Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself from Russian Investigations: The Daily Show

Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself from Russian Investigations: The Daily Show

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is forced to pass on investigations into Russian election hacking after it’s revealed he misled Congress on his communications with the country.

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20 Responses

  1. Dave SOLEMI says:

    Trump and his kitchen cabinet will soon be impeached

  2. Steven Du says:

    Is it me or does Jeff Sessions kinda looks like an alien with human flesh glued onto his face?

  3. Gary the Snail says:

    Trump and his supporters are fucking IDIOTS!!

  4. Karin Castro Studio says:

    Why has no one mentioned the sudden death of the Russian UN representative in NYC?

  5. n0ame1u1 says:

    His friend Yuri? Is Yuri an ironically named ice skater?

  6. Randall M says:

    Sessions recused himself. in 1999, he pressed for the prosecution of President Clinton for lying under oath. Sessions is holding an office that puts him up in the highest echelon of our nations security. And he’s a liar. A flat out liar. He wasn’t asked only if he discussed the campaign, he was asked if DURING the campaign as an advisor to Trump did he meet with the Russians. He said no. He denied any meeting took place. Well, several meetings took place. He is a Russian operative. He was always close to Flynn. He is a Russian operative and he’s sold out his country to the Russians. What don’t the Americans get? We’ve lost the war with the Kremlin. They win, we lose. Move on. The Art of War, deception always wins out.

  7. Kris Reese says:

    Sessions and his “Bolshevik.” Get it, I made another Russian pun?!

  8. Cami H says:

    How is this guy not being punished? He broke the law. Do laws not apply to rich people or something?

  9. Sup Peeps says:

    Donald J. Putin #Goals

  10. Love mend says:

    uh oh busted again every day more of the swamp is draining from the trump scum!!!!

  11. Trent Timoy says:

    “Not relevant” to his confirmation hearings? Really? So, what did you discuss with the Russians? How many bottles of vodka you might to buy from them? How about a few Russian call girls when I cum visit your country? EVERYTHING IS RELEVANT WHEN IT COMES TO THE RUSSIANS.

  12. Why you gotta go there says:

    Well I was holding back on this whole Trump and Russia thing till move facts came out, and it seems that they have. Something big is going on. I don’t really expect the media to handle it well though. For fucks sake they are back to praising and giving a platform to Bush to normalise him. Because why not normalise a War criminal that started an invasion of a country over lies and greed. Who started something that took over 1million innocent middle eastern lives. Someone who along side Dick played the biggest hand in making ISIS. The media goes “give that piece of shit a chance again” and people eat it up if you look at the comments. I doubt this same media will handle trump anymore properly going forward than they have already.

  13. Randomm Userr says:

    we in spain still can’t f*cking believe you guys have that for a president

  14. bonavox11 says:

    Can you do another video with Jordan Klepper, asking Trump supporters how many election promisses he already fulfilled ?
    Everyone enjoys a good laugh .

  15. Saitama Trash says:

    “Allow me to recuse myself… my name is Jeff!”

    My nigga

  16. Man Gravy says:

    jeff sessions looks like the leader of the nazi group from the movie The Blues Brothers. lol

  17. Kris Mmm says:

    How the hell does that Jeff guy even have a law degree? He didn’t even have to lie, he wasn’t even asked if he had contact…lol…he was asked what he would do if it came to light that anyone had contact! Wow

  18. Ven Chen says:

    1:55 look at the guy sitting on the left lol

  19. Dougy doug says:

    1:56 the guy in the back on the left. WTF IS HE DOING?

  20. emanny1986 says:

    All Presidents Lie, All administrations have scandals- not this much, in its first month!

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