Jeff Gordon Police Chase

Jeff Gordon Police Chase

Jeff Gordon’s FOX debut has attracted a lot of attention. Speeding to FOX Studios, this police chase ends with a surprising twist. #DaytonaDay

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20 Responses

  1. Lu M says:

    So corny & white

  2. McKynzie Jones says:

    hahahahahahahaha best commercial ever so funny i thought it was a police

  3. McKynzie Jones says:

    hahaha we wont a selfie

  4. DannyLrides says:

    Very realistic. Suspect was white, police wouldn’t draw their guns out on a
    white person, and no charges were pressed.

  5. Jeff Parravano says:

    That can’t be real, innocent or guilty nobody goes that fast on the 405 in

  6. FaZe leet (Davidovski 360) says:


  7. Oliver Brill says:

    Lol I actually believed this ?

  8. Cuba says:

    If this guy was Black they’d be all over his ass with guns and fists raised
    no question! No selfies!

  9. Uriel Batres says:

    Whoever fell for this. May whatever you in believe in be with you

  10. rzorNvme says:

    Fake n gay

  11. Cejay Krause says:

    Jeff Gordan can suck a dick

  12. upuntil6 says:

    Fuck I thought this was real at first.

  13. nismofury says:

    Nice commercial!!! Go FOX

  14. ShadowBrony says:

    Wow, I’ve seen student films with better Green Screen editing.

  15. Holden Kim says:

    Wait a minute… Those cars don’t make right turns!!!

  16. Azaria Abebe says:

    Looked like he was driving pretty slow for 120 mph lol

  17. What in the Facts says:

    Was waiting for some epic burnouts/ turns D:. Still a good commercial.

  18. J Lizaso says:

    awesome promo haha

  19. MTG LION says:

    Jeff Gordon is great at YouTube. I loved his Pepsi one too.

  20. Jessie Sevichay says:

    haha fucking douchbags that was a good one