Jeb Bush crashed the Emmys :)

Jeb Bush crashed the Emmys 🙂

Jeb Bush crashed the Emmys 🙂

Not only that, but the Republican politician practically stole the show with a brutally hilarious bit about how running a campaign with a positive message will never resonate with the American public.

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20 Responses

  1. Alt Right says:

    This confirms that Jeb! has seen our memes, and will hate us forever

  2. b5bartender says:

    Low energy performance.

  3. Slava Rossiya says:

    See what happens when you fu*k with Trump?

  4. CAT says:

    That was awesome. So nice to see Jeb Bush in a comedy bit. He did a great
    job with this. Jeb !

  5. Kuroyoru Umidori says:


  6. Wolves says:

    JEB 2020

  7. KomradeCPU says:

    Please Clap.

  8. Eron Anon says:

    Jeb always looks like an autistic guy who spends much of his time on 4chan

  9. Alfonso Castro says:

    slow and steady,Jeb.

  10. Tony plebrano says:

    even in a skit , Jeb sounds and looks defeated. Trump stole Yeb’s soul.

  11. Spookwagen says:

    S U R G I N G

  12. AngloZombie says:


  13. Jake English says:

    Jeb is a mess

  14. Patent-free mrsa treatment & Dogs says:

    I was hoping to see his pocket turtles.

  15. jetsfan2351 says:

    It’s good to see Jeb! is doing alright. I was concerned.

  16. Rawr says:

    S L O W

  17. Dick Dastardly says:

    I love how republicans are turning into the party of memes.

  18. CommanderCorson says:

    Stumped into becoming a living meme.

  19. adamisAwsome(ish) says:

    it’s good to see that he hasn’t killed himself

  20. Omoregie Guobadia says:

    Jeb is a mess!