Brush Battle between Jeffree Star x Morphe Brushes and my everyday brushes. #NotSponsored
xo’s ~ Tati
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✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
Jeffree Star x Morphe Brushes (on sale tomorrow)
Brush Kit With Bag $49
3 Piece Sponge Kit $16

For 10% off ?

✔ M A K E U P W O R N
Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer
Cover FX Gripping Primer
L’Oreal Infallible 24HR // 425
RCMA Concealer Palette
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
Huda Powder // Pound Cake
Jouer Blush Bouquet
Fenty Highligher // How Many Carats?!
Morphe Highlight + Contour Palette // 8L
Morphe Continuous Setting Spray

Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Viseart Tryst Shadow Palette
Col-Lab Love Your Curves Mascara // Black

UD Brow Blade Stain + Pencil // Brunette Betty

Jeffree Star Liquid Lip *Hi How Are Ya? *Androgyny
Fenty Gloss Bomb // Fussy

✔ S N A P C H A T

✔ I N S T A G R A M

✔ T W I T T E R!/glamlifeguru

✔ F A C E B O O K

✔ E M A I L

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65 Responses

  1. The GOLDEN FAMILY says:

    I want Tati’s youth gene ??

  2. Holly Hauck says:

    Lol! I have a brush from eco tools, it’s a mini travel size blush brush. I was using it for blush, but one day, I was gonna be sooo late to work (I was a server so I had to look presentable) and I knew I couldn’t spend 30 min on my eyeshadow like I wanted to. So I thought, “hmmm, maybe this will blend my crease color out super fast” so I dipped it in some contour powder (multi-use!), pushed all the fibers flat with my fingers, and swept it in there… Literally went “one, two three” back and forth, and I tell u what, it looked more smooth and seamless than it ever had before. And it was done in 2 seconds flat! ? a good lil tip if ur running late. ❤

    • Harivaindaran K.Veeriah says:

      I LOVE ECOTOOLS! So underrated but SO affordable and such good quality!

    • Angela Marie says:

      I got a mini eco tools set for christmas and they were really soft brushes! The minis fall into my cup I use for my makeup brushes so I just keep them in the bag they came with

    • Susan Darby says:

      I have two double sided eyeshadow brushes from them and they are my absolute favorite.

    • mommymode1985 says:

      I use my bronzer for eyeshadow in a hurry too. Foundation, bronzer o. Cheeks and in crease, shimmer quickly, mascara, maybe brows and gloss and RUN ? because your ass is fired in 5mins LOL

  3. James lee says:

    Have you ever realized tati is so supportive to her friends, but her friends don’t support Halo beauty?

    • Sian Milne says:

      Could also be that Halo Beauty is vitamins lol, which doesn’t make for very interesting content

    • Louise Lynn says:

      Tati isn’t really the type of person that asks her friends to promote her products, tbh

    • Glitterbree says:

      I think Tati prefers to have legitimate users and lovers of her product. She doesnt want to taint it with a bunch of youtubers going omg halo this and halo that. And that is a good move. Doensnt mean they lack support.

    • Morgan Stafford says:

      Maybe they had no or bad results and don’t want to lie or throw her product under the bus? Just because no one talks about it, doesn’t automatically mean they don’t support her. Also, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. There are so many reasons why supplements aren’t meant for everyone. It’s not makeup that you can put on, see how it performs, and wipe off right after. It’s something that has to be ingested and put into the body for a period of time before any (if there are any) results can be seen. It’s way more of a commitment than makeup.

  4. betinsb says:

    He has his own make-up line, and it is a killer, a beauty killer(eh, EEEEEHHH???)

  5. Brebre says:

    Can someone please compare these brushes to the cheap ones you can buy on amazon for $12 that look nearly identical…

  6. Cosette Francis says:

    Tati, please don’t forget to turn on auto generation captions for your videos. They’re so important for the hearing impaired!

  7. Sylea Barlow says:

    I wanna see Jeffree’s brushes vs James Charles brushes ? who would win

  8. Rachael says:

    Morphe brushes are good until you wash them. Then they’re total shite.

  9. Hummingbirdlvr says:

    How did the brushes hold up after washing? Did they hold their shape? Thank you!

  10. Karisa Delgado says:

    I don’t want to offend anyone but Tati please zoom in I know you said you would try to when you got the new camera but vids like these some people really want to see the difference it would be amazing if you could do more zoom in’s !!!!

  11. Bec W says:

    Please zoom in ??can’t see the difference on the face ?

  12. Der Kitten says:

    She kept using jeffrees on the wrong side and UGHHHH MY OCD LOL

  13. Bruno Sodré says:

    We can tell that Tati is putting herself like never before in her videos. Push to the limit Tati. Doing great!

  14. monica sendoeu says:

    It would be very nice to see if tati made the Bratz challenge????

  15. erosemakeupx says:

    I literally remember when you & fleur (and ingrid maybe) were on a hakuhodu brush rave way back when I’ve been here a longggg time

  16. Athziri Gutierrez says:

    Can we do a thing where we timestamp the best of Tati??? 2:53

  17. Stephanie Coulter says:

    I think morphe has a code “adoptlove” and it goes to animal shelters near them.

  18. Zoe Brannon says:

    I can’t see any difference cuz you’re not close enough to the camera or not zoomed in enough

  19. 8663ra says:

    It would be great if you post updates on brushes/sponges after multiple uses and washing.

  20. Kayla Caufield says:

    It’s funny when people come for tati on how she does her makeup but she steady looking flawless…..

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