Jedi Levitation Prank

Jedi Levitation Prank

Learn Magic at

Video to check out:

Jedi Force Prank –

Carbonite Freeze Prank –

Business Inquiries Only:



Periscope: @magicofrahat



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20 Responses

  1. Elisa Watson says:

    How the fuck what the

  2. Kawcher Kabir says:

    I don’t see any carbonite prank

  3. Forgot Password says:

    So how did you do this?

  4. UnfoldedTaco3 says:

    I HAVE THE SOLUTION…… All it is is simply the chair with a little bits
    connector pushing the people up………… lol

  5. Phoen1x74 says:


  6. Zaafsta says:

    I wanna watch the Carbonite Freeze Prank but it links to something else =/

  7. Computer Cat says:

    how does it work?

  8. dylan salas says:

    How do you even, I think Houdini would be happy :o

  9. Zach Smith says:

    Did you use littlebits?

  10. Gon Kappa says:

    My dog wants to know your secret.

  11. Yuan Enriquez says:

    Someone said in th comments that a pole is lifting her up. So how does a
    pole lift her up? The pole is gonna go,to her ass and anal her to put her

  12. Achievemon! says:

    Lol, The force is strong young padawan.

  13. KessoArt says:

    Fix the annotation. Both going to jedi!~

  14. NikOwnzYu says:

    it’s not magic just MIRRORS

  15. FailMcGriddles says:

    So if I go on craigslist and find your add, will you pay me $60 instead of
    $30? I need to buy Rainbow Six Siege.

  16. . Shannara says:

    Please tell me this isn’t another video spam!!!!

  17. Neopetixan says:

    Loved it!

  18. Raul Torres says:

    This is actually a good prank. Not like that fuckface Sam Pepper

  19. Of Course says:


  20. Pride says:

    Love boobs levitation.