Jeannie Mai Opens Up About Her Divorce

Jeannie Mai Opens Up About Her Divorce

Jeannie becomes emotional talking about the end of her marriage to Freddy, her husband of ten years.

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20 Responses

  1. R R says:

    I wish both Jeannie and Freddie all the best.

  2. Orchid Ocean says:

    Loni can be such a big bitch sometimes. It’s like she enjoys to wallow in others miseries.😑

  3. Ijanae Reed says:

    Well I mean…I figured it would happen eventually there was just something off about them together and I could never put my finger on it

  4. Emilian Chux says:

    Jennie u brought it upon urselve. Just give the guy a child n all will be well besides even ur mom needs a grandchild to play with. U don’t need to take care of the child. I just think u was selfish n a coward in not having a child, its obvious u have a mental/ trauma when it comes to kids. U took things for granted n now u lost him. All will be okay, don’t worry.

  5. H says:

    I honestly can’t get my head around the fact that she and Freddie have divorced because she doesn’t want to have children. Jeannie is selfish. Freddie was her husband for 10 years, I thought marriage was all about compromising? Jeannie Mai if you’re reading this I want you to know that you’re a self-centred, inconsiderate, thoughtless person. To not give your husband kids of his own is just beyond me. I honestly believe that as every second, day, month, year went by Freddie was holding onto the thought that MAYBE just MAYBE you might change your mind… 13 years later he realised you wouldn’t. I wish he realised sooner for his own sake. Congratulations Jeannie you lost a partner, best friend, and HUSBAND all because you want “all the attention and no responsibilities”.
    PS. Another thing that really bothers me in this 1min video is that she compares Freddie to her father. I have NO sympathy for Jeannie Mai none whatssoever. #SORRYNOTSORRY.

  6. Mercedes Jones says:

    Jeannie so so strong for talking about this will always love you girl
    Ps. This divorce makes you stronger as a person and honestly when I heard about this I was like oh damn cause I never expected this to happen

  7. micah lowhoy says:

    i love u Jeannie and all i want is for you to be happy and have a happy life if that means for it to end i will be honest i will miss that guy but as people say everything happens for a reason no matter how bad it may seem God bless you through this

  8. Sincere Mimi says:

    I’m just 20 years old and I see myself in Jeannie so much. I relate to her which is why I just want her and Freddie to do what is best for both of them. As long as u guys are happy the whole world will be happy and thank u for sharing something that powerful and deep to the world. Now that is REAL.

  9. Victoria Robinson says:

    I wish you and Freddie the best Jeannie!!!!!

  10. Kelly C says:

    I feel like its more than just about having children…also I think this would of occurred sooner if they were together more. They spend alot of time apart so that can prolong a situation.

  11. Jay Rod says:

    So this means Jeannie back on the market? Well holla at ya boy because I’ve been scoping that for years lol

  12. FQ AMI says:

    That’s what I love about The Real! They keep it 100%

  13. Indigo Girl says:

    I am the only one that does not believe this is the MAIN reason they broke up. It may be one of the reasons…
    But I could see that that marriage was doomed because Jeannie made it quite clear that she was not attracted to Freddie. I think she stayed that long out of guilt.

  14. SpencerLevey says:

    Why is she airing her dirty laundry on tv …

  15. d jnifer f says:

    She better not start dating a brother after this, I feel it will mess her credibility… I don’t know

  16. OntheReady says:

    I believe she will find another man that won’t want kids OR already have kids that old enough to take care of themselves. Jeannie will find another love. When one door closes, another one opens.

  17. Princess_Shelle says:

    It’s sad really it is. All he wanted was a child with her, but she never wanted kids and I understand why because she didn’t wanna go through what her parents went through. It definitely puts a toel on marriage, because of compromise and sacrifices. I believe they’ll be ok though. They love each other dearly. Love you Jeannie.

  18. Mykayela Wheeler says:

    Saw this coming way back. Bet she regret saying,” I’ve been married the longest here.” Once she said the dating app stuff, I knew it was going downhill. Hope Freddie has the children he desires for😘Sending good vibes to all✨

  19. Ebony James says:

    Shoutout to Jeannie! That is really sad. But props to them for being honest and doing what they feel is best for each other without hurting each other. No one wants to see a marriage end that had so much love in it according to them

  20. knowsLordhelpme says:

    Finally!!! Dat ass is on the market. I knew that lame couldnt keep her happy. She needs a regular workin joe like me…ill dick her down good every night and make her happy

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