Jeannie’s Relationship With Jeezy Is Great Because He’s Her Equal

Jeannie’s Relationship With Jeezy Is Great Because He’s Her Equal

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  1. Badria says:

    Yaaay so happy y’all are back ??? I’m super happy for Jeannie I hope it works out for them ❤️❤️

  2. Morpheus says:

    “Jeannie, would you date a black rapper?” – Tamar Braxton, November 20, 2014

  3. Mello Dee says:

    Jeezy seemed to have wowed Adrienne and Tamera…Loni already had the tea. ? Happy for you Jeannie.

  4. Valentíno Quiñones says:

    Okay y’all milking these clips now. Really? This could have been w/ the other clip with the first date….let me guess next you are going to make another clip putting them together and titling it something different? ???

  5. Mariah Carey says:

    Any true fan of The Real knew this was going to happen since Season 1 ?

  6. gloria asante says:

    the way Jeannie is talking about him….is making my heart melt.. I wish you the very best in your relationship… am happy that you guys are back… and glowing…. beautiful ladies… each one of you deserve your own show …

  7. Samaiyah Black says:

    “My man is fine, fine”. Ok, Jeanine, we hear you!!!!

  8. Samaiyah Black says:

    Jeannie can now be apart of the conversations, when they’re talking about their partners!!

  9. Yaya says:

    Dark roads lead to beautiful destinations and Jeannie just landed on her beautiful detestation!!!

  10. Kristina Becker says:

    This makes me so happy for Jeannie because of what happened with the divorce she deserves to be happy

    • Dimplez22 says:

      @amanda kenya you sound ignorant, she said no such words!

    • Pheriba Lopez says:

      amanda kenya I think you are taking that statement out of context. She was married at the time of saying that, so anyone other than her husband would have been a side piece. Also, who says they’d marry someone else when they are currently married. I know I wouldn’t, and if I did, my husband wouldn’t like it. I only recall her making the side piece statement not “I wouldn’t marry a black man” that you said. On top of that, it was probably a joke because I don’t think she was unfaithful in that relationship. Freddy was though. However, I can see how it was an offensive statement even if it was a joke.

    • Mrs Anthony says:

      Pheriba Lopez right she never said she wouldn’t marry a black guy and she cleared it up on the foot in mouth segment I believe and she said she made that comment saying she said she likes dark meat on the side because she married so she can’t be with a black guy. People blow everything out of proportion.

    • Sassy Tia says:

      amanda kenya aw you’re so bitter

    • Waldo says:

      I give it a year

  11. Helene says:

    Aww I’m the exact same as Jeannie! I hope I can find someone who is my equal too ? after a break up it genuinely feels hopeless

    • shilpa Kannappa says:

      Yes the part of feeling hopeless is so true. My now ex always said I have too much ego, am very stubborn and that I will remain a idiot if I don’t listen to him. And for some time I believed him too, not anymore. I know I have issues but who doesn’t?

    • Helene says:

      shilpa Kannappa I feel you. The important part is that we realize our issues and keep trying on working on them. And find a partner who can be patient while you’re navigating your way.

      My now ex used to say I’m too clingy (we saw each other once a week lol) and that I’m too defensive.
      He also never liked communicating our problems so things would just build up. It was terrible

    • shilpa Kannappa says:

      @Helene True but once a week doesn’t seem clingy or defensive.. you alright ? someone would want that extra care which you have to offer and appreciate you for it and not take it for granted.

    • RASTA GOD says:

      Yo pic say .. U gone stay single hahahaha

  12. A. Martin says:

    Happy for her, but give it time to see. They’re always intriguing and thoughful in the beginning. ?

  13. LAMONT CALI says:

    Jeannie Mai & Young Jeeeezy ?
    *in my akon voice*

  14. Richelle Woodley says:

    I love that she said “my man” ?? I love this!! I hope they last forever!!

  15. Jamzyy says:

    Wow.. that’s a BIG statement. Jeannie is inlove, y’all !! Finally got her dark chocolate LOOL. I see you, sis ??

  16. David Richardson says:

    And here we are five years later. Jeannie’s glowing even brighter!!! ????

  17. amanda kenya says:

    now I don’t see anybody attacking Jeannie for dating a black man. Or Loni for dating a white man

  18. Enlightened Sista says:

    Good for her. Her ex husband was expecting a baby with another chic before he and Jeanine were even divorced. So yea fck him.

  19. Madol Wiir says:

    “I found my equal” that gave me chills. So happy for Jeannie.

  20. Hamida Massaquoi says:

    “I found my equal” … awww, I’m so Happy for Jeannie❤️

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