herself. These idiots sound like ex-Department of Defense brass, phat arse Generals, Colonels and Admirals that never ever had to fight in battle. They are a pathetic joke. After this incident, how could the people of Baron County ever expect these Keystone Cops to protect their children?

    • Maribel Cadena says:

      Karen Mura true tho they just trying to get all the credit

  2. aa5a9ak says:

    1000s of volunteers and in the end she saved herself. Jayme is her own hero.

    • Theresa Franklin says:


    • Margaret Jerkins says:

      If your job was to protect every citizen you’d be thankful as well, no matter how she escaped & was found alive. They’re just thankful for her being alive. The evil man that abducted her, murdered her parents is who is guilty of the crimes he committed.

    • aa5a9ak says:

      +Margaret Jerkins Nowhere did I criticize law enforcement. Understandably they do what they can in a situation like this. However, the media keeps saying she was found. She was not found, she escaped and ran for help. ??

  3. Dolores Lizzy says:


  4. toordog says:

    Let’s toot our own horns… even though she escaped on her own…..

    • 313south✔ says:

      I know they’re acting like they just broke the case with some great detective work when she escaped herself.

    • Mel Mel says:

      Well the woman who called 911 said she recognized Jayme immediately…b/c of the media coverage & law enforcement efforts to keep the case alive & on peoples minds. Don’t discredit law enforcement efforts entirely.

    • xman19691989 says:

      I thought I was the only one thinking that. This is a very strange press conference, they are coming off like they Rescued her from a Basement or something. I don’t get it. She has always appeared to look much older than her age to me, from the news televised photos. I bet money she was involved with that 21 year old and he let her go. The party was over and reality set in. I hope am wrong but, this is all strange…IJS..Am glad that she was found alive.

    • Jorge C says:

      Couldn’t say it better myself

    • Danielle Hudak says:

      What helped is they recognized her from the flyers but yes, she saved herself!!

  5. 313south✔ says:

    Quit thanking each other and tell the facts!

    • ThePurple 1 says:

      They didn’t do anything! Jayme saved herself!

    • 313south✔ says:

      +ThePurple 1 I know it’s like the cops are making it all about themselves.

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      Yes, say it wasn’t some devious moustache twirling Illegal Immigrant, but yet another angry young white man who killed her family and took her as a prize.

    • YouTube Censorship Board says:

      Kevin Murphy Shut up. Can’t you at least be happy she’s alive and back with her family?

    • YouTube Censorship Board says:

      313south✔ She was just found last night and was immediately taken to the hospital. Jayme is the most important witness in this case and probably wasn’t even interviewed until later this morning. That’s why there isn’t a lot of information right now. More and more details will come out in the coming days. If anything, the sheriffs department should have waited until later in the day to give the press conference so there were a few more details that could be shared. This is still an open case.

  6. mmj medic says:

    Let’s pat ourselves on the back
    We do nothing while she escaped and we take credit like always

    • 313south✔ says:

      I know how many times does it say say thank you to each other like a million thank yous

    • vaelyn p says:

      I don’t know how you Can say law enforcement did nothing when they’ve been trying to find her for 88 days. They got lucky. I know I’ll get grief from this comment but I don’t care. Was she abducted after her parents were killed or did she have a hand in it.

  7. K WY says:

    Excuse me, you did nothing. She escaped. Stop trying to make it sound like you found her.

    • Adam says:

      13TimeChampions prayer didn’t find her and prayer won’t help her get back to normal

    • Bailey Leonard says:

      +13TimeChampions Preach! They’ve worked so hard, just because they didn’t find her personally they still worked for 3 months to try and find her.

  8. berry says:

    i think there is so much more behind this.. not be be a party spoiler,, leave it few days/weeks/months until we really know more

    • Gypsy Willows says:

      thaddeus buttmunch interesting name you got there and how ironic your showing up on this particular video and leaving a comment coincidental?

    • teewas bou says:

      Exactly. Maybe she killed her parents and ran away as part of an elaborate scheme.

    • thaddeus buttmunch says:

      +JimTheCactus I meant to edit that comment in two hour-I SWEAR! Did somebody do it for me?!?

    • lovepraypaint says:

      I completely agree with your statement are way too many calls in this case and so much stuff that they have left on explained

  9. Sharon jersey girl says:

    Thank God she was found alive…2 God be the Glory ?

    • austeritykills says:

      I am glad she is safe. However, “God” had nothing to do with it (unless “God” also killed her parents and kidnapped her). Jayme is a survivor. She never gave up hope and escaped on her own.

    • Sharon jersey girl says:

      +austeritykills There is a God in heaven & the god of this ? world…The heavenly God is the creator of all things but the god of this ? world is Satan the devil ?…The Heavenly God is a God of LOVE but the god of this world who is Satan the Devil is a god of pure hatred!!!…Everything that happens in this ? world considered 2 be BAD is the handiwork of the god of this world Satan the Devil ? not the God that resides in Heaven 4 this God is a GOOD GOD please STOP blaming him!!!

    • Hùng Kiệt says:

      +Sharon jersey girl Amen,well said sister

  10. ace toxic says:

    These scumbags never miss a chance to break their arms patting themselves on the back. It’s a guarantee that someone in that list of people who ate undue accolades knows something about child sex rings and does nothing about it because they fear for thier jobs or their political funding. 800k children go missing per year and nowhere near that amount ever return.

    • Chaz Nonya says:

      Truth. They failed her, she had to save herself.

    • Sarah Stutsman says:

      Amen! They even admit this guy wasn’t on their radar. His efforts to hide himself from law enforcement worked. If it wasn’t for Jayme’s strong will, who knows what her fate would have been. These fools don’t want to admit how incompetent they are or how real and serious human trafficking is in our country.

  11. SlowedRat Productions says:

    lmao they acting like they were the ones who saved her

  12. RML 3000 v says:

    Glad they found her. Everybody has something to say about what happened or didn’t happen. How about for right now let’s just be happy that a young girl was found alive instead of cut up floating in a river.

  13. M.Nam says:

    Oh Please! You guys didn’t find her, SHE found YOU!

  14. Claudia Irigoyen says:

    No one found her she did everything for her. She escaped.

  15. Spiritual Truth Seeker says:

    They did not save her; she saved herself. They are praising themselves for actions that did not contribute to her survival. It’s cringey!

    • Brandon Steenbock says:

      Understanding that no, the law enforcement officers did not directly rescue Jayme, it is worth noting:
      1 – they spent many weeks tracking down leads
      2 – their work made the case high profile and kept people aware and on the lookout
      3 – their quick response allowed them to apprehend the suspect
      4 – their investigation will be critical to trying the suspect and gaining justice

  16. iLove Krysti says:

    what?! They held a press conference to thank each other?? If it was left up to them she could be dead they weren’t even close to finding her SHE SAVED HERSELF

    • Cap'n Carny says:

      AMEN. First thing I thought as I listened on the radio… a lot of back slapping for 88 days of failure. Idiots.
      Jayme escaped because her life depended on it. The the Sheriff with his tin badge didn’t do a gawddamned thing.

  17. Caramelo says:

    I don’t understand. The girls saved herself. What are they thankful for? Three months and they had no clue. The woman who helped her is the one to thank for. I’m so glad to hear such good news, but this girl suffered for 3 months and could not rely on the FBI to find her. What a shame.

  18. Todd Austin says:

    Cops DID NOT rescue her. They are taking credit for this…She rescued herself and identified her captor…nothing else…

  19. Pamela Maxfield says:

    Oh, please….before saying anything else, the D.A. thanks the authorities. Jayme brought herself home.

  20. Johannes Wulf says:

    She saved HERSELF. All these back-slapping bureaucrats did ZILCH. Great job, LEO’s. Hit the donut shop, boyz.

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