Jeff Sessions Can’t Recuse Himself From Stephen’s Monologue

Jeff Sessions Can’t Recuse Himself From Stephen’s Monologue

Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Or perhaps, to invoke a Russian dessert, the Ptichye Moloko jar.

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20 Responses

  1. Ahmed Farah says:

    Full monologue equals yay

  2. 倪传历 says:

    As someone who only had elementary knowledge about American politics before Trump presidency, I feel I can write a doctorial thesis about it after sitting through this month.

  3. jalyn jones says:

    I don’t get why trump supporters feel the need to support this.

  4. Sean's Piano says:

    Quite a tactic Trump. Campaigned like he was the most straightforward candidate who speaks his mind yet all his people hide their lie so well before Trump was sworn in.

  5. fidorover says:

    “It’s like I’m on a ship that’s a place, and that place is in another place. And that place is Shit Creek. Basically, my administration is on a sinking ship that’s sailing through Shit Creek. And as much as the Republicans in Congress keep trying to throw us a life preserver, we’re apparently unable to get out of our own way, and we just keep sinking lower and lower. So low, that even this beautiful cap is about to be covered in the totally disgusting doo doo from Shit Creek. Which is sad, quite frankly, cuz this is a really terrific hat that they gave me, and—” _(gurgling sounds, as he’s now submerged in doo doo)_.
    — _President Donald J. Trump_

  6. Jess Manuel says:

    Listening to Trump is like listening to a 5 year-old child.

  7. Flynn Foley says:

    NO STEPHEN! Seth Myers did the same “not as your husband joke”! Dammit man, I was rooting for you.

  8. ArsenGTS says:

    Being a Russian in America I feel like I am coming back home ….oh no…my home is coming back to me

  9. Kris S says:

    I wonder what kind of excuse Trump supporters will come up with.

    “Fake News”

  10. Dee Jefferies says:

    Sessions looks like one of those plantation owners. Freaks me out.

  11. Sebastian Stormborn says:


  12. Broockle says:

    Can’t that navy do us all a service and just take off with the President on board? Those things are nuclear powered right? They could keep him out there for years.

  13. Sebastian Stormborn says:


  14. Heather O'Day says:

    I find it so interesting that this is yet another Russian sympathizer… It also drives me insane that Michael Flynn was fired for THE EXACT INFRACTION yet Sessions is being allowed to linger on!? Such a hypocrite our President, guilty of NEPOTISM for all the world to see!

  15. Human Person says:

    if you listen carefully he says “i didn’t NOT have communications with the Russians”

  16. Kay 100 says:

    I voted for you, Trump…Thank you for farting in my face!!!

  17. Kerrie Redgate says:

    This “American White House” show is so entertaining. The daily episodes just get better and better. What a script! This is even more suspenseful than “The West Wing”. Future generations will watch all the news coverage of Trump & co as a “TV” (or whatever it will be then) series, and will laugh at anyone who tries to tell them it was real. I can’t wait for the final instalments when Trump & Bannon & co will be voted off the island and peace reigns on Earth.

  18. John Craske says:

    I know that there are millions of intelligent and well-educated people in America, so I don’t wish to be rude to them. But, speaking as a Brit who has watched political events in the US with slack-jawed amazement, is it possible that there are a hell of a lot more seriously stupid people in the States in percentage terms than in other countries?

    There certainly seems to be. Further evidence that the USA is tops for uneducated dickheads is the fact that 40 per cent of the US population doesn’t accept evolution and believes Adam and Eve were real people. Even more worrying, millions believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old.

    With so many people like that on the electoral register, I suppose that Trump was a shoe-in when it came to being voted president. The perfect man to represent ‘real’ America.

  19. Roman R says:

    American politics is my favorite reality show here in Germany.

  20. adamtzsch says:

    As Alec Baldwin said, Trump’s always looking for a better word which he can never find. It’s great. Great. Really great.

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